A great California trip

My best friend Taylor and I go to a different state each year for a week-long vacation.

Our goal is to visit all 50 states. This year it was California. It is such a large state I had trouble picking a location. I decided that I wanted us to be more southern than northern. I am not too interested in hiking and the redwoods. I liked the idea of beaches, shops and bars. I choose to fly into San Diego and work our way to Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara was a great time because there was so much to do. We laid on the beach, checked out the park, shopped in high end stores and got massages at our fancy hotel. The two of us are big wine drinkers and ended up doing a wine tasting out of Santa Barbara. What was especially cool is that Santa Barbara had a lot of different types of cannabis shops. There were ones with dab bars, vape lounges or a huge assortment of edibles. Since we don’t come from a state with legal weed, it was a bit overwhelming. We ended up trying cannabis anytime we came across a dispensary. The two of us mainly liked the edibles. I found gummies with THC laced in them and Taylor liked the hard candies. It was fun being a little high while shopping and eating at the cute little lunch spots. The two of us have been to some pretty great states but so far California is the best one. We do still have Hawaii left though.

Dispensary Santa Barbara California