Las Vegas is popular for more than gambling.

Whenever I heard anyone talk about Las Vegas, NV, I naturally assumed they were talking about the famous casinos.

I always wanted to go to Las Vegas, and I promised my mom I would take her for her 95th birthday.

We went to Atlantic City on her 90th, but mom didn’t live long enough to go to Las Vegas, NV, so I went for her. I was sure she would have loved the strips and all the cool things to look at. When we went to Hoover Dam, I didn’t even want to look out over the overlook. I get seasick looking over my porch, and I would not try the dam overlook. Everywhere we went, including the abandoned haunted town, and the small museums scattered everywhere, I took a picture to keep and remember for mama. I imagined how she would have reacted when we saw the marijuana dispensaries scattered all over. Mom wasn’t one to use marijuana, but she tried some tinctures when her pain got to be too much. Knowing she could get the marijuana tinctures, and gummies without paying all the money for a medical marijuana ID card, she may have used it more. Las Vegas, NV was an amazing city and I’m not just talking about marijuana dispensaries and casinos. There is so much history in the city, and I was glad I went. I just wish mama had been there in person to experience everything I experienced and so I could take her into a real marijuana cafe, where we could have coffee and cupcakes, but like the cafe we visited in Atlantic City.


Dispensary Las Vegas Nevada