Sometimes I Make You Sad


Women should read this,

Originally posted on myredabyss:


Sometimes, all a man has is the ability to make a woman sad. There’s something in seeing the tears roll down her face, that makes us feel some sense of worth. Maybe it’s control, or maybe we’re just impotent in love and compassion. Monsters, aren’t we all. So dumb and numb, we attack beauty in an attempt at feeling tall when really, really we’re all so small. Beneath the skin, a mess of childhood fears never far from taking over the charade of what we call living. Just boys, forever scared of the future, and the haunting terror of being rejected. And all we ever do, is slip back into our childhood. Misunderstood, our minds become corrupt. Our hearts broken by regret. Further away, each day a stained reminder of all that we’ve lost. Men, stupid little men. All bone, and so lacking in beauty. Sleepflowers, ticking down time until…

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