Enjoying my weekend

Even before moving to the Los Angeles area, I was official with hiking in mountainous state parks.

For a single, I grew up in northwest ArKS in the Ozark Mountains plus frequented the Ozark National Forest.

My folks were raised in Russellville but moved to Dover after they finished school. This is a appealing locale to be raised in the southern midwest, especially considering my other family members that lived down the Mississippi delta did not have nearly as nice of an environment to be raised in. They were always impressed by the hilly countryside of the Ozarks because southeastern ArKS is flat plus full of farm lands. I figured that I would stay in the Ozarks forever, but it was my husband—then my college guy—who dragged me to southern CA with him after the people I was with and I finished graduate school in Little Rock. I was instantly impressed by the skyline plus landscape of both the Los Angeles metropolitan section plus the San Fernando Valley in particular. Just like the Ozarks, Los Angeles is littered with the Santa Monica Mountains on a single end plus the San Gabriel Mountain Range on the other end. Every one of us lived in a number of different locales in this section before settling in the Tarzana village on the edge of Encino. We’re both avid cannabis users plus like the crucial number of marijuana dispensaries within a few miles of our beach house in Tarzana. Thankfully the recreational cannabis taxes aren’t nearly as high in Tarzana as they are in locales like West Hollywood plus Oakland, but Los Angeles County isn’t exactly a haven for low cannabis tax rates, regardless of which village you reside in.


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