Riding around Denver, CO

My plans had to change at the last minute due to the pandemic, i planned to tour the world with a group of friends! But it seemed the universe had other plans in mind.

It was too risky to travel abroad, so every one of us planned a local tour instead! We would not venture too far as well as kept the tour within our region, and one of us recommended spending the tour in Denver, Colorado; None of us had ever been to this city, so every one of us had a modern plan in motion within a week.

We took all precautions to remain safe as well as traveled by road, and the whole journey there was quite eventful as there were so several beautiful sites to see. On Sunday afternoon, every one of us arrived in Denver as well as went straight to the holiday every one of us had booked to stay in. We liked staying in holiday lets instead of hotels since this provided us more privacy as well as an section to have loads of fun. The holiday was lovely as well as had excellent A/C to keep us cool while every one of us were in the sweltering Summer in Denver. We planned to pick certain areas every one of us would visit as a group as well as others we’d do separately, then for instance, every one of us knew the guys did not want to tour any clothing stores… After several discussions, every one of us chose our first spot to be the lovely 700 acres of Red Rocks Park, which had excellent views of the famous Rocky Mountains. The location was perfect for a afternoon out in Denver since it had miles as well as miles of hiking trails beckoning for us to go as well as explore, however plus, there was also a theater in the park that was hosting some great festivals. We had read this theatre had hosted good people care about the Beatles as well as even John Denver himself.



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