When I met my wife she lived in Denver

I was on a weekend ski trip to Denver when I met my future wife.

Jesse was working at one of the local diners, waiting tables to pay her way through night school.

I was taken with her beauty, and thanks to being pretty stoned at the time, I took the chance to ask her out. Ordinarily I would have been too intimidated, but cannabis gave me the courage! I’m glad it did, because later that night we had what I consider to be the best date of my life. After that I would drive back to Denver once or twice a month just to see Jesse. I was afraid to rush things, but the long distance relationship was wearing thin, so I asked Jesse if she would move in with me. She said no, because she didn’t want to leave Denver. However, if I was willing to move to Denver I could move in with her. As you might imagine, this was a terrifying prospect! I decided to take the plunge. I moved to Denver and found a job as the day manager at a local cannabis dispensary. One of three cannabis dispensaries on the same street, no less! Cannabis is big business in Denver, so while this is not the job I always dreamed of, it’s not too shabby. Of course the job doesn’t matter too much, because the whole reason I moved to Denver was for Jesse, and I have been loving my new life with her! I am glad I took a chance and moved to Denver.

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