We had a wonderful day at the Toronto Island Park

After years of being single, I got married last year to the love of my life.

I was ready to settle down because my 20s were filled with a lot of adversity and financial struggles.

There were times when I really wondered why I was still fighting each day to function, but thankfully my mental health slowly improved with time. Moving away from the life of drinking and partying every week was a huge step in the right direction. I lost weight and started going to a gym everyday to stay healthy. I had one girlfriend during this time for about a year, otherwise I was single and working on my personal growth as I got closer to 30. When I met my wife at a local event in Old Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum. I wanted to keep talking to her when the event ended, so I asked her for her number and if she was interested in going on a date with me. I suggested that we visit Balmy Beach Park and watch the bird fly over Lake Ontario. Before long we were in a committed relationship and eventually moved in together after several months of dating. Now that we’re married, we’re happier than ever being together and spending as much time one on one as we do. We had such a nice day at the Toronto Island Park in part because we brought cannabis vaporizer pens with us for the afternoon. The Toronto Islands can only be reached by ferry or private boats and sports the gorgeous Toronto Island Park in the center. This is the perfect place to spend the afternoon with a cannabis vaporizer pen in your pocket.



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Holiday shopping for a brand new AC

My idea of a fun and interesting Christmas present is not an AC unit, but my daughter has requested that as her Christmas gift.

  • She moved into a mobile home with her boyfriend and they don’t have Central AC.

The mobile home is about an hour south of Orland Park, Illinois, where my husband and I live. I’m not happy that my daughter decided to move an hour away from Orland Park to a mobile home in the middle of the country. The summer was very uncomfortable for both of them. The house only has an AC unit in the bedroom. I tried to get my daughter to move back home, but she wasn’t going anywhere unless I invited Carl as well. When I asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas, the very first thing she asked me for was an AC unit for the living room. I told my daughter to come up with a different idea, but she was absolutely serious. I decided to honor her request, so I have been shopping around Orland Park for the best AC unit that I can afford. I’ve looked at several different models online and I know what type of features I need on the machine. Still, holiday shopping for the brand new AC has been difficult since I am not completely familiar with the process and I have no idea what the house requires. It might be easier for my husband and I to simply contact a service company that can install the new AC unit and pay for everything at once. I hate for the tree to be empty of gifts, but the AC is the one thing that my daughter wants this year.

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College games and partying afterwards

Sometimes college sports are nothing and sometimes they are a huge deal.

In Eugene Oregon, the football team is a big deal.

Autzen Stadium is a huge arena for all the fans to support the college team. You hardly remember that they are college rather than professional. My friends and I dress in bright yellow shirts and support the team. I like to drink a beer, eat a hotdog and get pretty wild after watching a college game. It is fun since my buddies and I all live right in Eugene. We can walk over to the arena, get pretty tipsy at the game and even stop at a legal weed shop without going too far. It might seem excessive. Football, bad food, booze and now cannabis, but it makes for a fun weekend. I prefer to smoke cannabis oil through a vape. I like the cleaner taste and not having the smell linger on my clothing and hair. Sadly the cannabis shop doesn’t have a vape lounge, but I do live closeby. My friends and I can stock up on weed products and make that last leg of the journey to my house. That way we can party but have the luxury of being in our PJs, have a clean bathroom and a variety of snacks. It is the best type of weekend fun in my opinion. I can’t imagine doing this kind of thing in any other state than mine. Everything we could want is right there and closeby. The people are friendly and all partying the same way.
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I’m glad that I switched to using heat pumps after moving to Cocoa Beach

I’m always willing to adopt new technology if it will benefit my life.

I resisted tablets when they were introduced because they seemed like nothing more than a large smartphone without mobile data and internet capabilities.

While this is true in theory, there is genuine utility out of having a device with a screen that size. You can use them for ebooks and have a massive library of hundreds or thousands of books in a small device that is the size of just one. I bought a tablet in college and made use of it on a daily basis, giving me the ability to bypass the print-outs of research papers we discussed in classes. Those papers are cumbersome when you have a semester’s worth in a single binder or folder. This is no issue when you have a tablet with sufficient storage capacity, although most books and PDF documents take up a tiny amount of space on any device, tablets included. My tablet was such a huge part of my success in college that I didn’t hesitate to try a heat pump when my HVAC technician recommended one. I was ready to buy a new air conditioner and he suggested an upgrade to a heat pump. A heat pump is a machine that reverses the same refrigerant cycle used in air conditioners. Instead of transferring indoor heat to the outdoor air, ambient heat outside is pulled indoors. And since many heat pumps have a normal air conditioner built-in by design, you can get all of your heating and cooling needs covered in one single package.
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A really nice wine tour

It was a long one, 9-5, but totally worth it.

I live up north and my whole family is in the grape business. My father sells his grapes for jams and jellies. My mother makes grape oriented skin care products. My brother makes wine with the grapes. Anytime I go on a vacation that is in a wine area, I have to tour some wineries. I like to see the different grapes and taste the wines. I recently went on a trip to California. I was in Santa Barbara of all places. I am glad that I did a wine tour in that area instead of the tried and true Napa Valley wine tour in San Francisco. My wine tour actually had two guides that drove you around in a mercedes benz. You got to see different wineries, vineyards and barrel rooms. The tour was educational and entertaining. I liked seeing all different parts of the grape process. I took plenty of pictures and tried a ton of things. There were plenty of opportunities to buy wine, grapes, jams and jellies which I did. The end of the tour is an all organic lunch in one of the vineyards. It made for a nice little end to the tour. It was a long one, 9-5, but totally worth it. I really enjoyed the lunch and thought that it could be a romantic date excursion. Sure it is a little big and expensive for a first date, but a boyfriend and girlfriend would really enjoy it I think. Eating out in the grape fields was such a fun experience that I want to do it back home in the north. However, you don’t have access to legal weed to light up while you eat in the north though.



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Good place for a hockey fan

I am a huge hockey fan.

I used to live down south where hockey isn’t that big of a deal.

Even when they had a Stanley cup winning team, the southerners didn’t really care. Since I wasn’t a fan anyway, I moved to a colder location. Work placed me in Glenview Illinois. At first I was sort of bummed since there really isn’t anything fun to do locally. However, a 30 minute car ride away takes me into Chicago. What is in Chicago? Literally everything you could want. The Chicago Blackhawks are the professional team in my area. They aren’t too good right now but it is exciting to actually see a game and be around real fans. The stadium always has tons of people there and all dressed to match the team. It is my favorite thing to do. I wait all year for the hockey season. It brings about cold weather but I don’t mind. I splurged to get heated flooring in my place and it has made a world of difference. I bought high quality winter time gear that I love wearing. I also have Chicago Blackhawk swag meant for the cold. I have a hat, scarf, gloves and thick jersey that I wear on game days. When I do go to the stadium, it is nice how quick a car ride it is. I can usually get good seats and quickly skirt away once it is over. I then can be back home in under an hour with traffic. I really prefer my area to down south.


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When the temps reach daily 40’s, we turn on the heat

One of the biggest reasons why I love living in Tampa, Florida is due to the weather.

I absolutely love the sunshine and the beach.

I didn’t have to move to Florida after I graduated from college, but I wanted to live in a place where I could go surfing and spend every weekend at the beach. Tampa is the perfect place and there are miles of beaches nearby. There are also lots of freshwater Springs that can be a fun activity during the summer. I have a job working at the Florida aquarium. The Florida aquarium pays very well, and I get lots of perks and discounts on other attractions in the city. The only time I am unhappy in Tampa, Florida is when the temperatures are cold. I do my best to keep the heat off until it is absolutely necessary. I feel like when the temperatures reach 40s every single day, it is certainly time to turn on the heat. I have a heat pump that handles heating and air conditioning in the house. During the winter months, the heat creates warmth indoors by pushing cold air outside. During the summer, the heat pump fuses and air compressor and refrigerant to create cold air. The heat pump is really the perfect heating and cooling system for any Tampa, Florida home. I plan to live here for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I’ve visited some different places, but nothing makes me feel more at home than when I am sitting on the beach or riding around Tampa Bay.


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