We took a day for a hot air balloon ride over Phoenix.

Last year, my family and I took our annual Christmas trip in Phoenix, AZ, my parents moved there when Mom developed asthma! The healthcare worker told him the dry weather in Phoenix would be perfect for his asthma and mom’s drastic arthritis, and when they told me the average temperature in Phoenix during the Summer was well over 100 degrees, my pal and I opted not to go there during the summer.

My great friend and I suffocated when it was 85 degrees at our house.

Mom said it’s a peculiar kind of heat because there is no humidity, but I wasn’t buying it… I would be holed up in the dwelling with the a/c the entire time I was there. I promised mom and Mom my pal and I would be there for Christmas. For their Christmas present, mom and Mom planned a afternoon hot air balloon ride over Phoenix, for the family. My son and kid were excited. The balloon ride provided a champagne lunch after the trip, and before the trip, they got to watch the balloon being inflated, and prepared for the trip. It was only fifty degrees when my pal and I boarded the balloon, and nearing seventy when my pal and I headed for lunch. I was surprised how charming the Phoenix, AZ section looked from 5000 feet up. When my pal and I got back to the house, the furnace was running and it shocked me. I thought it was too moderate to have the heat on, but after eight months of 85 to 110 degree weather, I feel sixty-five to seventy-five was cold. Most of the holiday was spent seeing Christmas lights around Phoenix, but even separate from the snow, my pal and I had an amazing time going to see mom and Mom.


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