We found an interesting item by the river

Clear Creek flows into Denver and it is one of the best places to go fishing during the summer.

Fishing in Denver is especially fun, because there are a number of lakes and reservoirs.

There are several creeks and rivers, but they will require you to cast from the shoreline. Colorado requires a fishing license for any person over the age of 16. One of my favorite places is the Clear Creek Whitewater Park. It’s in the town of Golden, just outside of Denver. The Cherry Creek Reservoir is also another nice place to fish in the Denver area. Boating is acceptable and there are even some places on the marina that will rent boats to anglers. The weather last Saturday was especially nice. It was a warm summer day and the temperature was 80 degrees. Instead of sitting at home in the air conditioning, my friends and I decided to go to the creek to fish during the afternoon. We were at the creek for several hours before we decided to leave. As we were walking back from the creek to get to our vehicle, we noticed an interesting item by the river. My friends and I were worried and scared that it was a human being, but it turned out to be a mannequin from a department store. If someone was trying to pull a cruel and unusual prank, it certainly worked. We thought we stumbled across a body and we were all really freaked out. This Saturday afternoon, my friends and I decided to stay home in the AC.


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