I didn't find the road on the map anywhere

It’s been really hard working as a delivery driver in a city that I don’t know.

My whole family moved to the Bay Area and I was stuck with a decision. I had to move with my family or find a place of my own. I was 22 years old and not ready to be on my own. I told my mom and dad that I planned to go with them. They seemed fine with that idea, until we arrived in San Francisco. Since we arrived in the city, my dad has done nothing but hound me to get a job. I applied everywhere and the only place that gave me a call back was a marijuana dispensary. They were looking for a delivery driver. I told the San Francisco marijuana dispensary manager that I had just moved to the city. She asked me if I could use the app on my phone to find an address. I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not. It was hard to tell, because I had an interview over the phone. The woman told me that she would hire me that day if I wanted to work as a delivery driver. I needed a job and money, so I said yes. It’s been really hard working as a delivery driver in a city that I don’t know. Half the time I can’t find the roads anywhere on the map. I consistently find myself lost and sitting on the side of the road. I’m not really sure if I am making money or not. With the price of gas in sanely hi, I feel like I’m putting more into my tank than I am into my pocket.

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I brought the Chicago band everything that they wanted

I was working on Thursday afternoon and my boss pulled me to the side for a couple of minutes.

She advised me that a special customer contacted the Chicago marijuana dispensary for delivery.

The customer placed the order online and it was supposed to be a discreet delivery. My boss told me that she had been thinking about me for a management position and this was my opportunity to prove to her that I was a team player and could handle the responsibilities of the job. I promised her that I would make the delivery and keep the name and address of the recipient a secret. We frequently have calls from some of the famous people that live around the Chicago area. This was something a little bit different. A rock and roll band was playing at the theater and they requested marijuana products from the Chicago dispensary. The rock and roll band has an image to maintain, but they were playing in a state with legal recreational marijuana, so they weren’t doing anything illegal. My boss promised me a raise and a promotion soon if I could keep this transaction a secret. I delivered the items to the band. I didn’t even know who it was until I saw the name of the band on the side of the fifty foot tour bus. I suddenly understood exactly why it was so important to keep the transaction from the public. I was hoping to meet a member of the band, but one of the people in suits saw me and gave me money and told me to get lost. The guy was rude, but he gave me a $53 tip.



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We saw a marijuana shop on every single street corner

My wife wanted to go to Las Vegas for a long time.

We live on the east coast, so it’s not exactly accessible for us.

It is a plane ride and quite a bit of money. It costs a lot to fly to Las Vegas and then you have to factor the hotel expenses in as well. After there were restrictions for covid, no one was writing on the airplanes. My wife and I decided to go to Las Vegas for the first time. We got a great deal at a hotel in the city and the tickets for our flight were very reasonable as well. My wife and I were very surprised by some of the things that we saw when we went to the Las Vegas strip. One of the most shocking things was the amount of marijuana dispensaries. It seemed like there was a marijuana dispensary on every block of the city and every single street corner. If it wasn’t a marijuana dispensary, then it was a restaurant, bar, or tourist attractions. I don’t know what I was expecting when we went to vegas, but I think it was definitely something more than we experienced. My wife seemed to have a great time. She gambled a lot and sat downstairs while I was upstairs in the lounge. I certainly didn’t mind watching football and other sports while she gambled. I had the opportunity to bet on a couple of games too, but I could have done that from home. I would go back, but only if someone else was paying for my trip.


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I found a couple of applicants that had some experience

My boss promoted me a couple of weeks ago. I got the job managing the cannabis shop downtown in Ann Arbor, michigan. I had to move for the job. That’s why it took a couple of weeks for me to arrive. The job came with a hefty salary, benefits, vacation days, and a retirement package. My parents live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so I moved in with them for a short time. I will eventually find a place of my own to rent. I honestly didn’t know what shape the Ann Arbor, Michigan cannabis dispensary would be in when I arrived. I found out that several employees were fired when the last manager was let go. There must have been a reason why everyone left at the same time. I had to find a couple of applicants to work at the marijuana dispensary and I had to find them quick. The store was open for business and the assistant manager was barely keeping up. She had also been promoted and was previously a floor clerk. She really didn’t know the first thing about being the assistant manager. Both of us were way over our heads, but I promised her that we would figure out a way to make everything work if she trusted me and worked hard. The first thing I did was look for some applicants to put on the schedule. I needed to find applicants that had some experience in the marijuana industry. With everything happening at once, I definitely didn’t have time to train someone on the different types of marijuana. I needed a few applicants that could hit the ground running.

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My wife got a job working at the Elgin high school

My wife and I got married in our last year of college. We were going to wait until College was over, but we wanted to be married sooner than that. My parents and her parents came for the wedding, which was held in the rec center at the school. We didn’t have a huge ceremony, but it was nice. After our last year of school, my wife and I decided to move to Elgin, illinois. My parents live in Elgin and they offered to buy us a house. My wife and I could not say no to the offer. Even if there were strings attached, we weren’t going to say no to the extravagant offer. My parents let us pick a house. My wife and I looked at several properties in Elgin, illinois. My wife got a job working at the high school as a 10th grade science teacher. I got a job working at JP morgan. We were earning really good money and we didn’t have any problems paying our mortgage. When my wife mentioned putting a heated pool in the backyard, I thought it sounded like an excellent idea. We contacted a pool contractor that specializes in ground heated pools. The pool and heating contractor came to the house to give us an estimate for the services. I was expecting the pool to cost around $20,000. I was happily surprised by the estimate for the work. The pool was not going to cost as much money as I anticipated, even if we heated all of the water. The Elgin contractor set up the pool with a special heating system that uses geothermal energy from underground to heat up the pool. The system was expensive to install, but it only costs pennies on the dollar to run.



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Criminal history in Portland, OR

There have been many books written about Elkins and the Portland mob, but probably the most famous version of it is a movie called Portland Expose made in 1957

Have you heard about the seedy, sordid history of the Portland underworld? I am a bit of a history buff, not because it’s my job, just because I love it. I read lots of books, and spend a lot of time doing deep-dive research on the computer. Between the libraries and Google I always have more information than I can possibly handle. After moving to Portland, Oregon a few months ago, I started to focus my reading on local history, and found a treasure trove of fascinating stories. In the 1940s and 1950s, Portland was a notorious hub of criminal activity. Under the stern hand of a local gangster named Jim Elkins, Portland was the center of a massive underground criminal organization that went up and down the seaboard. Elkins drew a lot of scrutiny on a national level for Portland, but the funny thing is that it didn’t seem to hurt the city’s image at all. That same period of criminal activity was also a huge boom in the local economy of Portland. There have been many books written about Elkins and the Portland mob, but probably the most famous version of it is a movie called Portland Expose made in 1957. It is not an easy movie to track down, but anyone interested in Portland history should check it out. Soon after Elkins is when the hippies migrated to Portland from down south, and brought with them the cannabis that helped make this city famous in later years. Of course cannabis isn’t a criminal offense in Portland, Oregon, but it used to be.
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Seattle is a highly educated city

Living in Seattle makes me feel dumb somtimes.

  • Did you know this is the most highly-educated city in the country? It seems like everyone I know has a degree except for me.

I graduated high school and never considered stepping foot back inside a classroom. Now that I am older I can see the wisdom in going to college to get an advanced education, but it’s too late. I work in one of the many great cannabis dispensaries we have in Seattle, and I think I’m the only person on staff that doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree or higher. It can be intimidating living in Seattle, because I know whenever a promotion comes available at work it most certainly won’t be given to me. I have a high school diploma and nothing further, so I suspect that a lowly job in a cannabis dispensary will be the best I can do for myself around here. I could always go back to school and get a college degree, because Seattle is well known for its educational institutions. Public and private colleges, community colleges, grad school, and specialized programs, Seattle Washington has something for everyone. Except me, of course. I don’t like school, I like working in the cannabis dispensary and then playing video games after work. I enjoy going to see the Seattle sports franchises whenever possible, and I love the music scene. That’s not even to mention the fact that Seattle has the finest cannabis strains I’ve ever tasted. Seattle is an amazing place to live, even for a dumb guy like me.

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