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Holiday shopping for a brand new AC

My idea of a fun and interesting Christmas present is not an AC unit, but my daughter has requested that as her Christmas gift. She moved into a mobile home with her boyfriend and they don’t have Central AC. The mobile home is about an hour south of Orland Park, Illinois, where my husband and […]

College games and partying afterwards

Sometimes college sports are nothing and sometimes they are a huge deal. In Eugene Oregon, the football team is a big deal. Autzen Stadium is a huge arena for all the fans to support the college team. You hardly remember that they are college rather than professional. My friends and I dress in bright yellow […]

A really nice wine tour

It was a long one, 9-5, but totally worth it. I live up north and my whole family is in the grape business. My father sells his grapes for jams and jellies. My mother makes grape oriented skin care products. My brother makes wine with the grapes. Anytime I go on a vacation that is […]

Good place for a hockey fan

I am a huge hockey fan. I used to live down south where hockey isn’t that big of a deal. Even when they had a Stanley cup winning team, the southerners didn’t really care. Since I wasn’t a fan anyway, I moved to a colder location. Work placed me in Glenview Illinois. At first I […]