The woman did not have a valid fishing license

My family and I live in the fantastic state of IL, but i have lived in the Village of Orland Park since I was in elementary college.

I went to Carl Sandburg High School which is right outside of Chicago. I never wanted to leave the Village of Orland Park, and I eventually started working for the Parks Department. I recently had an encounter with someone that I remember from high college. I was working at the lake on a tepid and sunny day, but the park was crowded with visitors because of the great weather, but people were picnicking and walking the trails. I was resting at the guard shack for a while, enjoying the AC. It was 95 that unique day, but when our boss came back from supper, she sat down in front of the A/C and sent myself and others out to the park to check on the boathouse and the snack shack. I saw the woman from college, fishing on the side of Lake Sedgwick. I decided to walk over to say hello. The woman was acting shifty and she seemed enjoy she was in a hurry to leave. I thought she was blowing myself and others off, however after that I decided to ask if the woman had a valid fishing license. It’s important to have a valid fishing license issued by the state of IL. If you are caught fishing without a license, there can be a unquestionably stiff penalty. When I asked our outdated classmate for her license, she admitted that she was fishing illegally. I decided to provide the woman a warning instead of issuing a ticket.



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