My shirt wasn’t foul or off colored, although I did smell care about weed

My sibling invited myself and others to see my nephew perform in a play at the elementary university! I told my sibling that I would have to meet her at the university, because I had to work at the Denver marijuana delivery repair until 3:00 p.m..

I was trying to get my boss to let myself and others leave the Denver dispensary early.

When I arrived at the university, the show was about 10 minutes from starting. I texted my sibling to let her think that I was looking for a parking spot and then I was on my way into the building, however thankfully, she had saved myself and others a seat. The parking lot was filled with cars and I knew that meant that the auditorium was also going to be filled with people. I found a parking spot near the north east side of the university campus. I walked over to the entrance of the auditorium, then one of the professors stopped myself and others and asked myself and others why I was there. I thought it was a strange question given the fact that there was a university play happening at the same time. I told the woman that I was there to see my nephew perform in the play and I told her his name, but she really did not want to let myself and others inside of the building… At first she tried to say that I could not come into the building because my shirt had the word marijuana on it. I put my jacket on and I told her everything was better. Then she tried to say that I smelled care about marijuana and I must have it on my person. I had to get my sibling to come outside before the lady would let myself and others answer the building.


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