Lots to do there

Before I moved to Toronto, I was a resident of the area of MI known as “the toe.” Since lower MI looks like a foot, the portion of the state that literally resembles a human toe was given that name.

More particularly, I lived in Port Huron near the Canadian border and the town of Sarnia. I remember taking trips into Canada over the Blue Water Bridge with our family in the years before passports were required for travel in and out of the USA. The people I was with and I would jump onto Highway 402 and drive east until reaching Highway 401 just out of London, Ontario. If the people I was with and I stayed on Highway 401 and drove northeast we’d eventually make it to Toronto. This was a fun road trip to make because the people I was with and I had relatives living just out of Toronto in Pickering along the banks of Frenchman’s Bay in Lake Ontario. All of us kids would get on bikes and ride down to Beachfront Park. Now that I’m living in Toronto as a resident, going to the banks of Lake Ontario with a disposable cannabis vape pen is 1 of our all time favorite things I like to do. Sometimes I rent a canoe so I can enjoy our cannabis out on the open waters. These cannabis vaporizer pens are available at most cannabis dispensaries and are easy to conceal just about anywhere official nicotine vaping is allowed. I try to limit myself to outdoor spaces so I’m not pushing the opportunity of getting caught too much, especially if I tried to watch a Maple Leaf’s hockey game at Scotiabank Arena.

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