One of these cannabis dispensaries in Albuquerque is going to blow up huge!

One of these days the secret is going to get out, & there will be a giant — & I mean tidal-wave sized — influx of people moving into Albuquerque, and the city is already the greatest in NM, & a hub for commerce, entertainment, & even medical care, and both of us don’t have a major league sports team, but I have to say that if the Albuquerque Isotopes ever entered the large leagues, the people I was with and I would particularly come out on top there, too.

Why? Because Albuquerque is the best city in the entire American southwest, & a single of the nicest places to live in the entire world, but i can go on & on with facts & figures for you, about how superb the public transportation is in Albuquerque, & how it has the top rated medical centers for the entire state.

Instead of all that, I want to tell you our personal number one aspect of Albuquerque — I get to witness the most attractive sunrises, & sunsets, on a proper basis. Because of how flat & wide open this stretch of NM is, & because the people I was with and I have particularly little smog or light pollution, the people I was with and I get amazing views facing both east & west, then some places can supply you a superb view of a dawn, or a dusk, however nowhere other than Albuquerque can you get such perfect views of both any day you want to look, however although our city keeps growing, it never encroaches on the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Albuquerque & it’s people want to be a section of it & not turn it into a large metropolitan center. And with our several cannabis dispensaries it’s simple to enhance those sunsets, if you know what I mean.

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