Trying to cool off

I have lived in San Francisco for 15 years, and I still find fun and interesting sites that I didn’t guess existed; One of the reasons why I moved to San Francisco was work, then my boss offered me a immense promotion to open a brand new restaurant in downtown San Francisco, and at the time, I was living in a small neighborhood in the middle of nowhere, but this was my opportunity to go anywhere and I jumped on the opportunity as soon as it was offered, but i thought moving to San Francisco would be nice because of the legal cannabis laws.

I was using cannabis quarterly for medical and recreational reasons.

The task offer in San Francisco was perfect, because CA legalized recreational and medical marijuana a number of years ago, but since I moved, I have visited a number of sites. I have tried to go anywhere new each week, last Summer some friends told me about a locale about an hour North of San Francisco. It’s a freshwater river that has kayaking and canoe rentals. They also have inner tubes for rent on the river. I talked some of my friends into going with me to the river last weekend. It was a really moderate day and the perfect Summer weather for a dip in the water. Unluckyly, the river wasn’t moving swiftly. Since it was summer, the water level was low. Still, the chilly mountain water felt wonderful and it was really refreshing! Next Spring, it might be fun to visit when there is more water in the river. It will not be quite as moderate outside, but I could traverse the entire length and not just a few areas.

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