Winter days can be busy when the kids are home

Winter days are extremely busy for me, especially when the kids are home from school.

In Buffalo, there is a great deal of snow and ice on the roads. When we get snow storms overnight, there are often school delays and cancellations. Since I work from home, it can be difficult for me to get any work done when the kids are home from school. This week in Buffalo, the ice and snow accumulated quickly and school was canceled 2 days in a row. I had a hard time getting anything done, especially during the morning hours when the kids wanted to go outside and play. I couldn’t send them outside alone, so I had to go outside with them. When the kids and I came back into the house, I immediately turned up the temperature so the heater would come on. It got warm very quickly inside of the house. During the winter months, I have a full service maintenance tune up performed on my heating system. A properly installed and while maintained heating and AC system can help with reliability and energy efficiency. Regular maintenance also increases system longevity. I haven’t had any issues with my heating system in a long time, and one of the biggest reasons why is due to the fact that I continue to have maintenance and service appointments performed year after year. Even when the system is in good working condition, I want to keep it that way. The only way to do that is to have the system investigated by a trained and skilled professional.

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