Treating arthritis with marijuana

I own and operate a landscaping company in Eugene, OR.

Every one of us handle everything from trimming shrubs, mowing sods and creating flower beds to snow removal, and i am severely hands-on. Every one of us acquire a lot of customers through word-of-mouth and quality of repair is important. I pull weeds, spread mulch, put down fertilizer, spray weed killer, run the weed whacker and drive the mower! My job requires long minutes and is especially work intensive, then over the years, I have developed complications with arthritis. My fingers frequently swell up care about saUnited Statesges. My knuckles become super painful. I struggle to make a fist or grip a tool. I am unwilling to take pharmaceuticals due to the many, harmful and long-term side-effects. I was so thankful when marijuana was finally legalized in OR… Adults 21 years of age and older, with valid identification, are allowed to walk into a dispensary and purchase cannabis. As soon as the doors of the nearby dispensary opened, I made the trip. I consulted with the budtender, explained our complications and asked for recommendations, however he suggested a combination of topicals and tinctures… The topicals are applied directly to our hands for localized relief. The cannabinoids penetrate the skin and create fast-acting effects. I look for full-spectrum, CBD-dominant salves and lotions. The tinctures are taken by way of a few drops beneath our tongue. I can also add them to foods and drinks and consume the tincture care about an edible. The CBD works to confrontation off inflammation and lessen pain, and since starting treatment with cannabis, I’ve observed a big improvement in our range of motion. I’m able to keep up with the demands of our job.

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