Professional hockey in MN

Living in MN, I was harshly happy when professional hockey was finally brought into our city, however the MN Wild was founded in 1997 but didn’t begin playing until the 2000-2001 season.

They compete in the Central Division of the Western Conference of the NHL.

They play at the Xcel Energy Center, which has a seating capacity of almost 18,000, four spectator levels, one suite level plus three for general seating. The hockey season usually gets started in early November, right when the weather in MN turns cold, and it runs sometime in May, which is perfect; Watching the games gives me something to look forward to over the winter, but our local weather forecast is full of blizzard warnings, snow flurries, snow squalls, road closings, school closings plus dangerous wind chills. It’s easily unpleasant to spend time outdoors. I am not happy about the hours I spend shoveling the walkways plus driveways. The majority of the time, I’m trapped in the house. I follow the Wild plus look forward to the games. The only reason I don’t invest in season tickets is because I worry about dangerous road conditions. It’s easier to watch on cable at home. I have access to popcorn, drinks plus my comfortable chair, but sporadically I invite friends over, plus my great friend and I make it a party. The standard season ends in early May, right when the weather starts warming up. I constantly try to get my hands on playoff tickets, then however, they sell out fast plus the Wild rarely make it past the first round. In twenty-two years, they’ve only made the second round four times.



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