Driving over the bridge was too scary not to get high

My mom doesn’t like the fact that I use recreational marijuana, but it is legal in California and easy to access.

Recreational and medical marijuana help me relax when I am having a panic attack.

I was prescribed medical marijuana long before it was legalized for recreational use. It is much easier to obtain now and a lot cheaper, thanks to all of the millennials who want to use it to get high. My mom and I had to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge so we could drive from San Francisco to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It was a day when the winds were extremely high. It was cloudy outside as well and the perfect day for whale watching. That’s why my mom and I were headed over to the Golden Gate National recreation area in the first place. When I realized I was going to drive over the bridge in the wind, I decided to pull over on the side of the road so I could smoke a joint of recreational marijuana first. Driving over the bridge was way too scary. To get high first. I actually felt a lot more calm and relaxed after I smoked a marijuana joint. My mom was no longer calm and relaxed, because she thought I was intoxicated. Thankfully, she calmed down once she realized that I was perfectly fine to drive. perfectly fine to drive. I was more calm and I didn’t have a panic attack behind the wheel. The bridge trip felt like hours, but we were safely on the other side in a short amount of time.

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The hotel was really nice and so was the view

My girlfriend wanted to go to dinner and a show in San Francisco, so I thought it was best for both of us to stay in a hotel overnight.

San Francisco is a 2-hour drive from our home, and I knew we would be tired after the show.

It probably would not end until after 11 and I didn’t want to be caught driving home while I was tired. I thought it might be nice to stay somewhere by The Wharf. My girlfriend thought that was a great idea too, even though our theater was about 12 miles away. We had dinner in a very nice restaurant a few blocks away from our hotel in Chinatown. The egg rolls and noodles were cooked to perfection. My girlfriend and I got back to our hotel room shortly after midnight. San Francisco was lit up with lots of bright colored lights and the view was spectacular. In fact, the city was so nice that my girlfriend and I decided to stay for a second day. We rented a car and spent most of the day at the beach. We went to a recreational marijuana shop and bought some edible cannabis treats. We had to marijuana edibles each before we started our day and we laughed and acted like teenagers that day. It was really nice to get away from the house for two days and it made me realize how much I love spending time with my girlfriend. Whether we go to a fancy theater or a muddy beach, this girl is the one I want to adventure with.



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One of these days Albuquerque is going to blow up huge!

Some places can give you a great view of a dawn, or a dusk, but nowhere other than Albuquerque can you get such perfect views of both any day you want to look.

One of these days the secret is going to get out, and there will be a massive — and I mean tidal-wave sized — influx of people moving into Albuquerque. The city is already the biggest in New Mexico, and a hub for commerce, entertainment, and even medical care. We don’t have a major league sports team, but I have to say that if the Albuquerque Isotopes ever entered the big leagues, we would probably come out on top there, too. Why? Because Albuquerque is the best city in the entire American southwest, and one of the nicest places to live in the entire world. I can go on and on with facts and figures for you, about how great the public transportation is in Albuquerque, and how it has the top rated medical centers for the entire state. Instead of all that, I want to tell you my personal favorite aspect of Albuquerque — I get to witness the most beautiful sunrises, and sunsets, on a regular basis. Because of how flat and wide open this stretch of New Mexico is, and because we have very little smog or light pollution, we get amazing views facing both east and west. Some places can give you a great view of a dawn, or a dusk, but nowhere other than Albuquerque can you get such perfect views of both any day you want to look. Although our city keeps growing, it never encroaches on the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Albuquerque and it’s people want to be a part of it and not turn it into a giant metropolitan center. And with our many cannabis dispensaries it’s easy to enhance those sunsets, if you know what I mean.

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Denver set an example for the nation on cannabis

Twenty years ago, Denver was a very different place than it is today.

It was amazing, don’t get me wrong, but it really goes to show what can happen if a city keeps working hard to improve itself.

In two decades Denver has cultivated a sense of culture and identity it never had before, something that goes beyond the reputations of successful sports franchises. I came to the mile high city to start a family, not to start a cannabis dispensary, but life is funny sometimes, and you don’t end up where you thought you would. Being in Denver during this time period put me at ground zero for one of the most revolutionary changes in American history, with the legalization of medical mariojuana. What the state of Colorado, and the City of Denver did that was so important to the movement was to set a positive example. The cannabis dispensaries in Denver were so successful, and so professional, that it made a lot of other people, and other state governments, realize this was something to be embraced. Denver was smart enough to open these cannabis shops and take a healthy percentage of the profits in fees and taxes, and this extra money lowered the tax burden on everyone! Denver proved that these dispensaries could generate a lot of revenue for the community, and that there was no subsequent spike in crime rates. When people said that cannabis dispensaries would increase other types of crime, now they could be refuted by the data that was gathered in around dispensaries in Denver.

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Music and marijauna in Seattle

I moved to Seattle ten years ago to try and break into the music scene.

Although the days of Grunge are a long time gone, there is still a vibrant and powerful music scene here, one where a lot of great acts have gotten their start.

If you are a band and can make it in Seattle, then you have a chance of making it to the big time. Long story short, my band never made it, and so I had to find a different line of work. I am still staying close to the pulse of the Seattle music scene, however, by opening up a small performance venue in the back of my cannabis dispensary. So many bands play in bars, why not have them play in a cannabis dispensary instead and let people hang out and smoke. In terms of culture, weed and music are two of Seattle’s greatest gifts to the world. Our music and our weed products are enjoyed around the entire world, so my idea was to marry the two in a business. Although a lot of people think that the entire Seattle music scene is grunge, rock, or rap, there are dozens of up and coming bands in every genre that come to Seattle to try and make it big. My venue could easily book two bands a night every night of the week, but I am starting small with a few shows to see how it works. Although cannabis laws are very lax in Seattle, there are still a lot of rules and regulations we have to follow.

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I love the Denver Broncos for life

Back in the day, John Elway was a football player for the Denver Broncos football team.

My dad was easily a huge team fan.

All of us didn’t have a great deal of money for many things while we were growing up, but my dad had every season ticket to see the Broncos. One year for our anniversary, our dad took myself and others to see a football game. It was a multiple hour drive to Denver, but all of us were excited nearly the whole way. It was a single of only a few times when all of us can remember quality time with our Pops. He was easily excited to tell all of us about the game as well as show off football heroes. I spent most of the day in Denver, even after the game was completed. We went to a steakhouse after the Broncos won the game which was a huge blowout. The Denver area Steakhouse was really nice and dad let us have beer for the very first time. The two of us don’t stop to think about that time very much at all when Dad took myself as well as others to the Denver game. It is easily one of the better memories that all of us have from this time in our childhood. We don’t often recognize taking children to the game because it is seriously chilly, and we would rather leave where there is warm air at home. All of us prefer to see the game, but it is much more comfortable at home with a gas furnace then in the cold Stadium. It doesn’t hurt that the beers are cheaper and so is the food as well.


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The temperatures are always sporadic in the city

The weather conditions in the city are somewhat unusual.

Much of that is actually due to Denver’s altitude.

Denver enjoys many different Summers as well as a chilly winter with absolutely very little humidity. There isn’t too much precipitation although various people guess the area seems to have snow 12 weeks of the Year. This is entirely not true. Denver, Colorado is relatively comfortable with weather during the entire year. Denver is one perfect location for hiking, overnight backing packing, as well as camping. My friends as well as myself enjoy being outdoors. All of us went camping multiple weeks ago as well as it was the middle of April. I was easily anxious of overnight temperatures, but we were lucky that the forecast was clear with absolutely very little clouds. My friend as well as myself from this location close to the camping area. When daylight began, the temperatures were even colder. The people I was with as well as myself began a fire but we were not allowed to burn through the night. Many campers will make this mistake and that is a way to destroy acres of land in a forest fire. Of course we did not have any fire or heat and all of us we’re shivering in the cold Denver night temperatures. During the day it was 60, but overnight the temperatures were incredibly cold. I definitely did not want to be in the campground as well as felt that hypothermia might actually take my life in the cold weather.

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