I needed to go to the zoo

The average summer temperatures in Denver are around 85 degrees.

July is the hottest month, but the temperatures still reach higher than ninety or ninety-five degrees.

There are rarely days when the temperatures reach 100 degrees. It is extremely important to have a viable and reliable AC unit. My family and I have been living in Denver for the past 10 years. I graduated from college in Boulder and I have been living in Colorado ever since. I have a commute each morning to work and the travel time is about 45 minutes. During the afternoon commute home, the travel time can be even longer. Last Saturday I was on my way home after working a few hours that morning in the office. I was supposed to be at home with my family, but I decided to go to the office to finish some paperwork. On the way home, the AC in my car stopped working. There was no cold air coming out of the vents, even when I placed the machine on the highest setting. The drive home from Denver was extremely uncomfortable and warm. I tried to roll down my window, but the direct air in my face made it difficult to see. When I finally got home from the office, I told my wife that we had to cancel our plans for the afternoon. I needed to take the car to the dealership so they couldn’t figure out why the AC was not working properly. I didn’t want to drive to work on Monday morning without climate control in my vehicle.


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I wanted to visit the zoo, but it was way too cold that day

My family and I live in the city of Boulder, Colorado. We are about an hour outside of Denver. We can enjoy all of the activities in the city, but we don’t have to deal with the traffic and tourists every day. My family and I often go to Denver so we can visit the zoo. The Denver Zoo is one of our favorite attractions in the city, so each year we get a season pass that includes all of the exhibits, extras, and parking. My sister and her family came to visit a couple of months ago and I wanted all of us to go to the zoo. I was excited to show everyone our favorite places inside the 80-acre park. My favorite place inside of the zoo is the Predator range. It recently had renovations and now there is a very large pool and habitat for African penguins. The pool has underwater viewing. This area is also my daughter’s favorite place inside of the zoo. When my sister and her family came to visit, we planned to spend the day in Denver at the zoo. Unfortunately, it was far too cold that day. We had a rare chilly fall day during October, and we had to change our plans. We decided to stay indoors where the air temperatures were warmer and more comfortable. Instead of going to the zoo, we spent our day in Denver at the aquarium. The aquarium was moderately warm and climate controlled in all areas. We still had a great time showing my family the city.


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The guy did not have a valid fishing license

My family and I live in the great state of Illinois.

  • I have lived in the Village of Orland Park since I was in elementary school.

I went to Carl Sandburg High School which is right outside of Chicago. I never wanted to leave the Village of Orland Park, and I eventually started working for the Parks Department. I recently had an encounter with someone that I remember from high school. I was working at the lake on a hot and sunny day. The park was crowded with visitors because of the wonderful weather. People were picnicking and walking the trails. I was sitting at the guard shack for a while, enjoying the AC. It was 95 that particular day. When my boss came back from lunch, he sat down in front of the AC and sent me out to the park to check on the boathouse and the snack shack. I saw the guy from school, fishing on the side of Lake Sedgwick. I decided to walk over to say hello. The guy was acting shifty and he seemed like he was in a hurry to leave. I thought he was blowing me off, but then I decided to ask if the guy had a valid fishing license. It’s important to have a valid fishing license issued by the state of Illinois. If you are caught fishing without a license, there can be a very stiff penalty. When I asked my old classmate for his license, he admitted that he was fishing illegally. I decided to give the guy a warning instead of issuing a ticket.



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I wasn't about to argue with the customer

A customer came to the cannabis shop last week and the guy tried to steal cannabis concentrate from the refrigerator

A couple of months ago, I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to take care of my mom. She wasn’t well and my brother was getting married. He was unable to care for my mom. He was handling all of the responsibilities because he lives in Albuquerque. I was living on the East Coast when I found out that I needed to move. It took three months to box up my house, furniture, clothing, and personal items. I drove everything to Albuquerque. It took several days to drive all of my belongings across the country. I had to find a job quickly, but I needed something that afforded me flexibility. I thought it sounded like a lot of fun to work at a cannabis shop. I applied for a job as a security officer. The company manager called me for an interview that day after I turned in my application. A couple of days later I was hired to work at the front desk. I absolutely love working at the Albuquerque, New Mexico dispensary, but there are times when I have to be serious. A customer came to the cannabis shop last week and the guy tried to steal cannabis concentrate from the refrigerator. I clearly saw the guy I put items into his pocket. When I stopped him and asked him to empty his pockets, he tried to invoke his lawful rights against search and seizure. I wasn’t about to argue with the customer, so I made the guy leave immediately and he was banned from the store.
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I am used to the wilds

My dad and I love to go camping and fish.

Since my sister never liked outdoor stuff, I would go with our dad whenever my sister went on hikes into the woods adjacent to our house.

The people I was with and I formed a special tight knit group whenever the people I was with and I were sitting together in nature, listening to the majestic sounds of the forest. My dad taught me how to watch for bears and what to do if I ever encountered 1 while alone or with others in the wilderness. Because of the skills our dad taught me, I feel confident that I could survive indefinitely outside of humanity if I ever needed to get away from the insanity. However, the winters in Manitoba are downright brutal, so I eventually moved to Toronto to get close to the banks of Lake Ontario. Despite the lake-effect snow, the Toronto area is much warmer than our family’s outdated home in Winnipeg. Despite living in Toronto, I prefer driving north to places like Lake Simcoe to go camping and fishing. This past weekend I stopped at a particularly superb weed dispensary in Newtonbrook on Drewry Ave. I decided to purchase a package of pre-rolled joints so I could smoke them along the banks of Lake Simcoe. I prefer being in Toronto and being around the crowds, however occasionally I need to get out to the countryside to assume again like I did when I was still young in Manitoba. Occasionally I will take our cannabis vaporizer pen with me out to Lake Ontario and take a ferry out to the Toronto Islands. If I want to see the town from thoUSAnds of feet up, I can visit the CN Tower as well. Living in Toronto is definitely more exciting than our former life in Winnipeg.


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Lots to do there

Before I moved to Toronto, I was a resident of the area of MI known as “the toe.” Since lower MI looks like a foot, the portion of the state that literally resembles a human toe was given that name.

More particularly, I lived in Port Huron near the Canadian border and the town of Sarnia. I remember taking trips into Canada over the Blue Water Bridge with our family in the years before passports were required for travel in and out of the USA. The people I was with and I would jump onto Highway 402 and drive east until reaching Highway 401 just out of London, Ontario. If the people I was with and I stayed on Highway 401 and drove northeast we’d eventually make it to Toronto. This was a fun road trip to make because the people I was with and I had relatives living just out of Toronto in Pickering along the banks of Frenchman’s Bay in Lake Ontario. All of us kids would get on bikes and ride down to Beachfront Park. Now that I’m living in Toronto as a resident, going to the banks of Lake Ontario with a disposable cannabis vape pen is 1 of our all time favorite things I like to do. Sometimes I rent a canoe so I can enjoy our cannabis out on the open waters. These cannabis vaporizer pens are available at most cannabis dispensaries and are easy to conceal just about anywhere official nicotine vaping is allowed. I try to limit myself to outdoor spaces so I’m not pushing the opportunity of getting caught too much, especially if I tried to watch a Maple Leaf’s hockey game at Scotiabank Arena.

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Been legal for awhile

I was overjoyed when weed was legalized for recreational use in Canada in 2018.

Although the people I was with and I could obtain legal weed with a physician’s recommendation from 2001, the Cannabis Act was a big move forward for Canadians and visitors of Canada who use marijuana.

It’s not a big surprise since public opinion polls showed that roughly 77% of Canadians favored an end to cannabis prohibition as far back as 1997. And as such, the Canadian government legalized medical cannabis a few years later in 2001. There were multiple medical laws under which a licensed physician in Canada could prescribe medical cannabis to an interested patient. It’s no surprise that by the end of that decade, there was a push among marijuana advocates to legalize cannabis for recreational use in the entire country. Following the legalization of recreational cannabis in a number of states during the mid 2010s, the Canadian government followed suit in 2018. Now I and all of our fellow Canadian people can purchase cannabis in this country without getting persecuted morally or criminally. I live in Mississauga, but I work in Toronto and respectfully shop at cannabis dispensaries in the metro city. I’m excited about this up-to-date cannabis dispensary that just opened in North York on Sheppard Ave. They have many sativa and indica strains of cannabis flower products, but I was more interested in cannabis edibles prefer RSO and cannabis candy products. RSO is a full spectrum product so I bought a syringe along with a jar of cannabis flower buds. I know I’ll be going to see this cannabis store in North York the next time I’m driving through the area.

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