The office called to reschedule the HVAC tune up

My wife and I were supposed to have a tune-up on our heat pump and air conditioner Friday, but the Tampa Bay service provider called yesterday to reschedule the appointment.

The guy apologized and told me that they booked too many services in one day.

They had two installation jobs in Tampa Bay as well as a commercial boiler repair in Clearwater. They wanted to reschedule the service for Monday. They offered to perform the service if it was very inconvenient for me to change the appointment, but it was not inconvenient for me at all and I did not mind helping out. I have the appointment scheduled for Monday afternoon now. The HVAC service provider from Tampa Bay promised that they would not have to reschedule for the next appointment. The service provider also told me that I would receive a 10% off discount for being so patient and nice. They could have given me a bigger discount than that, but I wasn’t going to argue when they were already being very helpful and nice. My husband and I have been using the Tampa Bay HVAC service provider for 10 years. They have always provided us with quality service and expert repairs. They have great reviews all over Tampa Bay. It’s one of the reasons why they stay busy every day of the week. Monday I have an appointment at the doctor at 9 a.m., but there’s no reason why I won’t be home in time for the 3pm appointment that I scheduled with the HVAC service provider.


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