I enjoy the museums offered

Ever since going to museums for extra credit assignments in school, I have grown fond of them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a museum of natural history or an art museum, I like to grab a neighbor and spend a few moments walking the endless halls.

It’s particularly special taking a glimpse into the past with the artifacts on display inside. When I was a kid going to school in Alberta, Canada, the people I was with and I used to visit the natural history museums in Edmonton and Calgary, and our favorite part about these field trips was getting to see the giant dinosaur exhibit. In Canada lots of the woolly mammoth bones have been found and there is no shortage of them in natural history museums from the pacific coast to the atlantic shoreline. These towering creatures existed until the Holocene epoch when they went extinct, the last in a long line of mammoth species existing on Earth. When I moved to Toronto from Alberta, I was amazed by the sheer amount of museums in the city. For instance, there is the Scarborough Museum, the Ontario Science Center, the Canadian Language Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum, and The Black Museum to name just a few. Recently our close neighbor Oliver and I decided to get high with a cannabis vaporizer pen before spending a Saturday morning at the Aga Khan Museum. This amazing museum showcases Islamic and Persian art. I appreciated walking the halls after a few puffs off a cannabis vaporizer pen. It’s even better enjoying Toronto’s many museums when you can stash a cannabis vaporizer pen in your pocket.

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Glad it takes me to Canada

Taking a job that forces me to travel all the time was hard at first.

I know many people who would have killed for a job where you get to see other states and countries to the degree that I do, however I’m an introvert who rarely moved as a kid.

My family never took cross-country road trips to see family or go on getaways to amusement parks. That’s why it was a big change for me to abruptly start traveling so much for a single job. However, it definitely forced me out of our comfort zone and made it easier for me to talk to people that I don’t already think personally. I was also able to travel internationally for the first time. One of our favorite countries to visit is Canada because of recreational weed being legal in all provinces. I can get off a method and take an Uber ride to a dispensary and then back to our hotel where I can prefer our cannabis products in peace. My next work trip to Canada is coming up in a few afternoons and I’m extremely excited. I’ll be going to see Toronto for the first time and I have a lot of activities planned during our downtime hours outside of work meetings. I want to see the CN Tower just like everyone else, but I also want to take a ferry to the Toronto Islands if I can get away for an entire morning. It’s a charming area, especially if you own a sailboat or kayak. I think that other people would rather walk around the town and shop, however I’m ecstatic about getting cannabis products from a dispensary and going to see natural attractions. I prefer some of the beaches of Lake Ontario. You can entirely conceal a cannabis vaporizer pen in places prefer Woodbine Beach Park.

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Stopping in Seattle

I spent a few years working as a weed dealer for a major dispensary chain, but let me quickly explain what that means.

A major dispensary chain always needs new distributors as well as sellers to keep the supply chain active.

The two of us don’t grow our own, all of us deal with growers who sell us substantial quantities of their marijuana strains, which the dispensary then ships across the country to it’s storefront. I would taste these new strains, evaluate them, as well as then deliver my tips on how much all of us should buy. Well, over those numerous years I found myself flying into Seattle, WA so often that eventually I decided to stick around as well as make it my home. Let me be clear, I didn’t transport to Seattle because of the weed. With my work, I could still get Seattle cannabis no matter where I was living. I moved here because this city is wonderful, as well as even when I was passing through it I felt care about home. It doesn’t hurt that I care about the rain, because although it can’t rain all the time, it sprinkles in the Seattle section almost 176 afternoons a year. Some people don’t care about the dismal gray skies but I care about them just fine, as well as I guess that they deliver Seattle a character that other cities lack. I still work in the weed industry, but my afternoons of being on the road are done, as well as I am a full time Seattle boy now. Between the weather, the weed, the live tunes, as well as the incredible landscapes in every turn, I can’t imagine living somewhere but Seattle, WA.

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PRIDE all the time

I don’t think that Pride is something that should be thought about once a year.

As much as I love the strides all of us have done, as well as how substantial Pride week is for so many people, I still think that it should be something all of us celebrate all year long.

The first time I ever visited Seattle was while in their great Pride Month. I was blown away by how inclusive it felt, as if the city itself opened its arms as well as gave me a big, moderate hug. After that I made Seattle Pride week an annual stop, as well as some years later, I decided that I did not want to leave! I know that the whole country has started embracing Pride week, but here in Seattle it isn’t just a week, that is what life is about here. It’s a single thing to say you support gay as well as bi rights, but Seattle just doesn’t talk the talk, it walks the walk. Combine this loving, supportive area with arguably the best cannabis being grown in the world this week, as well as you’ve got a great stadium to live. I am not sure if I ever want to raise a family, but if I do it will be in Seattle, where I know all of us will be safe, as well as have access to cultural institutions. The educational proposal in Seattle is top of the line, from our grade schools all the way through schools as well as grad schools. That is what I like for the future, but for right now I’m all about the live band scene, as well as the abundance of high octane cannabis.

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The culture here is rich

Seattle is a flourishing spot of high class as well as culture for this entire section of the country.

Even beyond the Pacific Northwest, I would say that our fair city is a single of the most cultured in this nation.

I know that the substantial rock bands as well as rappers that have come from here get all of the press, but I don’t mean that kind of culture. I am talking about high humanity culture, with plays as well as art set ups as well as museums as well as chamber music, but Seattle isn’t just about grunge, people, it’s about string quartets as well as ballet as well as orchestras, too! The Seattle Symphony Orchestra has been a fixture of the arts community for over a century now, as well as is a single of the most respected on the west coast. The two of us also have the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, which is the largest such youth organization in the whole country; How can a single city pull down so much classic talent? That is a question people have been asking about Seattle for years, as well as the answer is that our community helps the arts creativity as well as monetary. The two of us host the Pacific Northwest Ballet contractor, as well as the Seattle Opera, because the support of patrons keeps these revered institutions alive for the pro of future generations. That isn’t to say that all of Seattle is steeped in high humanity, because all of us are honestly better known for our cannabis strains than our cultural attractions. Seattle is a city that caters to high as well as low class in equal measure, so come for the opera as well as the orchestra, as well as stay for the amazing cannabis.

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All the music is great here

When all the people think of Seattle WA, they think of the music.

Remember back some 20 years ago when there was the large musical genre of Grunge Rock? The group of us are the birthplace of Grunge, as well as it’s showcases are still present to this entirely afternoon, but most people knows about the large names like about Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, as well as Soundgarden, many of them don’t know how rich as well as diverse the music scene has been, as well as continues to be, and on the West Coast.

Seattle WA is the king of the music scene, as well as the king of the cannabis scene. So CA has a much bigger reputation for cannabis, but for my money it cannot touch the stuff all of us grow here in as well as around Seattle. The cannabis in Seattle is so great that all of us respectfully have people drive down from Canada to buy our locally grown stuff, and everyone knows that Canadian cannabis is among the best in the world, as well as yet up there, they dream of smoking Seattle herb. The same is tplot for music in the Seattle area, it is a hub for talent for hundreds of miles around. If you want to get observed as a musician, then Seattle is your best bet in this section of the country. I could never chop it here myself, the level of talent is too big, so I pivoted in my work goals as well as started working as a Seattle section concert promoter. I still get to be a section of the thriving Seattle music scene, but I no longer have to be any great at performing live music.

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What happened to that team?

I miss the Sonics so bad.

When I first moved to this area, it was the Seattle Supersonics that won my heart over.

Before that I never honestly cared about sports, or basketball, but the squad of men they had were so great I became a huge fan. But, the group of us never won a championship, however they can never take the memories I have of that team. Then they changed the name to the Sonics, as well as eventually they moved the team out of the city altogether, and I know WA isn’t honestly known as a great sports city, but person do I miss going to the stadium to see some hoops, but happily there are a lot of school teams around here I can go see, because Seattle does have a lot of schools. The greatest problem I have is with cannabis, because smoking a joint on school grounds in Seattle is not cool. In the parking lot of the major sports stadiums there is regularly a lot of tailgating, as well as in Seattle tailgating means cannabis will be present. For such a substantial city, Seattle is remarkably cool when it comes to marijuana, but there are some difficult limits around school campuses. I support as well as respect these laws, of course, but watching a team is not as much fun without some cannabis being involved. Watching hoops on TV doesn’t have the same thrill, but without my Seattle Sonics that thrill is gone, anyway. Thankfully the cannabis dispensaries in Seattle are numerous, as well as stocked with the world’s best weed, so that helps to ease my pain.

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