5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Curvaceous Woman

 Whoops! Touchy Topic,..(I know.) I am only referring to the physical and sensual advantage of dating a curvy lady.



1. You will feel her BUTT and not her PELVIC BONE. 

– As a gentleman, you hate telling your beloved lady “ooo ooff your butt bone is pushing into me again dear”. Ouch! I am sure you enjoy it more pressing those nice firm buns rather than feel a boney derrière.

2. She is literally HUGGABLE and not BREAKABLE.

– I always say this “What if your pillow isn’t warm enough to comfort you? I am a warm pillow who can hug back, I won’t break when you hug me tighter.” Of course! You won’t feel a shoulder-blade against your chin when you lock a voluptuous babe in your arms. And forgive me for saying this, you don’t want to sleep with a woman whose muscles are more rock solid than yours


3. Dresses embrace her figure, not just cover her body.

– I’ll give you an easy clue. “WRAP versus DRAPE.” Think of a cloth hung loosely on a hat hanger, almost straight up and down – this is what magazines and catwalk exhibits. Curves look very feminine. Curvaceous women have ample chest, wider hips and a thicker rear bumper that sure does a trick in your naughty mind. 

4. She is a true description of SHAPE.

– Talk about body mass, “body shape” is synonymous with the “body frame.” But I think we all know that body frame refers to the bone size and skeletal structure. Body shape refers mainly to the distribution of muscles and fat. You do the math.



5. She has curves that highlight rhythmic motions.

-Women in all shapes are seductive when they know how to dance sexy. But women with more meat can give much more emphasis to ” sultry hips articulation.”

A Health Care Service That Cares For The Budget

For most of us Filipinos, health care is outside the list of what we are working hard for. When it comes to preparing for future medical needs, most of us save money preferably in a bank account, rather than paying for a monthly healthcare membership. If offered a health care plan, we always have this subject, are the benefits worth our money? Perhaps, this matter stems from the question regarding its investment value. Then, it tenses us up being uncertain of the right health care plan to choose.

phillcare wellness pack2.JPG

Not all companies cover a jobseeker’s pre-employment medical examinations. Apparently, pre-employment medical tests have different price tags and most are not budget friendly for a jobless person. I remember a disappointing experience when I got the job offer from an employment agency to work in a 5-star hotel. I whined about the expensive pre-employment medical examination package that I apparently need to pay myself in order to proceed with the job. Good thing there’s this Smart Check-up prepaid card that only costs P499 which already covers the medical history taking, physical examination, chest x-ray, complete blood count, urinalysis, and fecalysis tests.

phillcare wellness pack best.JPG

Companies are required to provide their employees health care benefits, but there’s one situation familiar to most employees like me: figuring out what to do when you can no longer get coverage through work. This situation troubles many of us. How can we understand what health care is all about without feeling anxious about its worth of money? We really don’t have to be stuck on the cost and value issue. Simply think of the best gift you can give to yourself which is to live a productive life that will keep us functional without hurting our budget plans. We need a health care service that has the intention to make it easier for us to understand, and trust that there’s more to health care than not being sick. We don’t need to get sick to secure our future medical needs, and options are flexible, only if we put effort into finding the right health care option for our ease.

PhilCare not only cares for your physical health, they also care for your wallet’s health. To get down to the details, you can check their official website www.philcare.com.ph Top HMO provider in the Philippines.

I Fell In Love With The Little Hagimit Water Falls

GOSH! It took me months of planning to make my vacation happen and finally, after being away for more than a year I got the chance to visit my hometown again. Luckily, despite the peak season of the Christmas holidays – not to mention the crazy airfare rates, I found a friendly deal with Cebu Pacific Air for the dates of December 13th to the 15th.

(So here’s a picture of my backpacker mode.)


One of the best attractions of the Davao region is the Island Garden City of Samal, just 10 minutes away by a ferry boat service or a bus transported by a barge to cross from Davao city wharf to the island’s Ferry Terminal in Babak and Penaplata.


My dearest mother with me as my tour guide :) Love you mom!


First off, the huge sign of “PAY HERE!” The entrance fee which I find pretty cheap is what they use to maintain the cleanliness of the streams and the surrounding area. The rate for 8 years old and above is only 40 pesos or 90 cents. For 2 to 7 years old, the rate is 20 pesos or 44 cents in US currency.

hagimit6Navigating 200 steps downhill was certainly a workout! It was like a trail hike except that we were walking on concrete steps. Boy! I’m glad we ate breakfast prior that unexpected walkathon. Nevertheless, my excitement was soaring high! I really cared less that I made it there all tuckered out. It was all worth the sweat for.

hagimit4Lush trees..hagimit3And another lush trees.. (disclaimer: these two shots aren’t from the same spot, I took both pictures while walking down.)
hagimit6The walkathon on a hot sunny day sucked most of my energy, so I quickly ran to the stream and soaked my tired feet. The refreshing stream water and the trees that helped reduce the air temperature brought me back to life. I just sat on the rock and relaxed.

hagimit7C’mon! I was tired and I needed to sit.


hagimit18_convertedNature’s love. Nothing comforts my eyes more than being surrounded by lush trees and beautiful streams. I spent my two days wandering without wearing corrective lenses. It is certainly true that the eye-soothing canopy of greens remedies eye-strain.

hagimit10According to the old folks I met who are residents of the Island since the early part of the 20th century, the river has its enchantments. They shared stories of people who had encountered the environmental spirits living near the Hagimit Falls and the surrounding forest.

hagimit13_convertedThere are cottages here and small stores too. Oh! They named the resort “Mahal Forest Resort.”

hagimit9See? They have a wooden raft!IMG_0144-1-editedIsn’t that a nice view? This part of the Hagimit waterfalls is 6 feet deep, if you’re like me who can’t swim – better wear a life jacket.

hagimit_jump_kidThis is one of my favorite pictures LOL. Happy jump kid!



hagimit15_convertedMy favorite part of the Hagimit falls, just situated where the sunlight meets the aquamarine waters..



 However short the vacation was, I was able to fit the tour around the Island in just two days. I created the warmest memories by taking pictures of many beautiful tropical sceneries. I am so thrilled to share this with all my readers. My next destination? Hmm.. I’ll let you know about it.

HOTEL QUICKLY Last-Minute Hotel Booking App: A Tenderfoot Traveler’s New Best Buddy

I am not a travel pro and admittedly, I suck in planning a trip ahead. The hassle of booking online or even offline for CHEAP HOTEL rates has always been my worry. I believe every amateur traveler would be enthusiastic to discover a modern guide that can be carried in your pocket wherever your feet takes you, AND whenever you need it. Finding cheap airfare is just a piece of cake nowadays with loads of special promos and discounts etc, but what really irritates my scalps the most is the mind-bending hotel rates and availability for last minute booking. Sometimes, you won’t even get anywhere. I hate to be stuck in a situation wherein I would be on the streets for hours striving to find a nice hotel just to find out that “THERE’S NO VACANCY.” Also, I prefer to stay in a hotel near the places I want to visit. Getting paranoid about travel preparations? We all know

it isn't fair

Surprise! Surprise! Finally, I found out about this cutting edge app designed to cut the chase in the most accessible way and be straight to the point of where to go as quickly as possible. Hotel Quickly mobile app doesn’t only provide the On-The-Go advantage – it also offers bigger discounts averaging %28 or more which is way affordable and way convenient compared to other online outlets. Whether you are using iOS, Android, Blackberry and other devices Hotel Quickly app gives more freedom and flexibility.

I have here the screenshots after I downloaded the App from my StarMobile Diamond D3 Android phone. So far, I have not experienced any technical problems.

I find this feature pretty straightforward, it shows how accurate the app is for real-time availability of the hotels and its current discounted rates. However, it would be much better if the app releases the available hotels 24 hours, just in case you are on the streets past midnight.

I’ll show another set of screenshots on how easy it is to use the app. Just an FYI, Hotel Quickly handpicked only the reputable hotels, there are also details and reviews of each hotel. You wouldn’t have to worry about the service of the hotels and how the rooms look like. What even makes the app more exciting is the $30 free credit you will get automatically after you download and share it using your FB, Twitter and other social media accounts. The $30 credit is on top of the already discounted rates of each hotel. Isn’t that a very generous welcome?

You can download the App in Apple Store, Google Play Store and of course hotelquickly.com, – it’s FREE! So, if you are about to travel Asia, I would highly recommend you download this now. Whoot! whoot!

HomeSick: A Reminiscence Of My Childhood Beach

wpid-wp-1421673663047.jpegGrowing up understanding the true essence of nature, I became a beach lover despite my, inability to swim. Therefore, with such simplicity, I’d rather die in the hands of mother nature, it’s the kind of freedom I am somehow missing. The ambitious lifestyle I am currently living is just a mere superficial joy. It doesn’t have any integral role to shape how I define myself. wpid-wp-1421673423049.jpegI still appreciate the feeling of being pleased with just a simple relaxation in a hammock reading a book. Although, what I miss more is to sit on the soft sand while gazing at the bright blue sky and watch the clouds drift until the darkness takes place. I am considering giving up the high-income I earn from my current profession in the busy city of Manila for a much simpler living. Because I am starting to realize that nothing else means more to me than being close to home and far from all the stressful life of the city.


I stated on my recent post I Fell In Love With The Little Hagimit Water Falls how fascinated I am with such nature’s gift. What adds to my confidence about going back home to stay much longer is observing the vast development of Samal island and the main city of Davao Del Sur. It is much easier now to travel from the Island to Davao capital, it only takes 15 minutes by a barge. I’m just really home sick and I really hate the sadness it brings me, perhaps all of this is, simply where my heart belongs.


I enjoy spending half of my day picking dead branches and thinning them. I use it to build miniature nipa huts and handcrafted souvenirs. I also collect sea shells that I design and sell to the tourists in the Island. Various flower shops and hotels from Davao city and even from other towns purchase it for decorating purposes. I imagine it would be a great idea to stand a store near the beach resorts. What do you think?

IMG_0259I seriously miss the unmatched grilled tuna jaws and every kind of seafood. Just imagining the charred edges fragrant with that wood smoke fresh from organic grilling using firewood. A perfect pair for a good old coconut wine. Samal Island is big enough to hold several resorts, which serve flavored coconut wine. And I remember well the funny reactions of tourists trying it. Of course!! The island has civilization. There are few banks, public markets and department stores which are very accessible.

IMG_0358As I get older, I’m missing my parents more often, unlike my younger years when I was so aggressive to move away from them. Now that we are much closer and the only gap between us, is our actual distance, it gets harder. I always pray for my parents health and for them to live a long life, so that I won’t miss a chance showing them how much I love them both. My father has diabetes and although he is much better now from almost losing his life last year, he’s no longer as strong as he used to be.

IMG_0380I miss walking along the shore during the morning with my cup of hot cocoa in hand, waiting for the sunrise. And as the sun grows bigger, I observe its reflection through the gentle waves glistening clear sea water. I care less of the glare despite my depriving vision and I am more than happy to do it again when I get back. But, of course, this time I have to learn how to at least float in the water, there are so many water-sport activities I want to try.

wpid-wp-1421676180399.jpegOne of the weird ideas I completely enjoy when I was a kid is to sit on the seagrass and watch my feet from above the water. It pleases me how it changes the shape of my feet under the moving water. Sometimes, I fart in the water and let the bubbles pop! I shouldn’t feel guilty, nothing can smell it, not even some tiny sea creatures underneath the small rocks.

Did I mention Hagimit Falls? It’s one of the adventures I’m looking forward to doing again. For now, I’ll stay in the city, save enough money and make all the things I wish happen.

Vacation Paradise: Hotels And Resorts I Die To Visit

While waiting for Tropical Typhoon Glenda to stop the hell slamming galvanized irons on the streets and slapping people with her unforgiving wind, my mind was flying somewhere!! I was daydreaming of a nice vacation, “the coastline bliss.” Few hours later I found myself scrolling at the images of these epic works of architecture and mother nature’s amazing beauty.

 #5  Aenaon Villas

Situated on the edge of the Caldera, on top of Santorini, Greece. A well-known magnificent Greek Art with its volcanic Santorinian stone that looks like wedges of brown sugar topped with brilliant white icing. Imagining myself having a relaxing night drinking wine while watching the Aegean Sea as the sun kisses goodnight to the sky is certainly a spectacular experience. trendir enlisted Aenaon Villas as one of the best thought designs, combining modern and the classic Greek design, trendir house design: amazing Cycladic architecture on the edge of the CaldaraAs a hotel & resort Aenaon Villas was awarded by Fodor’s 100 hotels by fodors 2012 hotel awards for local experience: aenaon-villas  

Here’s their official website: www.aenaonvillas.gr/   

#4 Iniala Beach House

It definitely stands for its name Ultramodern Seaside Getaway Villa. Iniala beach house of Phuket, Thailand,  is an amazing piece of modern architecture that is not just a coastal home but also a luxury resort and restaurant. Known for its epitomic wave motif wall and ceiling, there’s no question why it has been featured in trendir house design ultimate ultramodern getaway villa with private restaurant as one of the most admired modern designs. Not only Trendir recognizes Iniala beach house, even the prestigious Le Miami honors Phuket Thailand’s Modern haven for “The Greatest Guest Experience award.” www.theshiftinluxury.com recognising the rebels. This place is surely one of the most memorable places to visit.as one of the most admired modern designs. Not only Trendir recognizes Iniala beach house, even the prestigious Le Miami honors Phuket Thailand’s Modern haven for “The Greatest Guest Experience award.” www.theshiftinluxury.com/recognising-the-rebels/. This place is surely one of the most memorable places to visit. Continue reading


I have always been so fascinated by ancient dwellings and ruins. I strongly believe that they shouldn’t be abandoned, instead it should be taken care, preserved and get more attention by allowing people feel it’s timeless beauty. We should be thankful to those who sacrificed their lives for building these dwellings, because they are treasures that remind us of how gifted we are as humans.


Ancient name Ammonium, historically, it is part of Ancient Libya its modern name Siwa has stood since the 10th millennia BC.  Pictures below are of  Adrere Amellal Desert Eco Resort and Siwa Shali Resort

Check out their Official website:



The province of Matera, Region of Basilicata, Italy. These cave dwellings known as “sassi de matera” (Stones of Matera) has remained beautiful since the 3rd century BC. Pictures below belong to Sant’angelo Luxury Hotel & Locanda Di San Martino Hotel and Thermae

Check out their Official websites:





The earliest record of the name of Cappadocia dates from the late 6th century BC  and it is now renowned for its timeless beauty.  Featuring Argos Luxury Hotel & Museum  Luxury Cave Hotel.  My previous post includes Cappadocia as one of the places I die to visit, if you haven’t seen that post here’s the link VACATION PARADISE: HOTELS AND RESORTS I DIE TO VISIT

Check out their Official websites:




End Of My Love Story: I Learned To Stop Carrying The Torch


I’m probably not quite lucky when it comes to finding a romantic partner. I’ve had long-term serious relationships with resentful endings. When I was in high school, I was heartbroken, confused and angry because the boy I loved broke up with me without telling the reason. A year later, it was disclosed to me that he died of brain cancer shortly after he left. Three years later I met my college sweetheart. His messed up life led him into making the wrong choices, he cheated on me until he was forced to marry the girl he impregnated. Two years came by, I had a very thoughtful and meaningful relationship with an American guy. Unfortunately, when his career went haywire, it affected his confidence in our relationship. He kept from me his problems. I desperately tried to save our relationship, but my efforts were not enough. And due to our distance, he decided to end our love story.

When I Finally Went Into Pieces

I was single for another 2 years. Then I met a tall, dark-haired Irish man with hazel eyes. Despite his intimidating demeanor, we clicked right away and became really close friends. We fell in love and managed to keep our romantic relationship healthy for two years in spite of our busy careers. It is by far the happiest relationship I’ve had, but five months after our engagement he started acting strange. His fear and confusion seemed to be splitting off from reality. Until one night, I rushed to his apartment because he called me crying, asking for help. I found him with his eyes swelling and I can see his struggle not to cry. I found empty bottles of antidepressants and doctor’s prescriptions on the table, I suddenly felt tensed and confused. With his both hands clutching his head, he burst down in tears. He looked up at me and said I am diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I am tough by nature, but his anxious appearance that night feebled me. It wasn’t because I was frightened of him, but it was because I feared to lose him. He told me how much he fears that his brain disorder will only make me suffer if we insist on keeping our relationship. I contacted his sisters who are doctors and they arrived from Ireland the following week. We bid our goodbyes at the airport, he kissed me for the last time and whispered “I love you so much.” Despite his brain disorder, I knew in my heart that his kiss and his last words were genuine. I watched the plane disappear in the clouds, but not a single tear fell from my eyes.

When I No Longer Know What Romance Is

Since then, my frame of mind about romantic relationships changed. The despair of a lost love for the 4th time and the reasons how each ended affected me so much. I became desirous of affection and desperate to flee from all the bad memories. I started looking for distractions with several expats I call my discreet playmates. Even though, I get along pretty well with each of them, I had set the no commitment rule for myself. I go hitting the bars binge drinking. Sex and more sex on and after the parties and that’s about it. I am unconcerned that I’m just bearing the brunt of my own frustrations. My deep wounds had escalated into a major distrust issue to a point that my heart became extremely guarded.

Woman_in_cell_playing_solitaire_660I won’t deny that I sometimes miss being in a serious relationship, but I don’t feel that I am ready for it yet. Will my heart ever be ready again? Maybe. I am not closing my doors and this transition is a choice that is currently working for me for reasons I find less complicated.

“The Samal Sunrise” – One Of Best Mornings To Experience

I don’t intend to appear mawkish but when you get the best moment that you have been pursuing, the moment everything around you finally makes you feel at ease. Right there and then you’re given the chance to ponder and be thankful for experiencing such a peaceful moment. Now, being an adult, I barely have the luck to experience such a wonderful time to cherish, just like this two days vacation, it was pure luck. I have planned it for a year and I almost lost hope of finding a cheap airfare for the calendar dates I wanted. Luckily, I found a really affordable airfare in spite of the busy holidays when every airline has ridiculous rates.

After I ate rice paired with my all time favorite grilled dried fish and fried egg for breakfast, I took a walk on the beach with the good old organic hot cocoa we call “tablea.” It is one of the best mornings I haven’t experienced for a while. I’ve never felt so relaxed and happy for a very, very long time. How I wish I will have more mornings like that if only I don’t need a job enough to sustain my responsibilities. I would be more than happy to exchange the life in the city to the life I used to have. But reality bites hard, after this vacation I’ll be back to the real world but at least I had the best morning that gives me the smiles. I said, “good morning, thank you” to the skies and to the sun warming up my cold cheeks. I also greeted the little creature passing by before me..There are so many beautiful places and chances mother nature and life has in store for us. All we need to do to be always thankful, keep moving forward until we bump into that “greatness” we have been wishing and working hard for.

I used the opportunity to soak my feet and sat on the fragile seagrass while the sun is starting to get bright, I just love the way it shines through the calm and clear sea waters. Even the trees are looking so beautiful

Samal Island has so much to offer for die hard beach lovers, vacationers and those who need a getaway from the stress of the BIG, BUZZLING CITY. You can check my other entry of my two days vacation in Samal Island. I Fell In Love With The Little Hagimit Water Falls. I will post another one soon.

Stuff Must Haves: Amazing Furniture Designs

I was daydreaming. I gave my materialistic side some free time out of its cage and found my fingers tapping my mouse, turning from pages to pages online. If I am a cartoon character you will see stars in my eyes as I fantasize possessing these awesome interiors with modern and weird furniture. It’s so me!!!!

First off! funkyfurnitureandstuff’s  2-in-1 leather sectional sofa not only has modern and neat design, it also has a coffee table and another multifunctional table with hidden storage. You can choose from different colors or choose from their custom-color designs.

pictures are courtesy of http://www.funkyfurnitureandstuff.com/ 

2-in-1 Design Leather Sectional with Coffee Table

2-in-1 Design Leather Sectional with Coffee Table 1





Ok let’s go a bit animalistic here, (I don’t mean merely childish hysteria.) I mean let’s show our love of animals with these unique wildlife-inspired seats! The amazing masterpieces of  Maximo Riera dropped my jaw, it’s a WOW design. His uncompromising elaborateness can be seen on the details of his work. You can check more about his designs at http://max-riera.squarespace.com/

A Hippo Sofa!

max-riera hippo

Whale Chair


A Rhino Chair

max-riera rhino

A Toad Sofa

max-riera toad 1

An Elephant Chair

max-riera elephant

The Walrus Chair


We now go for something intricate and bold :) Alessandro Mendini’s collection of truly sophisticated designs that combines both modern and classic elegant styles. It definitely provides a twist of both eras. I love these collection of NEW BAROQUE PROUST ARM CHAIRS and for sure many of you will do too! ♥  See more at http://www.magisdesign.com/ 

This white marble colored proust chair reminds me of Alice in wonderland and I don’t know why..

alessandro mendini 00jpg

This dimensional confetti inspired proust chair would surely look great to accent a room with white walls.


My favorite! Sweet and happy orange :).


I love this weird multicolored pattern, a chair like this adds a fun personality in a living room.

alessandro mendini 01

When I see this green chair it makes me think of coastal homes. Like those cliff side houses :)


This navy blue chair suits well in a country-side home like a farm house, classical and conservative


http://www.squintlimited.com/  introduces the funky designs of patchwork for your living room, It will never be boring :)! I wasn’t a fan of patchwork on furniture, but that just changed after I saw squintlimited’s collection.




I love this colorful chaise :) I can sleep here comfortably



This totally looks neat to me :)


My kind of living room, never goes boring

funky interior

Courtesy of http://www.idesignarch.com/ and http://www.houzz.com/  these automobile inspired furniture certainly has bragging rights! It all looks sporty, sexy and very artistic.

This is the AC Cobra spirit 427 custom furnishing. a very masculine collection by LA  Design Studio.

AC Cobra Spirit Collection

AC Cobra Spirit Collection1

This glamorous beetle Armchair in 2 colors are stunningly bold. The attention magnet design by Andrea Colombo and Linda Assandri suits the female car lovers. Sporty with feminine touch.



You don’t need to go outdoors to enjoy a racy moment with your lover when it can be spent indoors in your sports car inspired bed!

ViberPC 9142014 123522 PM.bmp

I want this table!!!!

ViberPC 9142014 123841 PM.bmp

Gaetano Pesce is an Italian architect and designer who has a diverse artistry and amazing retrospectives that made him famous.  His sense of style and expression of modernism showcases the epitome of organic design.  

Find out more about this awesome artist http://www.gaetanopesce.com/  and http://www.theaesthete.com/

Table Viso
Broadway chairs
Nobody’s perfect Chairs
Up chair
Up reissue Chair
Nobody’s King Chair
Pratt Chair
nobody’s queen chair
Nobody’s Perfect chair- 2002

Buy Me Something Naughty 1: Sexy Gifts For Your Girlfriend

1. “Pasties”  
– Some of us girls enjoys the comfort of being bra-less. And men definitely enjoys visualizing the natural shape of our bosom right? But of course we have to keep it covered, I find many nipple patches unpleasant to the eyes that’s why they’re only good under the shirt. It will be comical if I’m in the midst of a sexy action and surprise my man with a pair of round band-aids on my nipples. NOT COOL. But this “nippies” are hot, they look fashionable and playful. 
Where to find these? http://www.yandy.com and https://www.etsy.com

2. Confidential Condom Holders
– We girls know how to prepare, just in case :). I honestly can’t risk it if my man keeps forgetting to bring a condom. It is as much as I dislike any embarrassing surprises later of bringing condoms with me. This fashionable and discreet condom holders are not only artistic, they are surely convenient!  Just like the “JUST IN CASE® II compact” a fabulous mirror with a compartment enough to hold 2 condoms inside. And yeah the condom storing case that protects your iPhone too! Sexy and Smart, perfect gift for your girl if both of you are always on-the-go together.
Courtesy of   
http://justincaseinc.com and http://www.kyledesigns.com 

3. Droplet Necklace  
–  Simple, sleek and discreet.Why discreet? If your girlfriend is naughty she might say “aww, it’s a beautiful necklace.” but in her mind “it’s just a necklace. Lame” But wait, that little jewelry has a secret that can please her sensual side, because it’s also a vibrating nipple clamp. Yes,  you can slip the droplet under your clothing and its tiny motors will do the work. So, let your imagination do the picture-painting. ♥ 
Courtesy of  http://www.lovecrave.com/jewelry/droplet/features
4. Kama Sutra Dice Set and Kheper Games
–  Question, are you willing to admit how naughty you are? In a romantic relationship nowadays let’s face it, sex is important. But old school ordinary lovemaking can get boring, and not all of us can go as radical as bondage. There’s an erotic game of chance that you and your honey can enjoy without going way too extreme, this is intended to promote mutual fondling and make your sensual mood more exciting!  Just roll the dice and do the position with your partner. I bet this will challenge your endurance with every game. ♥
Courtesy of  http://www.giveter.com/ and  http://www.khepergames.com/

5. lingerie

No question that every girl feels sexier than ever wearing a fashionable and alluring lingerie , do I need to say more?

Hello World! Meet My Favorite Philippine Sweets!


Simplicity at its finest! Most Filipinos are wooed by the western pastries, from muffins, cupcakes, pies to fancy cakes. This time let’s introduce the Philippine sweet cuisine to those who are curious enough to take a peak on some of the Filipino confections that I believe many of the munchies from the west side of the world would surely enjoy. We Filipinos are simple so we also have simple and enticing cuisine.


Photo by: http://onrandomthoughts.weebly.com/
Photo by: http://mysimplecakes.webs.com/

original Pictures above is what we call Sapin-Sapin, it is made of glutinous rice flour that can be shaped, condensed, layered and be in different colours similar to Mochi of Japan and Tteok of Korea. There’s no wonder why there’s a resemblance, because rice is prevalent in all Asian countries and we Asians share many ethnic cultures, including the cooking methods. All Asian countries has its own excellent glutinous rice and coconut sweet course cuisine. Mochi and Tteok tastes almost the same as Sapin-Sapin, it only differs on the level of stickiness and both comes in fancier shapes and designs than Sapin-sapin. This is one of the must-try delicacies in the Philippines.


Halo Halo special
Photo by : http://renardteipelke.blogspot.com/
Photo by: http://infinitegraze.tumblr.com/
Photo by: http://turningboholano.blogspot.com/

Who could go wrong with this tropical frozen delight? The pictures above shows the Halo-halo which means in Filipino language “mixed together,” well, you can see the bunch of edible stuff smacked on top of each other in a large glass bowl or a long cocktail glass – for added tropical feel, serve it in a coconut shell! Halo-halo has a crazy concept of mixing whatever sweets from kidney beans, jello, purple yam, jackfruit strips, rice krispies, leche flan, fruits, ice cream, corn cereal flakes and whatever you can think of adding.  All of these are piled atop of or under shaved ice, then poured with evaporated milk.


Photo by: http://priyaeasyntastyrecipes.blogspot.com/
Photo by : http://www.carolinemakes.net/
Photo by: http://lasangpinoy.bugs3.com

This Asian version of  custard candy is the easiest to make among all the Filipino desserts I know, this was our school project when I was just 8 years old! Yema maybe simple because it’s just egg yolks and condensed milk, but it never fails to give Filipino kiddos the milky smile of joy :). This gooey candy is so versatile many designs of it were created and it even collaborates well with other pastries. I saw some excellently decorated yemas that look like edible gems!


ChinaPhil-2012-033 (1)
Photo Of Suman Bud-bud by: http://www.pangbahay.com


Photo by : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Budbud-Gourmet-Suman/243888325630105

   The epitome of the classic Filipino dessert, Suman comes in different types and nowadays many have made many versions of it, some fancy Filipino restaurants serves this with such artistic presentation that you wouldn’t believe a simple Suman could look expensive. They have different flavours, textures and even the way they are wrapped in banana leaves. This tasty treat could be with twirled cocoa chocolate or what we call tablea or purely tablea-based, they can also be in purple yam flavour or the original coconut with a hint of ginger. The texture depends on  the kind of Suman, they can be made with something other than rice like cassava.

Buko Pandan

Photo by: http://www.waverlycurtains.info/
buko pandan
Photo by : http://simplyannes.blogspot.com/
buko pandan (1)
Photo by : http://pinoyinoz.blogspot.com/

This definitely gives me the zing that makes my heart “whoosh” with joy! It tastes as yummy as it looks, thank you BOHOL for creating such an icy-licious dessert that completes every Filipino parties. The vibrant green colour that contrasts well with the coconut strips and milky thick juice is because of the screwpine or pandan flavoured gelatin. There are optional additions on buko pandan dessert, for pearl shakes some add rice flakes or cheese bits.

Latik (On Biko or Kalamay)


Photo by: http://www.cakechooser.com/
Photo by: http://quoteko.com/
Photo by: http://quoteko.com/

Kalamay with Latik or Biko with Latik! Anything with Latik gives the rice cake a delicious kick! My 2nd favorite after the leche flan. the pictures may look like just a simple glutinous rice cake but that shiny brown caramel topping that melts on top of the sticky rice is what makes this rice cake a stand out dessert. Latik is a coconut residue that transfigures from oil to syrup when cooked with brown sugar.  This condiment not only has a distinct sweetness it also has an inviting smell, I always beg my mom to cook this for me every time I go visit them back in my hometown :) .

Leche Flan

Photo by: http://pigpartsandbeer.com/
Photo by : http://larenigen.com/
Photo by: http://www.pinoyhapagkainan.com/

This delicacy originated in Rome but then became a much more popular recipe shared by Latin America and Spain. I consider this sweet course as the most sinful confection in the Filipino dessert cuisine. The mouthwatering, milky-licious leche flan is tough to resist, its soft and creamy texture and even its simple presentation has that inexplicable appeal. OMG! this succulent Filipino dessert melts in your mouth and will bring out the kid in you :) ( at least that’s what I feel when I eat this.) If you are wondering what separates this flan from the flans of other countries is we don’t add vanilla extract or heavy cream.


Photo by: http://angsarap.net
Photo by: http://www.ferna.com.ph/
Photo by: http://maccentenoimages.blogspot.com/

 My mother’s all time favorite, the gluey Pichi-pichi!! This sticky grated cassava comes in different shapes and in different colours too. The original recipe uses just the grated coconut meat as a coating but many Filipinos now are adding grated cheese too that gives this classic dessert a twist – just the way I like it! Yum yum!

Ginanggang Maruya

Photo by: http://blog.shuttercravings.com/
Oven cooked Ginanggang
Photo by: http://www.pinasmuna.com/
Photo by: http://blog.nickdael.com/

 The counterpart of banana cue! I personally choose ginanggang over banana cue. The difference of the two skewered cardaba bananas (besides the funny name lol) is the cooking procedure. Banana cue is deep-fried and in the process of frying, brown sugar is added for continuous mixing until the banana is coated with caramelized brown sugar. The last part is skewering the finished product in a bamboo stick  For ginanggang however, the cardaba banana is already skewered before placing it on a charcoal barbecue grill. The cooking method is barbecuing the unripe cardaba banana until the outer surface is lightly singed. When it’s cooked brush it with margarine and sprinkle it with white sugar before serving it. While Banana cue is popular in Luzon region, Ginanggang is popular in Visayan and Mindanao regions, I grew up eating this local snack back in my home town Davao City, and will remain one of the best snacks you should try :) .

Ice Candy

Photo by: http://myrecipecollection.info/
Photo by: http://melyskitchen.blogspot.com/
Photo by: http://www.tastespotting.com/

Ice candy! The idea of the existence of this ice cream substitute is satisfying the cravings for a frozen dessert without causing tears to your wallet. Ice creams aren’t cheap and not all people especially those with very limited budget would want to spend 150 philippine for a sherbet. Ice candies are easy to make and very affordable, all you need to prepare is a can of condensed milk, any type of fruits or even just the milk alone or the local chocolate TABLEA, coconut juice and sugar. Some would improvise it by using other dairy products such as all purpose cream and yogurt.

Ube Halaya

Photo by: http://www.erecipe.com/
Photo by: http://classysweetcakes.com/
Photo by: http://www.kawalingpinoy.com/

Oh yeah!Ube halaya! Who would think an ugly root crop could become a source of a toothsome treat? One or 3 spoons of this isn’t enough to satisfy your taste buds when you try this awesome purple goody. The best part is, it’s easy to make. All you need are boiled and mashed ube, condensed milk, butter, evaporated milk, vanilla extract and sugar. A good blend of these ingredients under low-heat results this delectable Filipino sweetness!

Brazo De Mercedes

Photo by: http://skiptomalou.net/
Photo by: http://barkmywords.blogspot.com/
Photo by: http://woodenspoonsandmuffintops.blogspot.com

If Spain have Brazo De Gitano, Philippines have Brazo De Mercedes, I find it strange why a swiss roll is named in Spanish when it’s not even originated in either countries. Anyway, Swiss roll is a sponge cake while brazo de mercedes is a meringue made out of egg whites baked, laid flat topped with custard filling then rolled. Just look at that fluffy white stuff with that thick chewy custard filling and you can already imagine how delicious it is!

 All these great images are not my own, so feel free to visit the websites that are indicated on each picture, they have the recipes of these delicacies. :)

A Gigantic Food Feast: The Philippine ZOMATO Restaurant Summit 2015



T6 The Digital Age

The Internet has revolutionized our way of life by making access to information easier. Now, every bit of information is literally just a click away. With the internet being an integral part of our everyday life, consumers increasingly go online to research for options before making decisions, like deciding where to eat.

With this fact in mind, food businesses are now taking advantage of what the web can do for them. Today, the food industry is investing time and effort in creating and sustaining their digital visibility to promote their services and goods online. And because these avenues have wider reach, promotion has never been easier, faster, and more effective.

According to Zomato, an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service, having websites and social media accounts allows restaurants to create more buzz in the online space.

If you are visible online, especially on Zomato, the searcher will eventually find you, out of a great number of restaurants within an area,” says Anton Ojeda, Zomato Philippines country manager. “By the time you’re shortlisted, it will just depend on the food preference of the searcher to choose you.”

Being visible in the digital space is like hitting two birds with one stone for the food industry. Ojeda adds that having digital presence does not only promote a brand, it also opens the communication line between restaurants and their patrons. “Being present in the digital space is not just about letting people know about your brand. It is about reaching out to them,” Ojeda said.

Through comments and feedbacks, restaurants are informed of how consumers find their services and food. Today, because of social media, consumers can freely say what they think about a particular restaurant, both positive and negative. Zomato found out that reviews by food bloggers as well as everyday diners play an important part when picking out a place to eat. “Filipinos have the habit of researching about a restaurant before actually eating there, and they rely on reviews they find in the Internet,” states Ojeda.

On the other hand, consumers can also give negative feedback through social media, which, as Ojeda says, restaurants take seriously. “In Zomato, restaurant owners can reply to bad reviews,” shares Ojeda. “You’d be surprised how seriously they take these reviews and how quickly they would take actions to address them. And even those with a lot of good reviews would reassess their operations after just one negative feedback from a user.”

Generally, having digital visibility plays an important part in the success of the food industry. It can either make or break the business. One just really needs to be wise enough to take advantage of its benefits, and use any negativity as a catalyst to make the venture grow.

Building a restaurant’s online presence and promoting brands in the digital age will be one of the topics in the first local Zomato Restaurant Summit to be held on May 19. The event, which has the theme Conquering the Digital Age, will bring together restaurateurs and foodies to talk about how restaurants can level up their games in the digital stage. Other topics include the evolution of Philippine restaurants and food tourism. For more information about the Summit, visit https://www.facebook.com/ZomatoSummit.


What Is Zomato?

Zomato (http://www.zomato.com/) is an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service, providing in-depth information for over one million restaurants across 22 countries. Zomato’s core content features include menus, photos, and geocoded coordinates for restaurants. It currently serves over 80 million monthly visitors globally.

Zomato was founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. The company is present in over 100 cities across India, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Indonesia, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and Qatar. Zomato recently acquired Urbanspoon, marking its entry into the United States and Australia.

Media Contact:


Media Relations, TeamAsia

0917 881 3722

“Everything Should Taste Like Bacon” – Even During Sex


If there’s one thing similar to sex and bacon…It is the fact that both are delicious…But nothing more than that, well..


We all love Bacon as much as we love Sex..But are you willing to try the bacon-flavoured condom?


And of course, a bacon-flavoured condom is much better paired with a massage oil and personal lubricant that has a hint of — AGAIN,  — BACON..


But before you begin the hot-smacking, intimate smooching session with your lovie-dovie, start first by brushing your teeth using this baconized toothpaste

Bacon toothpaste

And oh! Don’t forget the bacon-infused mouthwash, make your partner feel your breath like she/he is inhaling bacon sandwich. ( I’m not sure if it sounds enticing really.)


And yeah! To maximize the meatilicious erotic action, make sure your skin is ready to be savoured like a tasty bacon. So, SMELL LIKE BACON!


Sometimes the sex can get pretty rough to a point that you get yourself hurt from falling off the bed and having your poor knee hit the floor. Always have the initiative to bring the baconized bandages with you.

bacon bandages

The hot baconsex is over? Take a shower and wear your bacon lip balm :) —- HAPPY BACON.

bacon lip balm

Originally posted on Travelingmind2anywhere:

We all love Bacon as much as we love Sex..But are you willing to try the bacon-flavoured condom?


And of course, a bacon-flavoured condom is much better paired with a massage oil and personal lubricant that has a hint of — AGAIN,  — BACON..


But before you begin the hot-smacking, intimate smooching session with your lovie-dovie, start first by brushing your teeth using this baconized toothpaste


And oh! Don’t forget the bacon-infused mouthwash, make your partner feel your breath like she/he is inhaling bacon sandwich. ( I’m not sure if it sounds enticing really.)


And yeah! To maximize the meatilicious erotic action, make sure your skin is ready to be savoured like a tasty bacon. So, SMELL LIKE BACON!


Sometimes the sex can get pretty rough to a point that you get yourself hurt from falling off the bed and having your poor knee hit the floor. Always have the initiative…

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Food Review: A Gang Of Food At The Vikings Buffet Restaurant

A supposed buffet expedition that ran short because I didn’t get the chance to explore and take photos of the dizziful variety of food at the famous Vikings SM Mega Mall. Yes, “dizziful” isn’t in any dictionary but it suits well how wide the food range at the Vikings Buffet restaurant is. I honestly got confused about how I could even start composing a write-up for this food review because of the enormous selections of food variety. Walking through the stations (even skipped some) I gathered the dishes what I think is worth to rate.   viking meal4Japanese Cuisine:

Definitely Enjoyable! I didn’t feel satiated munching each type of fresh sushi I picked. The whitefish sushi and the salmon sushi were all so delectable. My new favorite is the sauteed octopus with seaweed. I love the semi-sweet sauce combined with the distinct flavor of seaweed and well-tenderized baby octopus. Great job with the cook who prepared it because octopus meat is one of the most challenging to cook. A simple miss can get its texture pretty rubbery. The oyster is a HIT!

viking meal3Meat Dishes:
The smoky smell, the slightly charred edges and the juiciness is just perfect. I am talking about the roasted Angus beef  that made me forget about portion control. The sinful Filipino food, the magnificent lechon’s crunchy skin and tender meat made my dinner super awesome.viking meal2Beverages:
Each beverage has more than three flavors in which I tried all of it for the sake of this review. Even those which are not for my liking still deserves a good score simply because it captured the exact flavor.viking meal1There are a few dishes that didn’t meet my expectations but doesn’t discourage me at all from going back. Vikings make the best buffet and a little inconsistency isn’t really disappointing.  I was expecting a savory Patatim but the second batch served didn’t taste as good as the first batch. Perhaps it was cooked in a hurry because it taste bland. The long life noodles was slightly overcooked but taste fine, not a wow factor but tastes fine.
The ambiance in spite of the crowd was still pretty spacious, you have enough room to enjoy your food. I am impressed by how clean the whole place is as well which is extremely important. One thing to appreciate and understand why this buffet restaurant is famous is because they are well organized. There were waiters and waitresses everywhere roaming around and clearing out all empty plates (even those with leftovers.)
Overall experience? FUN.

Food Review: Sodam Korean Restaurant’s SO-DAM Affordable Buffet

If you find yourself desiring to pig out on Korean food, you might want to try this Korean restaurant that offers a wide variety of traditional Korean dishes for a seriously affordable price. Only PHP299!!!! YES! It’s PHP299!!

Budget-friendly? Certainly!!
Food Quality? Good enough.
Friendly Staff? Yes.
Spacious Place? No, but manageable

This restaurant is often crowded, so even though they accommodate walk-ins I still suggest a call ahead for reservation. What I like about the restaurant is its simple ambiance, it may be in lack of space but comfortable enough to enjoy your food.

The food I enjoyed:

1. Bulgogi: Who doesn’t love a tender and well-seasoned bulgogi meat slices whether pork or beef that would clutch your appetite as soon as your nostrils capture its aroma?IMG_18952. Radish Soup: Love this soup! It has pork belly sliced into thin strips and then simmered in a well-infused vegetable broth. This soup is a great starter before pigging out on meaty dishes, it helps warm up your stomach.IMG_19093. Grilled Eggplant: Tender and savory; which means it was cooked well done. Not too salty and not bland either. I munched a lot of this eggplant that I forgot about the other dishes they serve.IMG_19014. Vegetable Pancake: I like how well they cooked the leafy veggies and how soft it was to bite. When it comes to texture; it was gummy in the middle and not oily which is great. However, I find it a bit sweeter and not very herby.IMG_19085. Unlimited Pork Belly: I totally enjoyed eating this crispy even when is not seasoned.

6. Dukbukki With Cheese: Gooey rice cakes in red savory sauce topped with melted cheese. Just imagine how delicious such is, even more when you taste it. IMG_19447. Savory Mussels: Just the way I described it, tells enough how mouthwatering It was. The color and the flavor matched. IMG_1897 (copy)
8. Kimchi Soup: This soup is tasty though I wish it would have been spicy and less greasy.IMG_1910The rest of the food are ok for me, considering the very budget-friendly rate of their buffet, they also serve alcoholic beverages. Additionally, Wifi service is available free of charge. Areas of improvement; they need to pay attention to the sanitation of their toilet or lavatory.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Where to find It?

331 P. Guevarra Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City
Contact Numbers?
(02) 246-9069 ext. 264
(02) 654-6428 – For reservation
Globe Number: +63 905 393 4190
Social Media?

A Lavish Empire: Planet Grapes Food, Wine And Style

The first word that popped into my memory when I stepped a foot on this classy restaurant is the word “sexy.” C’mon! What’s not sexy about lavish food and excellent choices of wine? So far, this is the most enjoyable dinner I have had this year. They offer an array of world-class wines stored in an Enomatic digital dispenser system and it was heaven! I had two or more glasses of each kind of their best seller wines. Also, I complement the wine bottle chandeliers that accents the gray and black theme of the whole interior.IMG_2068

Here are the highlights.

1. Urban Old Vines 2013: I love all the wines I drank, but this one is the best. It’s a happy drink! I am not sure if its chardonnay, all I know is I love its citrusy flavor. The other wines I enjoyed Folie a Deux Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 which has that floral essence to it, Paul Mas Sauvignon Blanc 2012 and Pircas Negras Malbec 2013. IMG_2032

2. Tinapa Dip:  Too bad I don’t have a picture of this really excellent dip. I would never have guessed it is made of smoked fish because it looks like a cream mustard. It is paired with crispy pork rinds which I believe cooked using an air fryer. The tinapa dip tastes more like a light cream cheese infused with smoked fish. Lovely!


3. Mashed Potatoes: Foodies knows this well about mashed potatoes, it is easier to get turned off than be impressed by it. This classic comfort food must be carefully prepared.  The perfect mashed potatoes have the rich herby flavor and have the creamy, fluffy texture. Otherwise, a small mistake can ruin both its taste and texture. I have tried several mashed potatoes from restaurants that are either underseasoned or dry.  The chef of Planet Grapes did an excellent job and made this just right.

4. Adobo Rice: It does not taste like monosodium glutamate, and that’s the best about their adobo rice. Such an inviting dish that made even better with adobo floss garnished on top, not only it tastes delicious, it also looks delicious.

IMG_20485. Turon Trilogy: I came from one of the world’s largest banana producers, which is why this Filipino merienda has always been present in my entire childhood. I grew up eating various versions of this native delicacy. When I tried this version of Turon, I was taken back to my childhood memories. The soft saba banana, the mild sweetness of jackfruit strips and purple yam definitely scores high.

IMG_20796. Buko Pie Bites:  The mixture of soft coconut meat and the creaminess of milk wrapped in a slightly salted thin crust dough is a perfect 10!

IMG_2015 (1)7. Organic Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs: The glossy sheen implies the savory lightly sweet glaze of a perfectly marinated pork spare ribs. I love it when the meat just falls off the bone and that just happened. It was good.

IMG_20118. Chicken Barbecue: Tender chicken meat chunks skewered with scallions which make it more aromatic, a perfect match for Cabernet Sauvignon.

IMG_20589. Crème Brulée: What’s impressive about their crème brulée is they have three flavors of it. My favorite is the one with the Durian flavor because I haven’t tried that anywhere else. They also have the banana flavor and, of course, the original version. It was an OK dessert, but the hard caramel on top seemed very little and the custard base seemed runny and watery. My impression is, it’s either chilled prior serving when supposedly, it should be just at room temperature or had too much milk.

IMG_194910: Red Hot Bopis: This dish is a combination of minced pig’s lungs, liver, heart and large intestines. Then sautéed with shallots, garlic, tomatoes, and chilies, some would add minced carrots and red bell pepper for a better flavor. This is very important, when chewing this, you should easily identify the individual flavors and texture of each internal organs. However, the Bopis served to us isn’t really close to that description. Only the liver and the heart are identifiable. Also, it does not taste peppery like it should. The minced lungs which is the most tender isn’t present from this dish either.




Areas of improvement: The high bar chairs were arranged too close to the chairs of the other table, it was difficult to move. Consider proper spacing.

Where Is This?

Ground Floor, North Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City 

Branch Contact Number: (02) 531-8207

Check Their Website! http://planetgrapes.com.ph/

Follow Their Social Media: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlanetGrapes

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlanetGrapesPH

Instagram: https://instagram.com/Planet_grapes