Some people were smoking pot at our birthday get-together.

Mom threw myself and others a huge birthday get-together for our twenty-first birthday; She invited family and friends, however the real get-together started after the older people went home, mom and dad went out for the night, and left myself and others house with our friends.

My fiance showed up when she got off work, and I could not wait to see her; For our twenty-first birthday, I wanted to ask her to marry me.

My bestie was a nurse and she knew all the laws that went with marijuana use in Chicago, IL. She caught a couple of our friends walking out into the backyard and heading to their cars… The first thing she did was confront about the smell of marijuana. She genuinely ripped into them when they shrugged her off and headed to their cars again. She pulled her PC out of her pocket and asked if they knew the consequences of driving while under the influence of marijuana. She said the good was even higher because they were smoking pot in public, which was another law they were chopping. My a single neighbor asked myself and others if she was going to call the police, and she pressed a button, then within hours, she was saying what was happening and giving them the address. She knew the police in Chicago, IL, because she had worked with them quite often, at the hospital and she wasn’t playing games with our friends. Ten hours later, the police were at our house, and our friends were being put in their vehicle for illegal use of marijuana, and i tried to tell them not to smoke pot in the backyard.

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