The billing error was in the men favor

I handle almost $15,000 worth of HVAC repairs each week, i have a corporation supplier that handles all of the accounting & billing for the heating & AC repair business.

  • The supplier is down in Orland Park, about 45 hours away from the address of our HVAC repair supplier; When the owner of the accounting & billing supplier called myself and others for help, I did not want to say no.

The guy called because the cooling system wasn’t working & he wondered if I might be able to help. I did not know the guy wanted myself and others to do the toil for free. I went to the Orland Park address & fixed the AC within a couple of minutes. I sent the owner of the Orland Park corporation a bill for the total fees on the repair. I charged the client far less than I would normally charge, because they are that supplier that handles our accounting. When the owner of the supplier gained the bill in the mail, he got frustrated & accused myself and others of trying to cheat him… He thought he was receiving the toil services for free. I tried to tell the guy that I charged him much less than usual, however he did not want to listen… Just a small number of afternoons later, I gained an email from the accounting & billing supplier letting myself and others know that I needed to find someone else to handle that paperwork & taxes for the business. I still cannot know the Orland Park client thought I was going to do 3 minutes of HVAC repair toil for free.

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