Growing weed can be lots of fun

The City of Albuquerque does not want to allow people to grow marijuana plants.

Since there are a number of dispensaries within City Limits, the question seems to be put off every time there is discussion about multiple marijuana Farms.

One of the biggest problems is the fact that Albuquerque had Farms on the outlying areas. These farms grow marijuana as well as other cannabis items. When the farmers in Albuquerque have no reason to grow marijuana, all of the business will change. I am one of those people in the people I was with an addition to myself and that we will lose all of the money we have been making it know a single chooses to purchase our crops. The people I was with in addition to myself love growing marijuana in addition to it has been in our family for a few years. My grandmother has been using medical weed for a very long time and she would grow her own plans except it is difficult to do so. Even though the people I was with in addition to myself enjoy growing marijuana, it is consistently the type of problem that leads to a sale. There are reasons that farmers want to grow marijuana in Albuquerque. Many of them consistently feel much like my grandmother who wants to enjoy marijuana but does not want to drive two hours into the city. Even though Albuquerque has changed the laws and no New Mexico is a legal Rec state, that doesn’t mean that all of the laws are going to be the same as other places around the country.


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