The hotel in Orland park was priced well

I am sure it is a story that both of us will be telling in 50 years, but both of us were both embarrassed by the whole debacle plus our wifey wanted to turn around plus go home

My wifey wanted to see some friends who were staying in the city, but i thought that both of us could make the two plus a half hour drive plus then come apartment at the end of the morning, however my wifey wanted to get a hotel room. At first she said that both of us should stay in chicago. I knew that the cost of a hotel was going to be absolutely high. I went online to look at hotel prices plus other locales that were halfway between our apartment plus the endpoint. I found many hotels in Orland park, IL. Orland Park was about halfway between the two locales plus they have many weird hotels available. My wifey agreed to a cheaper hotel in Orland Park, and both of us inspected into our hotel before both of us met with her friends. Both of us drove the rest of the way to our endpoint. On our way, the cooling system in the car stopped working. I was totally shocked plus surprised. I did not anticipate having complications with the cooling system. By the time both of us arrived, our shirt was drenched with sweat plus our wifey had frizzy hair. I am sure it is a story that both of us will be telling in 50 years, but both of us were both embarrassed by the whole debacle plus our wifey wanted to turn around plus go home. I would not let her call plus disappoint her friends with an excuse… They were only in the neighborhood for a few mornings plus our wifey had made plans with them many weeks in advance. They were all happy to celebration plus see each other.

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I did not find the road

My whole family moved to the Bay Area and I was stuck with a decision.

I had to move with our family or find a site of our own.

I was 22 years old and not ready to be on our own. I told our Dad and dad that I planned to go with them… They seemed fine with that idea, until the people I was with and I arrived in San Francisco! Since the people I was with and I arrived in the city, our dad has done nothing but hound myself and others to get a job. I applied everywhere and the only site that gave myself and others a call back was a marijuana dispensary. They were looking for a delivery driver. I told the San Francisco marijuana dispensary director that I had just moved to the city. She asked myself and others if I could use the app on our iphone to find an address. I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not. It was hard to tell, because I had an interview over the iphone. The lady told myself and others that she would hire myself and others that day if I wanted to labor as a delivery driver. I needed a job and money, so I said yes. It’s been easily hard laboring as a delivery driver in a town that I don’t know, then half the time I can’t find the roads someplace on the map. I always find myself lost and standing on the side of the road. I am not easily sure if I am making money or not, and with the price of gas in sanely hi, I feel like I am putting more into our tank than I am into our pocket.

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Both of us saw a marijuana store right there

My spouse wanted to go to Las Vegas for a long time.

Both of us live on the east coast, so it’s not exactly accessible for us, then it is a plane ride and quite a bit of money. It costs a lot to fly to Las Vegas and then you have to factor the hotel expenses in as well, then after there were restrictions for covid, no 1 was writing on the airplanes, and my spouse and I decided to go to Las Vegas for the first time. Both of us got a wonderful deal at a hotel in the town and the tickets for our flight were genuinely adequate as well. My spouse and I were genuinely surprised by some of the things that every one of us saw when every one of us went to the Las Vegas strip, but one of the most shocking things was the amount of marijuana dispensaries. It seemed appreciate there was a marijuana dispensary on every block of the town and every single street corner. If it wasn’t a marijuana dispensary, then it was a steakhouse, bar, or tourist attractions. I do not guess what I was expecting when every one of us went to vegas, although I know it was honestly something more than every one of us experienced. My spouse seemed to have a wonderful time… She gambled a lot and sat downstairs while I was upstairs in the lounge. I absolutely did not mind seeing pigskin and other activitys while she gambled. I had the pick to bet on a couple of games too, although I could have done that from home. I would go back, however only if someone else was paying for our trip.

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They want to work here

My boss promoted me a couple of weeks ago.

  • I got the task managing the cannabis shop downtown in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I had to transfer for the task, that’s why it took a couple of weeks for me to arrive. The task came with a hefty salary, benefits, vacation afternoons, and a retirement package, but my parents live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so I moved in with them for a short time. I will eventually find a place of my own to rent. I actually didn’t guess what shape the Ann Arbor, Michigan cannabis dispensary would be in when I arrived. I found out that many employees were fired when the last manager was let go. There must have been a reason why all the people left at the same time. I had to find a couple of applicants to labor at the marijuana dispensary and I had to find them quick. The store was open for business and the assistant manager was barely keeping up, and she had also been promoted and was previously a floor clerk. She entirely didn’t guess the first thing about being the assistant manager! Both of us were way over our heads, but I promised her that the two of us would figure out a way to make everything labor if she trusted me and worked hard. The first thing I did was look for some applicants to put on the schedule. I needed to find applicants that had some experience in the marijuana industry, but with everything happening at once, I entirely didn’t have time to train someone on the odd types of marijuana. I needed a few applicants that could hit the ground running.
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Seattle is an intelligent area

Living in Seattle makes me guess dumb somtimes.

Did you guess this is the most highly-educated village in the country? It seems enjoy all the people I guess has a degree except for me, however i graduated high college & never considered stepping foot back inside a classroom, then now that I am older I can see the wisdom in going to college to get an advanced education, however it’s too late.

I labor in 1 of the numerous enjoyable cannabis dispensaries every one of us have in Seattle, & I guess I’m the only guy on staff that doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree or higher. It can be intimidating living in Seattle, because I guess whenever a promotion comes available at labor it most entirely won’t be given to me. I have a high college diploma & nothing further, so I suspect that a lowly task in a cannabis dispensary will be the best I can do for myself around here. I could always go back to college & get a college degree, because Seattle is well known for its educational institutions… Public & private colleges, community colleges, grad college, & specialized programs, Seattle WA has something for all the people… Except me, of course. I don’t enjoy college, I enjoy laboring in the cannabis dispensary & then playing video games after work. I prefer going to see the Seattle sports franchises whenever possible, & I prefer the music scene, and that’s not even to mention the fact that Seattle has the finest cannabis strains I’ve ever tasted, then seattle is an amazing locale to live, even for a dumb guy enjoy me.

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Famous writers from Denver

I thought there would be more of a songs scene here in Denver, but there isn’t.

  • A lot of clubs and bars have open mic evenings, or hire local songsians; The greatest rock concerts always put this town on their annual tours; But there is not a lot of home-grown songs here to support a subculture.

This makes it much odd than other venues I have lived, like Seattle, and Portland, but on the other hand maybe that means Denver is wide open for me to conquer! I’m being dramatic, of course, I don’t want to “conquer” Denver, even though I would like to leave our mark on the songs scene. A lot of good songsians of the past have come from Denver, and maybe I will be the next to join that esteemed list. The legendary band leader Glenn Miller hails from nearby Denver, and they don’t get bigger than him! One of our personal heroes from all of songs history comes from Denver, his name is Philip Bailey best known as a area of Earth, Wind, and Fire, can you imagine hearing those guys the first time they played shows in Denver? That is the sort of songsal history I want to leave behind! More recently a man named Nathaniel Rateliff became a sensation, and he comes from Denver, too! Much to our surprise, the famous singer John Denver has nothing to do with the town of Denver, he just used the name because he liked it better than his birth name of John Deutchendorf, and i can’t say that I blame him!

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Denver life

I don’t mean numerous dispensaries, I mean the headquarters for numerous major corporations, are all based near Denver.

I labor as a quality control consultant for a unquestionably prominent chain of cannabis dispensaries! This is essentially a dream job, in which I travel from venue to venue plus sample locally sourced blends of cannabis… As much as I care about our work, after a few years even the world’s best job can wear you down, however i had to travel roughly 40 to 45 weeks a year, which left unquestionably little time for a social life or anything else, and when it was time to come off the road plus settle down, I decided to move to Denver, Colorado. There were a few reasons that I picked Denver, the greatest of which was the local cannabis community. With our resume plus expansive history in the cannabis industry I could have our pick of any number of fantastic jobs in Denver. I love the industry, plus can’t imagine a life without cannabis, although I am fatigued of the travel, so Denver seemed like the smartest option for our work, and seven unusual major cannabis dispensary chains are based out of Denver or the nearby areas. I don’t mean numerous dispensaries, I mean the headquarters for numerous major corporations, are all based near Denver. This means that just on the administrative plus logistical side, the cannabis industry provided thoUSnds of jobs to the Denver area. With our experience I could easily become an executive in 1 of these companies, plus never have to travel outside of Denver again. I have a lot to figure out, although I am stoked about our future in Denver, Colorado.

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