Jack was prepared for the evening of ballet and orchestra music

My friend Jack and I are dating two sister’s.

Jack met his girlfriend and her sister and he set me up with her.

We’ve been dating for about six months and Jack and Nancy have been together for a year. The four of us planned a weekend together in San Francisco. I was excited to see the bridge and Alcatraz island. I wanted to check out the trolley car and ride around town. My girlfriend wanted to go to the ballet and hear the orchestra. We agreed to several different activities so everyone was happy. When it was time for Jack and I to attend the ballet, he surprised me with edibles from a San Francisco recreational marijuana dispensary. My friend is always one for crazy surprises. It’s one of the reasons why he is so much fun. Jack and Nancy had been out earlier that day and Jack decided to go to a San Francisco recreational marijuana dispensary to pick up some edibles. Each of us consumed three 10 mg THC gummy bears. Each one of the gummy bears tasted different. There were several different flavors in the bag. I had grape, lemon, and orange candies. The flavors were tasty and I didn’t get a hint of cannabis. By the time the ballet began, I was feeling very relaxed and calm. When the music started, I felt the energy in the room. I had a lot more fun at the ballet than I expected and I think recreational marijuana was the reason why. Jack seemed to have fun too. The whole weekend was a huge success.

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We had so much rain that afternoon

The normal weather in San Francisco during the summer is comfortable, clear, and dry.

The temperatures are usually in the 70s or 80s.

On a sunny day, the temperatures will be warmer. On a cloudy day, the temperatures will be cooler. I absolutely love living in San Francisco. I’ve been here since 1985. I moved here to work with a software company. When I moved to San Francisco, marijuana was not legal. Over the last 40 years, things have changed a great deal. Medical marijuana was legalized first and shortly after, recreational marijuana was legalized as well. There are at least fifteen different recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries within the San Francisco city limits. I’ve been using recreational marijuana for the past 10 years. It helps me relax at the end of a long day. It also helps with the pain I frequently feel in my back, neck, and shoulders. I’m not getting any younger, but recreational marijuana makes me feel more limber and full of energy. I use the plant once or twice during the weekend days when I can unwind and put up my feet. A couple of my friends and I still go to the beach every Saturday. One of our favorite places is a favorite with windsurfers. I’ve tried windsurfing, but it was very scary and dangerous. I’d rather watch from the beach with a joint in my hand. Anytime I go to the beach, I take a joint. It’s even more fun to spend the day at the beach when I have a good buzz.



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The Denver zoo is a fun place for families

My girlfriend and I took our three kids to the Denver Zoo on Saturday.

The Denver Zoo is one of my favorite places in Denver.

It has a lot of different animal exhibits and educational Services for the children. The Denver Zoo is on a 75 acre Park in the city of Denver. It has been open since the early 1980s. One of my favorite exhibits is the 10-acre primate enclosure. There are a number of apes and monkeys as well as siamangs, spider monkeys, and lemurs. The Denver Zoo also has a big cat exhibit lions, tigers, cheetahs, snow leopards, and jaguars. My girlfriend and I decided to have lunch near the Predator Ridge. It features a large pool with areas for the kids to set and look under the water. We were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when I started to smell the distinct odor of marijuana. I’m not against marijuana and I use recreational cannabis from time to time. After all, it is legal in the state of Colorado and the city of Denver. I do not think people should be smoking marijuana at the zoo. If you need to use cannabis while you’re at the zoo, you can go sit in your car or at least go to the parking lot. Using marijuana in front of the family friendly exhibits is rude and discourteous. As soon as I smelled the odor, I immediately found a park attendant and made a complaint. The person was gone when I came back, but the smell of marijuana was still in the air.


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The maple syrup was infused with super lemon haze

Super Lemon Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain.

It is a mix of lemon skunk and Super Silver Haze.

These two legendary strains are known for their uplifting and energizing effects. I’ve purchased Super Lemon Haze buds several times from the dispensary. Only the best cannabis cultivars can grow Super Lemon Haze, so it is regularly a top shelf and expensive cannabis. The high lasts for hours, so it makes spending the money a little easier. Still, fifty bucks an eighth is top shelf prices. When my girlfriend and I went to a restaurant in Denver, we found out that they offered a cannabis infused maple syrup for the pancakes. The breakfast syrup was infused with Super Lemon Haze cannabis. We had to show ID & a waiver if we wanted the infused syrup, but it was probably one of the biggest highlights from our trip to Denver. My girlfriend and I never ate cannabis from a restaurant. The Super Lemon Haze added a very earthy scent and flavor to the maple syrup. It didn’t detract from the sweetness at all. I picked buckwheat pancakes with the infused cannabis syrup and I thought they complemented each other well. My girlfriend picked a buttermilk pancake and it was a bit sweet with the addition of the infused cannabis syrup. My girlfriend and I visited a lot of different places in Denver and we even went to a couple of cannabis dispensaries. The diner with the cannabis infused products was definitely the highlight of our trip and a memory that we won’t soon forget.
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Did you ever buy marijuana from a store?

Ever since all of us moved to Eugene, Oregon, I had noticed how much more fancy the cost of marijuana was! Eugene, Oregon, had both recreational and medical marijuana legalized, and i wondered why the cost of the marijuana was so much more fancy in Eugene, Oregon, than where all of us lived previously.

It didn’t take long for me to go online and look up the reasons behind our purchasing recreational marijuana in Eugene, Oregon and purchasing medical marijuana where all of us came from.

I found out that when you purchase recreational marijuana in Eugene, Oregon on, all purchases are subject to a 10.75% marijuana excise tax, and they added this excise tax to the normal 6.25% sales tax, which comes from the state. There is also an optional excise tax that is up to 3%. This means that when purchasing recreational marijuana, you can expect to pay 17% to 20% tax as an outdoor total, however, if I get our medical marijuana card through Eugene, Oregon, I do not have to pay any extra taxes on our medical marijuana. To me, this made little sense, although I l received many people were getting medical marijuana cards, so it would be cheaper for them to purchase their marijuana, then since I already had a medical marijuana card from another state, I saw no reason I should not just get a medical marijuana card from Eugene, Oregon. In all reality, I can make our own edibles even if they are not available when purchasing medical marijuana.About a woman who insists on only buying the cheapest products, although I am smart enough to realize that occasionally saving currency can be easily important.


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I live out of the town however savor dating people from Toronto because of their savor of weed

Now that online dating is so widespread, it’s easier than ever to create an account plus start meeting people for romantic dates.

Some people dislike online dating although I consistently felt that it gave me a much better system of who someone is before I even meet them plus start developing a superficial affixment.

It’s a filtering process that was never possible for older generations when they were young. My Grandparents plus parents alike have told me that in their day, usually you were limited to people you met in school, church, or at work. Occasionally you’d meet a potential romantic partner through friends plus family members, however respectfully you were limited to any of these options. I feel that’s how it was in the rural parts of Canada, because my uncle who moved to Toronto in the 1977s claims that he has never struggled to find dates. Our community in north Richmond Hill isn’t rural farm land, however it’s essentially the half-way point between the metropolis that is Toronto, plus the boondocks south of Lake Simcoe. When creating my online dating profile, I decided to look for dates in Toronto knowing the city’s acceptance of marijuana. I smoke weed plus was hoping to find someone in Toronto that shares my savor for the cannabis plant. Until I started using online dating, I wasn’t aware that Toronto was the largest town in Canada. Being a native of Ontario, you’d guess I would think that. It wasn’t hard at all to find dates in Toronto that appreciated to get high. One date of mine wanted to take me to this amazing cannabis cafe near the shores of Lake Ontario. It was a single of the most romantic evenings of my life, plus it’s a shame that relationship didn’t last.


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This is a good idea, I can tell

When I visited Florida for the first time in elementary college, our parents loaded our sister and I into our minivan and drove down to a beach house that our Grandpa owned as an investment property.

It was located in a gorgeous area close to the beach and there was a pool right behind the unit.

I remember swimming in the water at any chance that I could get, in addition to chasing anole lizards that were crawling on trees, bushes, and guard railing. Lucky for me, we visited a few more times over the years until our Grandpa sold the beach house in the mid 2000s. From then on our parents would rent a small bungalow on the beach in numerous cities in the sunshine state. It was a trip to Cocoa a single year that made me realize that I wanted to move to the city. One year we rented a beach house in Cocoa Hills and we were a short walk to the Indian River. I fell in enjoy with the city and decided to move here once I finished college. Unluckyly, I had to buy a property up north to be close to our partner’s parents, however we still visit Cocoa in the Winter and while in random weekends throughout the year. There are numerous things I have to do to prepare this place for hurricane season. One chore is securing the Heating and A/C condenser firmly to the platform upon which it was installed. On top of that I secure a guard that protects the condenser from fly debris and falling tree branches. It’s enjoy a black metal cage that first perfectly over the top and completely encapsulates the condenser unit. This provides an extra layer of protection while in hurricane season in Cocoa.



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