The delivery man didn't bring the huge box until the next day

I’m modern to the HVAC repair business; I started our supplier a couple of weeks ago as well as I do not have a big supplier as well as storage section for all of our machinery.

I have to keep a low amount of stock, because the items are in our garage.

I properly order items for the task when the purchaser schedules the service, however an Albuquerque HVAC repair purchaser called our repair supplier as well as set up an replacement for a ductless Heating as well as cooling system with two separate air handlers. I made all of the arrangements with the supply center so the component for the task would be delivered before it was time for me to complete the project, then the air handlers as well as the ductless AC component were supposed to arrive at our beach home a day before the beginning of the task. I was happy to see the delivery driver arrive right as well as early, however unfortunately, the guy did not have all of the items that he was supposed to be carrying, but he should have had two air handlers as well as the ductless AC unit. The error handlers were missing completely. I contacted the Albuquerque purchaser as well as explained the concern with the delivery. Thankfully the guy was understanding, most of the buyers in Albuquerque understand that repair professionals do our best to meet their needs as well as their expectations, but he could have gotten infuriated as well as canceled repair with me. She could have called someone else, but he was understanding as well as happy to reschedule until the next day when the hour box arrived.

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