My boyfriend lives in Seattle and I go to school in Tacoma

Seattle and Tacoma are two of the largest cities in the state of Washington.

I think Washington is one of the prettiest States in the entire Union and I have visited a number of different places.

My dad was in the Army and we moved all over the place when I was a kid. I attended 15 different schools during my 12 years of Professional schooling. When we finally settled down in Tacoma, I was really happy. I finished high school in Tacoma and applied to go to the University of Washington. When I finished my four-year degree, I came back home and started working at a marijuana dispensary in Seattle. My degree is in marketing and advertising and I work as the marketing consultant for the marijuana dispensary. Working at a pot shop is super fun and really interesting. A couple of months ago, I put a profile on an online dating website. I received a response from a guy that lives in Seattle. Seattle and Tacoma are only about 45 minutes away from each other, but it’s a long drive on the weekend when the roads are covered with traffic. Last month I was driving to my boyfriend’s place in Seattle and I was in a car accident. I was getting off the freeway at the exit right before my boyfriend’s apartment. I decided to slow down and stop at the yellow light. The guy behind me slammed into the back of my car. He tried to blame me for the accident, but the light was yellow and slowing down was appropriate. The police officer agreed and issued the other driver a ticket.


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