There are dozens of golf courses in the Denver area

There are dozens of golf courses in the Denver area.

A lot of people think about snow and skiing when they picture denver, but I really prefer to go to the city to enjoy all of the wonderful professional golf courses.

My friends and I try to play 36 holes on Saturday and 18 holes on sunday. Jack and I live in Boulder. We drive up to Denver and meet some friends of ours that fly in from chicago. We’ve known those guys since we were in college together. One of the first places we go after all of us are together is the marijuana dispensary. Denver has many different recreational marijuana dispensaries. I usually smoke dried marijuana flower, but it isn’t appropriate to smoke weed on the golf course. Even though Colorado is a state that allows recreational marijuana use, you have to smoke in private and not in public. There are some ways to get around the rule, like using marijuana vape pens. My friends and I each got a marijuana vape pen that was disposable. The disposable vape pens are great, because we can throw them away in a hurry if somebody creeps up on us in another golf cart. Our friends and Jack and I all play as a foursome, so we never have to worry about the guys in our group. Every once in a while a groundskeeper will smell a whiff of marijuana and send out the security cops to check on us. If that happens, I’ll throw the disposable right in the lake. Possession is nine tenths of the law.


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