I had to secure our HVAC condenser in Cocoa to prepare it for hurricane season

When I visited Florida for the first time in elementary school, my parents loaded my sister and I into our minivan and drove down to a condo that my grandfather owned as an investment property.

It was located in a gorgeous area close to the beach and there was a pool right behind the unit. I remember swimming in the water at any chance that I could get, as well as chasing anole lizards that were crawling on trees, bushes, and guard railing. Lucky for me, we visited a few more times over the years until my grandfather sold the condo in the mid 2000s. From then on my parents would rent a small bungalow on the beach in various cities in the sunshine state. It was a trip to Cocoa one year that made me realize that I wanted to move to the city. One year we rented a condo in Cocoa Hills and we were a short walk to the Indian River. I fell in love with the city and decided to move here once I finished college. Unfortunately, I had to buy a property up north to be close to my wife’s parents, but we still visit Cocoa in the winter and during random weekends throughout the year. There are several things I have to do to prepare this place for hurricane season. One chore is securing the HVAC condenser firmly to the platform upon which it was installed. On top of that I secure a guard that protects the condenser from fly debris and falling tree branches. It’s like a black metal cage that first perfectly over the top and completely encapsulates the condenser unit. This provides an extra layer of protection during hurricane season in Cocoa.


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My mom made me stay home with my brother

My high school career ended three weeks ago on the last day of May.

I was accepted to the University of Tampa, but I don’t start 4 two more months. In the meantime, I have been enjoying lots of time with my friends. Many of them are going to different schools in different states and we won’t be able to see each other until Christmas. I planned to go with my friends to Clearwater Beach, but my mom stopped me and made me stay home with my little brother. He wasn’t feeling very well that day. His allergies were acting up and he had already suffered an asthma attack that Morning. My mom had to go to work that day at the HVAC corporation, even if my brother was sick. She had two repairs scheduled that day and they could not be moved. My mom is one of the only female HVAC contractors in the county. My mom told me that I had to stay home with my brother, even if I wanted to go to Clearwater Beach that day. I honestly tried to protest, but my mom was serious and I didn’t want her to be mad at me. After all, I expected her to pay for college, tuition, books, and all of my spending money. I certainly couldn’t expect her to do nice things for me if I wasn’t willing to help out when she really needed someone too. Sometimes it’s hard to be an adult, especially when you still want to hang on to your childhood for a few more months.
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I’m glad that we stopped in Albuquerque for weed while driving to Colorado

My friends and I started to plan a cross country road trip once we were all vaccinated.

  • It was a trip that was put off for multiple years while we all dealt with various struggles in life.

When it seemed like the four of us could all go during July this past summer, we started to make arrangements for a rental SUV that we’d use for the long road trip. It was easy since we all contributed to the overall costs, making it a fairly affordable vacation. The other way we managed to save a tremendous amount of money was through boondocking in campgrounds at state and national parks along the way. If you’re not stopping and spending upwards to $200 a night or more for a single room, that money can be spent elsewhere. We were all interested in heading to Colorado to enjoy the recreational cannabis that is sold within their borders. But we wanted to stop in New Mexico to try their cannabis. Although recreational cannabis is going to be available in New Mexico after 2022, at the time I used my medical cannabis card from out of state at a dispensary in Albuquerque while we briefly stayed on the outskirts of the city. We decided to camp in Cibola National Forest and enjoyed the foothills of the Sandia Mountains with quality cannabis bought at a dispensary in Loma Del Rey. This million-plus acre forest stretches throughout New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. In Albuquerque, the Cibola National Forest includes the Sandia Mountains and their many foothills. At first we were eager to get to Colorado, but staying in Albuquerque had us wanting to stay in New Mexico for the foreseeable future!
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Vegas prices on marijuana are the highest in Nevada

The average price for an eighth of marijuana in the city where I live, is only $25

Vegas prices on marijuana are the absolute highest in the whole state of Nevada. The main reason for the high marijuana prices is entirely due to the fact that the main source of income in Vegas is tourism. The place is popular with people in Nevada as well as people on the west coast. There are thousands of visitors to the area each day. My family and I all work in Las Vegas. We carpool in the morning 5 days each week. It means we don’t have to spend a lot of money on gas and car services. At the end of the week, we go to the store and handle all of our chores. I go to the laundromat on Saturdays and I also go to the marijuana dispensary. I never buy marijuana in Las Vegas, due to the extremely high prices. Weed is much cheaper in the city where I live. The selection isn’t as vast as the city, but the prices are half as much. I went to a dispensary several months ago to pick up an order for a customer. The average price of an eighth of marijuana was $55. The average price for an eighth of marijuana in the city where I live, is only $25. A lot of tourists don’t realize that they can get a really good deal on marijuana products if they simply travel five or ten miles outside of the Las Vegas casino district. This is a cheap place to buy marijuana, but you have to leave the comfort of the strip.

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I thought I packed crackers for the trip

Every time my friends and I decide to go skiing, we pack lots of snacks and recreational marijuana supplies.

  • It takes about 2 hours to drive to the ski resorts from our apartment in downtown Portland.

There are a lot of great places to go skiing, but my friends and I prefer to drive all the way out to Mount Hood. They have some of the best trails on the west coast and they have a really nice halfpipe for snowboarding. That day we left to go skiing, the temperature in Portland was 40 degrees, but it was only 22 degrees at the ski resort. The temperatures certainly change as the elevation rises. There are no dispensaries in the National Forest, so my friends and I take enough recreational marijuana supplies and snacks for the entire weekend. There are places to buy snacks and drinks outside of Portland, but they are much more expensive than the grocery store. When we stopped at the dispensary, I picked up a couple of different pre-rolls. One was an indica called papaya and another was a hybrid called Girl Scout cookies. The sativa marijuana joint was one of my favorite strains called Super Lemon Haze. I smoked the whole thing on our way out of town. I always prefer a salty snack after I use recreational marijuana. I thought I packed a couple of packs of crackers for the trip. My friends and I left Portland and I was ready for a snack by the time we got off the interstate. I searched through the bag looking for the crackers, but I didn’t find anything except trail mix and chocolate.

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My boyfriend lives in Seattle and I go to school in Tacoma

Seattle and Tacoma are two of the largest cities in the state of Washington.

I think Washington is one of the prettiest States in the entire Union and I have visited a number of different places.

My dad was in the Army and we moved all over the place when I was a kid. I attended 15 different schools during my 12 years of Professional schooling. When we finally settled down in Tacoma, I was really happy. I finished high school in Tacoma and applied to go to the University of Washington. When I finished my four-year degree, I came back home and started working at a marijuana dispensary in Seattle. My degree is in marketing and advertising and I work as the marketing consultant for the marijuana dispensary. Working at a pot shop is super fun and really interesting. A couple of months ago, I put a profile on an online dating website. I received a response from a guy that lives in Seattle. Seattle and Tacoma are only about 45 minutes away from each other, but it’s a long drive on the weekend when the roads are covered with traffic. Last month I was driving to my boyfriend’s place in Seattle and I was in a car accident. I was getting off the freeway at the exit right before my boyfriend’s apartment. I decided to slow down and stop at the yellow light. The guy behind me slammed into the back of my car. He tried to blame me for the accident, but the light was yellow and slowing down was appropriate. The police officer agreed and issued the other driver a ticket.


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A great California trip

My best friend Taylor and I go to a different state each year for a week-long vacation.

Our goal is to visit all 50 states. This year it was California. It is such a large state I had trouble picking a location. I decided that I wanted us to be more southern than northern. I am not too interested in hiking and the redwoods. I liked the idea of beaches, shops and bars. I choose to fly into San Diego and work our way to Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara was a great time because there was so much to do. We laid on the beach, checked out the park, shopped in high end stores and got massages at our fancy hotel. The two of us are big wine drinkers and ended up doing a wine tasting out of Santa Barbara. What was especially cool is that Santa Barbara had a lot of different types of cannabis shops. There were ones with dab bars, vape lounges or a huge assortment of edibles. Since we don’t come from a state with legal weed, it was a bit overwhelming. We ended up trying cannabis anytime we came across a dispensary. The two of us mainly liked the edibles. I found gummies with THC laced in them and Taylor liked the hard candies. It was fun being a little high while shopping and eating at the cute little lunch spots. The two of us have been to some pretty great states but so far California is the best one. We do still have Hawaii left though.

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