I drove from Jax to Miami with no AC

My friends plus I scored tickets to see our number one rock plus roll band, however the rock plus roll band was playing in Jacksonville, but my friend and I lived in West Palm Beach at that time, but it was going to be a 4 hour drive from our location to the location in Jacksonville where the concert was situated! My friends agreed to split the cost of gas if my friend and I would take my car.

My motorcar was actually in the best shape mechanically, or at least I thought it was.

The drive all the way to Jacksonville was pleasant. My friends plus I listened to music plus my friend and I stopped for fast food halfway up the coast. My associate and I even talked about stopping at the beach on the way back. My associate and I stayed in a hotel that evening in Jacksonville after the concert was over. My associate and I found a cheap location off the interstate. It was in a CD area, but it was only $60 a evening. My friends plus I got up early the next morning so my friend and I could drive home before the uneven temperatures were too tepid plus humid. On the way home from Jacksonville, the AC in my motorcar stopped working. The air was blowing cold plus then it started getting warmer plus warmer until the air coming out of the HVAC duct was hot. I did not want to overheat the cars, so I shut off the AC. My friends plus I did not want to get stuck on the side of the road, so my friend and I decided to drive the rest of the way back to our location without the AC running. My associate and I rolled down the windows plus made it all the way home.



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