Epic Tourist Attractions

Historical Dream Vacation Part II: Ancient Turkish Ruins To Epic Tourist Attractions

Looking for a historical dream vacation? There´s no doubt that Turkey is one of the nations with the best ancient civilization, having two spots on my list.

Resorts I Die To Visit

Vacation Paradise: Hotels And Resorts I Die To Visit

Vacation Paradise: Hotels And Resorts I Die To Visit is a list of the best vacation destinations that is absolutely worth the money.



A clash of the ancient and modern architecture resulting an Epic HISTORICAL DREAM VACATION. I always have been very fascinated by ancient dwellings and ruins. Here I have the three best ancient ruins to hotels and resorts.

Stuff Must Haves: Amazing Furniture Designs

Bold, unique and definitely stylish furniture for the modern and retro enthusiasts. This Stuff Must Haves of Amazing Furniture Designs is worth checking out for.

“The Art Of Mixology” —Liquido Maestro Kalel Demetrio

When a dream is driven by passion, there is no reason for it not to come into reality.  Such is the case of known liquid chef, Chef Kalel Demetrio – the man behind the name Liquido Maestro (Liquid Master).  From humble beginnings, he worked his way up and be where he is now.  From a simple restaurant staff, to a bartender, to a name and status he desired now, he never forgets his humble beginning. As a liquid chef, Kalel…

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“The Best Of The Best” — REGION 10 Goes Madrid Fusion 2017

Madrid Fusion 2017, the biggest food event of the year, went into a spin as Region 10 brought in the best of the province in a variety of kakanin.  With Regional Director Marie Elaine S. Unchuan of the Department of Tourism (DOT) leading the way, Region 10 aimed to win the heart and stomach of all attendees of the event, local and foreigner alike.   With this year’s delivery of the best delicacies from the region, RD Unchuan aimed to…

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Beyond Ordinary, Chef Thomas Murillo of Wild Juan

  April is a busy month for a good number of people in the food service industry as Madrid Fusion 2017 takes place.  From April 6 – 8, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, people from near and far places come together to share their passion for food.  Part of the delegation representing Calabarzon is the chef behind the placed tagged as “definitely not your ordinary food find among the rising places at Tagaytay Ridge”; this is…

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SUMAN NG CLARIN, FEATURED FOOD ITEM AT MADRID FUSION 2017   April 6-8, 2017 was a busy day for all foodies and food entrepreneur as Madrid Fusion 2017 took place at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.  The whole place was like a hive, buzzing with activities and people. Part of the Region 10 contingent was the product from Clarin, Misamis Occidental – the various sticky rice cakes or suman ng Clarin.  Nearly all 17 flavors were displayed for…

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Icy Driveway Woes: How Much Does A Heated Driveway Cost?

Many of us enjoy the snow but definitely not the harsh snowstorm causing a slippery driveway. I mean, seriously, who enjoys shovelling a thick slush of ice every now and then? Allowing your driveway to frequently absorb snow-removal chemicals such as salt only gives it the greater chance of damage. Getting a heated driveway reduces this hassle. Homeowners who considered installing heated driveway understands the importance of walking to the car much less dangerous.The major attraction of a heated driveway…

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Lancris Residences Goes To Davao City!

Home buyers have four things in mind before they hand over a check for a downpayment. I originally hail from Davao city, but I spent roughly ten years in the north, particularly NCR. I pretty much know the buzzing environment wherein space becomes a major issue amongst the grounds of cities. Convenience, price, and accessibility are a no-brainer factors every home buyer look for.So I had the chance to see LandCris Residences more than once. When I found out that…

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strut your stripes

How To Strut Your Stripes

The stripes are always pushing forward! How to strut your stripes, even better! Just think of all the stripes of all scales,⎼ they all communicate youthful energy and modern flare. From the basic horizontal and vertical stripes to the athletic trims and, or, as just a graphic accent. All of it radiates modernity even on the classic favourites that have been revived. 

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