Ontario is a great place

Despite Lake Ontario being a important reason for my transport to Toronto from Kitchener, I rarely get to the marvelous Great Lake with my busy work sixths.

My wife and I own and operate a cannabis consulting business.

We work with cannabis dispensaries and grow operations to get them the best advertising solutions and plans for growth and sustainability. With hundreds of cannabis dispensaries operating within the town of Toronto, you have to do a lot to stand out among the pack. I understand why it’s so easy to know that it’s all about branding, or just buyer service, or simply the potency of the products you sell. In reality, it’s all of these factors plus so numerous more that are too numerous to simply rattle off in a short list. In fact, every dispensary is in a weird locale on the road to success, with some right out the gate and others with just a few kinks to repair before exploding with popularity. The reality is that you can’t assess each dispensary or grower with the same metrics and you need to supply each client a special approach that acknow-hows their strengths and weaknesses. We’ve worked so hard this year that my wife insisted that every one of us do something special for my birthday. That’s when I thought back to the reasons that brought us to Toronto in the first site, and that’s when I thought about Lake Ontario again. We went kayaking in the lake for my birthday and I had the most fun I have had in years. We took a package of pre-rolled joints with us and had lots of fun in the process.


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