I’m glad I met this guy named Jack

My friend Jack is a little dangerous and crazy.

I met the guy when he was spray painting a bridge.

I like his personality a lot. He is very funny and interesting. Jack has lived in San Francisco, California his whole life, but I recently moved to the area with my mom. My mom was hired to head up one of the art departments at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I wasn’t particularly happy about moving to San Francisco, because I had to leave all of my family and friends in Colorado. I met Jack a couple of days after I moved to the city. One day Jack swiped his big brother’s identification card. We went to a recreational marijuana dispensary on the other side of town and Jack tried to get cannabis from the shop. I absolutely didn’t think his plan would work, so I was surprised when Jack walked out of the cannabis shop with a bag in his hand. After we left the dispensary, we went back to my house and sat in the backyard with a marijuana joint. My mom didn’t get home from the Museum of Modern Art until several hours later. By the time my mom came home from work, I was passed out on the couch in the living room. My mom thought I was sick and I didn’t tell her that I had been smoking marijuana all day. I knew she wouldn’t understand or agree with the decision. She doesn’t believe that marijuana has any importance to the community whether for recreational or medical reasons.


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