I got a job working in Melbourne for the summer

Last summer, I found a part-time job working in Melbourne at a youth swimming and Aquatic Center.

I had to drive from Cocoa to Melbourne everyday, but my car gets excellent gas mileage and the AC heat works well. I didn’t mind the short drive at all. It was very difficult to work outside all summer, because I didn’t have any air conditioning at all. It was close to 100 degrees every single day in Cocoa, Florida. When I was finished at the Aquatic Center at the end of the day, all I wanted to do was go back to my apartment and sit in front of the air conditioner. After being in the sun all day, I was ready for a rest and a break. I work all summer at the Aquatic Center and I met a really nice girl while I was working. Sarah was another employee at the Aquatic Center. She worked at the snack bar. She had a great personality and an even better smile. I wanted to ask Sarah out for dinner and a movie, but she had a boyfriend when we started working together. After she broke up with her boyfriend. I didn’t waste any time. I asked Sarah out for dinner and we went to a cafe by the beach. The weather was cool and comfortable, so we didn’t mind sitting outside on the patio where there was no air conditioning. We talked for several hours and the time really flew by quickly. Sarah and I had a lot in common. The conversation flowed as easily as the glasses of wine that we consumed.
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