There’s a new cannabis dispensary on Rosita St in Tarzana

I had no idea that Tarzana had so many cannabis dispensaries until I looked on google.

Despite being a fairly small suburb compared to the larger Los Angeles area, Tarzana has at least two dozen different cannabis stores right now.

I have only been to a handful since moving to a house near Lake Balboa. It shouldn’t surprise me since California legalized cannabis for both recreational and medical use. Although California was the first state to vote on recreational cannabis in both 1972 and 2010, it was surpassed by Colorado which became the first state in North America to legalize cannabis for broad recreational use among adults over the age of 21. California followed behind Colorado in 2016 when voters finally approved a ballot proposition to tax and regulate cannabis use like alcohol and cigarettes. Nowadays you can find literally over 800 legal cannabis stores throughout the state, although there are thousands of cannabis delivery services that operate illegally without state-approved permits. I found a great new dispensary on Rosita Street in Tarzana, making it one of several dozen within the small mountainous suburb of Los Angeles. The budtenders at the new cannabis store are very friendly and helpful with any questions you might have about their products. Like many other cannabis companies in California and the Los Angeles area in particular, this cannabis dispensary also offers home delivery. You can get an order delivered to your house on the same day if you order before 5pm. I don’t mind driving down the Ventura Freeway if it means I can get to Rosita Street faster.

Recreational Weed Tarzana California

The outing at the zoo in Santa Barbara, California didn't go as expected

My wife and I took the kids to Santa Barbara, California for a couple of days.

We stayed in a Beach rental on Channel Drive.

The rental was extremely nice and very close to the beach. While we were in Santa Barbara, we took the kids to Butterfly Beach. Butterfly Beach is known for the flowers that attract butterflies and bumblebees. We also took the kids to the Santa Barbara Zoo. The Santa Barbara Zoo is a small tourist attraction, but it features a miniature train ride. I had to buy separate tickets for the train, and I was standing in line for several minutes. While I was in line, two guys behind me started smoking a marijuana vape pen. They weren’t trying to hide the vape pen and they were blowing the marijuana smoke in my face. I politely asked the guy to stop smoking marijuana and I reminded them that they were in a family park. One of the guys gave me the middle finger and the other one laughed. They continued smoking marijuana from the vape pen until they were much closer to the front of the line. When I picked up the tickets for the train, I told the guy behind the booth that the guys behind me we’re using marijuana. The park attendant didn’t look surprised by the information, but he did call someone from the security team. They grabbed the kids as they were leaving the ticket center. I don’t know if they were asked to leave, but I hope they were at least scolded.

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The pyramid at the Denver Botanic Gardens is a sight to behold when you’re high

I loved visiting different parks and outdoor gardens in my hometown. We had multiple locations that were paid for by foundations and charities in the area. It was fun having class trips to these places and exploring the plants, flowers, and trees. I felt bad for my cousins who lived in the inner city and never even got to see natural plants growing out of the ground like I did. My parents settled into a beautiful area that was admittedly more expensive to survive in compared to the hectic metropolitan cities known for factories and steel mills. Although I hated the four years I spent living in New York city, I love being in Denver, Colorado now and hope that I can remain a permanent resident if I can find full time work after my temporary job position expires. There are a number of different outdoor parks in Denver that you can stroll through with your familys or pets. One of my favorites is Sloan’s Lake Park because it’s walking distance from my apartment building in West Highland. Sometimes I’ll put a cannabis vaporizer in my pocket and take a stroll down to Sloans’s Lake Park or City Park. Recently I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens after eating a bunch of strong cannabis edibles. The Denver Botanic Gardens are a gorgeous location even when you’re sober, so going while you’re high literally heightens the experience. My stoned brain loved the Science Pyramid Exhibition in particular, as it showcases humanity’s place within the natural environment and our greater purpose within the outdoor ecosystem. It’s also a pretty building to see from the outside, especially as you’re climbing out of your car in the parking lot.


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The HVAC tech smelled like weed

Even though the climate in Denver is not extremely cold during the winter, the need for a good heating system is important.

My wife and I have a gas furnace in our home.

Every year before the winter season begins, we call a Denver HVAC company to handle all of the preseason services. We had to use a different Denver company last month. The company that we normally use was busy and they didn’t have any available appointments until the following week. I didn’t want to wait that long, so we called another company with good reviews online. When the HVAC technician arrived, he smelled like marijuana. Since recreational and medical marijuana is legal in Colorado, I couldn’t say much about the smell. As long as the employee wasn’t smoking marijuana while he was in my home, I wasn’t going to say anything. The technician was claiming to be finished with his work after only 10 minutes. That definitely made me upset and I decided to contact the owner of the repair business. I told the person that the employee smells like marijuana. The owner laughed and asked me if I knew that recreational and medical marijuana was legal in Colorado. By the sound of the voice of the owner, he clearly didn’t care that I was upset about the service or the employee’s behavior. I was honestly surprised. I didn’t expect poor service and no help from the owner. I refused to pay for the tune-up service and I told the tech to bill me if he wanted any money.

Cannabis Denver Colorado

I’m glad I met this guy named Jack

My friend Jack is a little dangerous and crazy.

I met the guy when he was spray painting a bridge.

I like his personality a lot. He is very funny and interesting. Jack has lived in San Francisco, California his whole life, but I recently moved to the area with my mom. My mom was hired to head up one of the art departments at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I wasn’t particularly happy about moving to San Francisco, because I had to leave all of my family and friends in Colorado. I met Jack a couple of days after I moved to the city. One day Jack swiped his big brother’s identification card. We went to a recreational marijuana dispensary on the other side of town and Jack tried to get cannabis from the shop. I absolutely didn’t think his plan would work, so I was surprised when Jack walked out of the cannabis shop with a bag in his hand. After we left the dispensary, we went back to my house and sat in the backyard with a marijuana joint. My mom didn’t get home from the Museum of Modern Art until several hours later. By the time my mom came home from work, I was passed out on the couch in the living room. My mom thought I was sick and I didn’t tell her that I had been smoking marijuana all day. I knew she wouldn’t understand or agree with the decision. She doesn’t believe that marijuana has any importance to the community whether for recreational or medical reasons.


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I love going to the beach on a windy overcast day

I love going to the beach on a windy and overcast day.

A lot of people don’t like to go to the beach unless it is warm with plenty of sunshine, but I happen to think that the beach can be beautiful even when the sky is gray.

I went to the beach on Tuesday. I had the day off work and I took a book and an umbrella to the water. I decided to go to one of my favorite beaches in San Francisco. Mile Rock Beach is at the end of Lands End Trail. It takes a five mile hike to reach the beach, but it isn’t rough terrain or hills. It is a cove with huge piles of rocks. The area has a very calming and soothing effect. On Tuesday it wasn’t very busy and the beach was not overcrowded. I sat on the beach with my book and a marijuana vape pen. I knew it was going to be too windy for a joint, but the marijuana vape pen worked out very well. The vape pen does not require any fire. A small battery in the chamber heats the marijuana oil inside of a cartridge. There is no mess and no odor or smell. I spent most of my day off at Mile Rock Beach in San Francisco. The cloud never left the area, but the day was still a lot of fun. I read close to 100 pages that day while I listened to the sound of the birds and the water crashing on the beach. What a wonderful way to spend a dreary Tuesday.

Recreational Marijuana San Fransisco California

I needed someone fast and I didn't care who it was

It’s hard to manage a huge hotel and resort, but I do the job to the best of my ability.

  • I have been employed by the same company for the past twelve years.

I started out working at the front desk as a receptionist. I was at a rundown hotel by the Tampa airport. Eventually the boss promoted me to a management position and then I started moving up the corporate ladder. After five years, I moved to this Clearwater Beach resort where I currently work. I got the manager position last winter. This year is my first summer managing the entire property and I have had one problem after another. My first big problem was during a wedding reception. The couple booked the event several months in advance, but no one handled the important details. On the day of the event, things were extremely chaotic. A month later, I had an issue with the AC unit in the kitchen. I didn’t have any cold air at all downstairs where the kitchen crew works morning, noon, and night. I needed a Tampa HVAC repair company fast. I had to call all of our regular places. I finally got someone on the third try. The HVAC contractor came out an hour later. The repairs were extensive and the bills were outrageous, but the AC problem was fixed. Now I’m dealing with a staff theft issue. Somebody is stealing office supplies from the basement. It isn’t even big ticket items which is totally baffling. The problems keep adding up and it is incredibly frustrating.

heating company Tampa Bay Florida