The dispensary has very good deals on edibles

Before my friends and I decided to go out to the desert for a day of hiking, we stopped at a marijuana dispensary near me. The marijuana dispensary near me has cheaper prices than the places in Las Vegas. We have to drive through Las Vegas to get to the area where we were hiking. The drive takes about 3 hours. I didn’t want to spend all 3 hours without any marijuana products, so I said we should stop at the marijuana dispensary near me. The place was having a 20% off all edibles special that day. One of my friends bought edibles, but they don’t really help me much at all. I usually smoke a marijuana joint or blunt. The dispensary near me had a lot of different marijuana pre-rolls. They even had a couple of multi packs. One multi pack included five infused free rolls. They were only a half gram each, but they really looked interesting. I bought a pack of the five infused pre-rolls as well as a three pack of sativa blunts. My friends and I had a bag full of goodies as we traveled through Las Vegas to the desert where we planned to spend the day hiking. By the time we arrived, we were ready to smoke a joint. I smoked one of the sativa blunts. It had a good flavor, but it kept going out. I tried one of the other pre-rolls when we took a break for lunch. It was one of the infused pre-rolls and it turned out to be much better than the other one.


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