I got ticketed for smoking weed which was weird because it's legal

My friends and I were too stupid without our cananbis use in college.

I used to roll fat blunts and smoke them on the balcony of my dorm room in my freshman year of college. All it would have taken was a single campus police officer to walk by at that exact instance. On top of it all, every one of us were living in a state that was not at all friendly towards cannabis use. This state now has medical marijuana, however you can get charged with a DUI simply for having your products in their same containers if the cop who pulls you over for a broken tail light is on a power trip that day. Thankfully I left that state after college and was lucky to find a task in Ypsilanti. My friends all live in Ann Arbor, however since my modern home is on N Huron River Dr, it doesn’t take myself and others really long to get from my place to theirs. Often every one of us will meet up in Gallup Park to smoke a blunt or a joint. Gallup Park is particularly gorgeous in the early Fall as the leaves are changing colors and the ducks gather along the surfaces of the Huron River. However, you need to be careful smoking cannabis in public, even though Ann Arbor decriminalized it decades ago. I was recently ticketed by an Ann Arbor City Police Officer for smoking a joint in Gallup Park with my neighbor on a random afternoon. I should recognize lucky the cop didn’t arrest me, because that’s what would have happened in several other cities in this country. We’re easily lucky to have such loose laws surrounding cannabis enforcement in both Ann Arbor and Michigan at large.

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