Another minute and I would have been okay

One of the best reasons to live in California is the recreational cannabis laws; Cannabis has been legalized for recreational and medical use and it has been that way for several years! Legal recreational cannabis is a single of the reasons why I decided to transfer to California in the first venue, then i was spending a luck on medical cannabis and the several minute transfer to San Francisco split my utility bills in half.

I wouldn’t be able to save much money residing in such an extravagant city, but my dad has an apartment in San Francisco and he lets myself and others live there for free, then he has the apartment for times when he has to work on the west coast, then sometimes he stays for a week or a month.

I never guess when he is going to be in town, so it can be inconvenient. Still, I could not afford to live in San Francisco if I had to pay for my own apartment, one of the women at my task has a studio apartment and she pays over a grand every month for 350sqft. I found a task as soon as I moved to the city. I applied for several tasks, but I decided to take a task at a cannabis shop! They were looking for a delivery driver, but I did not guess the roads well enough. The supervisor liked my enthusiasm and my expertise on medical and recreational marijuana so she provided myself and others a task working inside the dispensary. I receive just enough currency to pay for my groceries and spending money and I get 50% off all the weed supplies I want to buy.

Weed Delivery San Fransisco CA