The AC repair company came all the way from Springfield, MO

The business is known for having great customer service and affordable prices

My brother and I inherited a house from our grandmother. The house is located about an hour north of springfield, missouri. My brother and I both live in the city. On the weekends, we have been going to the house to fix it up. I might move from the city to the Country house and buy my brother out of the property. We might just sell the place too. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet. To be honest, I am waiting until the projects are all finished so I can see what the final result looks like. I’m also hoping to get a huge appraisal and that might mean selling the house for sure. I definitely don’t want to give up $40,000 worth of equity in the place if it ends up being worth what the other places in the neighborhood are going for. One project that my brother and I could not handle on our own was updating the AC equipment and the ductwork. The AC equipment and the ductwork were easily as old as my grandmother’s home. We contacted several contractors from Springfield and we were surprised that all of them were willing to drive and our North to help with the project. One of the first companies that I called was a place in North Springfield. The business is known for having great customer service and affordable prices. The business also has appointments 7 days a week and emergency services. The Springfield, Missouri AC repair company gave us the best price for all of the ductwork and equipment repair.

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The movie theater had poor indoor air quality

Temperatures are really hot during the summer, especially in North texas.

My family and I live in a city called Plano.

Plano is a great place to live. It has about 300,000 residents and is one of the largest suburbs outside of Dallas-Fort worth. Plano has an excellent school system and is home to Collin college. My girlfriend and I both go to Collin college in Plano, Texas. Both of us are in a different course program, but we have the same science class together. When I met my girlfriend, I asked her out for lunch at the cafeteria. A week later we had our first dinner at a diner near the college and the week after that we went to the movies for the first time. I’ll never forget the night that we went to the movie theater. My girlfriend and I had our first argument. It wasn’t a huge argument, but I was aggravated because of the indoor temperatures at the movie theater. The movie theater had awful indoor air quality. It didn’t feel like the air conditioner was cold and inside of the theater it was muggy and the air was stale. I told my girlfriend that I wanted to watch a different movie, but she was really excited to see the one that we had scheduled. I did not want to stay inside of the theater without the air conditioner working and I decided to get up and walk out. She stayed and watched the movie and walked back to her dorm. The next day I called to apologize, because I knew that I was acting like a total jerk.


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The new shop will have a cool lounge and seating area

One of my friends told me about a brand new marijuana shop that is opening up in Muskegon, Michigan.

  • Muskegon, Michigan is one of the places located near Lake Michigan.

The climate during the summer months is usually very warm and humid. During the winter it is absolutely cold and frigid. During the winter, I don’t like to go anywhere at all. As soon as the lake starts to freeze, I put the chains on the truck. I work at a Muskegon marijuana shop that is a few miles away from my apartment. I have been working at the marijuana shop for the past 3 years. Last month, I found out that the building is going to relocate. I am going to be a lot further away from my job and that means that I will have to start driving instead of riding my bike. The only good thing about the new marijuana shop is the fact that it will have a cool lounge and a seating area. My coworkers and I saw a rendering of the new place and a 3D model. The new marijuana shop in Muskegon is going to be twice as big as the one where I work now. Everyone is excited, including all of my friends. I told them about the lounge and dispensary as soon as I found out. I was obviously excited about having a cool place to sit and smoke marijuana, but I was also aggravated about the fact that the new location is going to be a 15 minute drive in the morning.



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The game went into overtime

A lot of my friends and I love football and have tickets to see the Denver Broncos play when they are at home.

  • Tickets for the season were hard to find, especially in sections where the view was really good.

Luckily my family and I have a lot of money and know a lot of people that work for the Denver organization. My friends and I can usually go to the games for free and if not, I use my season tickets or passes for the press box. On Sunday, the Denver game went into overtime. It was a close game in the first quarter. In the second quarter, it seemed like Denver wasn’t even playing. They tied things up in the third quarter and kept it close in the 4th. When the game went into overtime, one of my friends started to complain. He wanted to leave at 11:00 so we could make it to a Denver marijuana dispensary before they close that midnight. I agreed to go to the marijuana dispensary when the game looked like it was going to be a blowout. There was absolutely no way that I was going to leave the game when the score was tied and we were going into overtime. I didn’t care if my friend missed his shot to go to the marijuana dispensary or not. The team hardly ever has overtime on a Sunday game at home and I didn’t want to miss a single minute of it. Jeff was mad for a while, until the whole stadium erupted after a fifty yard wildcat pass to this year’s rookie standout.

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When I met my wife she lived in Denver

I was on a weekend ski trip to Denver when I met my future wife.

Jesse was working at one of the local diners, waiting tables to pay her way through night school.

I was taken with her beauty, and thanks to being pretty stoned at the time, I took the chance to ask her out. Ordinarily I would have been too intimidated, but cannabis gave me the courage! I’m glad it did, because later that night we had what I consider to be the best date of my life. After that I would drive back to Denver once or twice a month just to see Jesse. I was afraid to rush things, but the long distance relationship was wearing thin, so I asked Jesse if she would move in with me. She said no, because she didn’t want to leave Denver. However, if I was willing to move to Denver I could move in with her. As you might imagine, this was a terrifying prospect! I decided to take the plunge. I moved to Denver and found a job as the day manager at a local cannabis dispensary. One of three cannabis dispensaries on the same street, no less! Cannabis is big business in Denver, so while this is not the job I always dreamed of, it’s not too shabby. Of course the job doesn’t matter too much, because the whole reason I moved to Denver was for Jesse, and I have been loving my new life with her! I am glad I took a chance and moved to Denver.

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A getaway to Seattle to spice up the marriage

I met Becky in college.

She was taking classes to get her degree, and I was working for the greenkeeping crew.

We were definitely a mismatched pair, with an affluent rich kid dating a rough-hewn boy from the other side of the tracks. Our chemistry could not be denied, but we kept our relationship quiet for several months. On weekends Becky and I would get in my truck and drive for a few hours, then find a nice hotel for the weekend. One such trip took us to the city of Seattle, where our lives changed forever. We were drunk, we were in love, and we were completely stoned on some of that killer Seattle cannabis. On a lark we decided to get married, which was very easy to do at that point in Seattle. The next morning we woke up and were both somewhat surprised to find that we were husband and wife. This made our lives complicated, but we stuck together through thick and thin. To this very day whenever Becky and I get stressed out and need a break we go back to Seattle. Seattle is our touchstone, the place that brought us together, and keeps bringing us back together every time we visit. We always rent a room at the same coastal Seattle hotel, load up on booze and cannabis products, and try to relive our impromptu honeymoon. Becky and I have been married for seven years now, and things are a little stressful right now so I am planning out our next great Seattle getaway.

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A weird fringe convention in Albuquerque

I call them “conspiracy conventions” because they do tend to cover a wide range of topics.

Basically, these are conventions where people with unusual beliefs gather to discuss them.

There are conventions for people who believe in UFOs, or cryptids like Bigfoot and the Skunk Ape. There are conventions for people who think the government is secretly controlled by lizard people who live deep inside the earth. No matter what crazy idea you can think of, someone out there believes it! Recently I attended a convention held just outside of Albuquerque, NM, on the subject of alien abductions. The biggest alien-themed con of the year is held in Roswell, of course, but the one in Albuquerque is the second biggest. I had a great time at the convention, but it was even more fun to explore the city of Albuquerque. I was amazed by how many cannabis dispensaries there are around here. I was even more amazed once I actually smoked some Albuquerque cannabis, which was truly outstanding. I wondered if the convention hosts picked Albuquerque as a site because they knew how killer the cannabis was. Aside from the marijuana, I found a lot of great museums and art galleries in Albuquerque, and the food was divine! As for the convention itself, it turned out to be more fun hearing people talk about alien abductions with a few cannabis edibles in my system. Overall, the trip to Albuquerque was one of the better conventions I have attended. If they have another weird, fringe convention in Albuquerque, I will definitely go back.

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