A wild weekend in Denver, Colorado

My wife Eleanor is a wildly successful lawyer.

I am her long suffering but devoted husband.

We have been together since high school, so I know she loves me dearly, but sometimes our marriage seems to take a back seat to her career. I try not to complain, because she makes amazing money, and I can’t believe I live in a house this nice! Still, I get lonely sometimes. So a couple of times a year Eleanor will take a week long vacation and we will travel someplace far away to relive our honeymoon. Last year we went to Denver, Colorado, and it was so much fun I want to go back there again ASAP. Eleanor has a very demanding job, which means she can’t smoke cannabis very often because she needs to stay sharp. On the Denver vacation, she really cut loose and smoked more cannabis than she ever had before. For once she was able to keep pace with me! We also visited one of the excellent local breweries in Denver, and got pretty hammered off the beer. Every night we visited a different restaurant in downtown Denver, and experienced some truly delightful cuisine. Of course, the food in Denver always tastes better if you smoke a little cannabis before you eat. I had such an amazing time with Elenaor in Denver that I have already started to look for flights to go back ASAP. I miss the Denver cannabis, of course, but moreover I miss the relaxed feeling I had from being there with my dear wife Eleanor.

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Come to Portland for the weed, but stay for the music!

Live music and marijuana just go hand-in-hand for me.

Weed enhances the power of music, and at the same time music makes the effects of cannabis so much more impactful.

In other words, I won’t go to a concert if I can’t smoke weed there. I know this is increasingly hard to find, because of the strict federal laws about smoking indoors. Mostly I frequent outdoor shows, or festivals with several days worth of live outdoor music. This is one of the many reasons I love Portland, because the weed is amazing, and the live music is even better. It would be a lot easier for me if I liked vape products, which are also widely available in Portland. I am “old school” you might say, so I like smoking cannabis buds and flowers because it feels more natural. Recently I discovered a new cannabis dispensary on the outskirts of Portland which has a small bandshell on the property. Although it rains a lot in Portland, any night that has clear skies you can find a local musician playing on the bandshell at this cannabis dispensary. This place has become my go-to spot both for buying cannabis and catching some killer local Portland talent. The blend of weed and music is the ultimate happy place for me, so I doubt I will ever move away from Portland. If there is a city that has better music or better cannabis than Portland, I would love to hear about it. Hit me up in the comments if you have a Portland musician you want to shout out!

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What is an expungement law?

I asked my friend, who is a lawyer, what an expungement law was? I had read they were expunging the records of people who had underage marijuana records now that marijuana was legal in Muskegon, MI.

He told me that under Michigan’s new expungement law, anyone convicted of marijuana related offense involving conduct that not be illegal after 12/6/2018, can ask to have the conviction set aside.

If they convicted you of possession of marijuana, use of marijuana, or possession of marijuana paraphernalia, you can seek expungement. Expungement is the process by which the state removes your conviction from all public records like it never happens. Many states, like Michigan, have expungement laws on their books when they legalize recreational marijuana. There are some expungement laws for other crimes that have waiting periods before you can petition the court for expungement. Marijuana convictions hold no waiting period. He asked if I had an underage or other marijuana conviction that I was worried about. I didn’t think I had a conviction from when I was caught smoking marijuana at sixteen, but I wanted to check. My dad’s friend, a police officer, found me and my friends sitting behind an old barn, and took us all home. We were lucky we were in Muskegon, MI, and not in New York City. I’m not sure if dad ever paid a fine for my underage marijuana use, because he said nothing. I got a huge punishment at home. I couldn’t go out with my friends until I was eighteen, lost a phone, and was escorted whenever I left the house. Maybe a conviction would have been easier.
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The gaming tournament was hosted by Seattle

For the last five years I have attended the Connect Four world championship tournament.

I bet you didn’t even know such a thing existed, but now you know! Connect Four is a children’s game that has been around for decades.

It’s a more advanced version of tic-tac-toe, but for people like me it’s serious business. All of the best players in the country come together for a two-day tournament, and let me say that it is always a blast. I have never placed in the top 10, but I always have an epic time. This year the tournament was being held in Seattle, a city that I have always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity. As soon as I got off the plane I went right to the nearest cannabis dispensary and bought some locally grown Seattle strains. Seattle has a reputation for the highest quality, and biggest quantity, of cannabis you can find in the pacific northwest. Since I didn’t plan on winning the gaming tournament anyway, I thought it couldn’t hurt to load up on cannabis before I checked into the hotel. I must say that the weed in Seattle lives up to the hype, and is on another level in terms of quality. Much to my surprise, the excess amount of Seattle cannabis I smoked didn’t hinder my performance, but enhanced it! For the first time ever I placed in the Top 10 in the Seattle tournament, and I have to give all the credit to cannabis. I guess cannabis really is a performance-enhancing drug after all.


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There was something comforting about small town life in Illinois

I was born in the city of Chicago, and lived there for my first few years.

I don’t remember it very well, except the end, which was rather traumatic.

My mother got mugged on the street one day, and soon after my father packed up our house and moved us away from the city. He told me that he wanted a better life for his family, and the best place for us was in the same small town where he had grown up. I will always be grateful that Dad did that for us. It helped my mom emotionally recover from her attack, and it opened my eyes to how amazing small town life in Illinois can be. Outside of Chicago, the entirety of the state of Illinois is the type of place where you don’t have to lock your doors at night. This remote Illinois town was very small, but I could travel anywhere I wanted on my bike with no fear. Back then cannabis had not yet been legalized in Illinois, so my dad grew his own plants in the garage. He didn’t hide his cannabis use from me, instead choosing to explain that the laws of Illinois were wrong, because cannabis was a gift from God. Many years later the Illinois state government changed the laws, which made my father very happy. He never once visited a legal Illinois cannabis dispensary, he kept on growing his own plants until the day he died. Now that I am about to become a father I am considering moving back to that same small Illinois town.

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Ed wanted to get married in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator

There were two reasons that Ed and I planned to visit Las Vegas.

First of all was how easy it is to get married there.

Las Vegas is the shotgun wedding capital of the USA. In other places you have to apply for a marriage license, get a blood test, pay a fee to the local government, and jump through about 100 other hoops just to get married. In Las Vegas they have streamlined the process. Anyone can get married here, and it only takes about an hour at most. The second reason Ed and I were going to Las Vegas was because gay marriage is just as legal as straight marriage. Ed wanted to get married by an Elvis impersonator, so there was no other place to go but Sin City itself, Las Vegas Nevada. On a more personal note, I had another reason to be stoked about visiting Las Vegas, namely the legal cannabis dispensaries. There are several different cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas and I didn’t have to get special paperwork to shop in them. Where Ed and I come from there are only medical cannabis shops, which require a prescription card from the government. In Las Vegas all I needed was a legal ID like a drivers license or a passport. Ed and I had a traditional Las Vegas wedding, with Elvis presiding and beefy male strippers serving as the Best Man and the Bridesmaid. After that we swung through the drive-through cannabis dispensary, and kicked off our honeymoon in grand fashion. I love Las Vegas!

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I took my mom to the mall with me

I took off my winter jacket, but I was still too warm

There’s a lot of really good shopping in the city of Phoenix. I live about an hour away from the city, but I go to Phoenix during the holidays so I can go to the malls and the department stores. Last month, I went to Phoenix to spend the day shopping and I decided to take my mom with me. I picked her up at the house around 9:00 in the morning and we went to have some breakfast at a pancake diner. My mom had eggs, toast, and bacon and I had pancakes, sausage, and hash browns. We both had some coffee to get our day started. We went to the mall first. I spent most of the morning picking out items for the kids for christmas. Both of the boys needed new jeans, jackets, and snow boots. We left the mall around lunch time and headed over to another department store with great sales and specials. Temperatures inside of the Phoenix department store were very warm and uncomfortable. It felt like the manager had the heat on high. No matter where I was standing inside of the department store, I was hot and overheated. I took off my winter jacket, but I was still too warm. I had to go outside while my mom was looking at all of the electronics. It was much cooler outside, thankfully, and I started to feel much better after my internal temperature returned to normal. I honestly didn’t know why the temperatures affected me like that until I woke up the next day with a headache, sore throat, and a cough.

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