The wharf has the best food and a great ambiance

Fisherman’s Wharf is located on Pier 39 in San Francisco, California. The Wharf is only a few miles from the Hotel Union Square. It is one of the most popular attractions in the entire San Francisco area. The Wharf has amazing bars and restaurants, museums, Ghirardelli Square, and lots of shopping. When my mom came to visit last summer, I thought a trip to San Francisco, California would be the perfect way to spend a day. I live about an hour and a half away from San Francisco, but the drive to the Bay Area is filled with beautiful scenery like rolling hills and vineyards. When my mom found out about San Francisco, she was very excited. The trip to California was her first time on the west coast and she wanted to see everything. While my mom was in San Francisco, we stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary. My mom was amazed by the selection in the recreational marijuana dispensary. My mom is from the state that does not have recreational or medical marijuana that has been legalized. Her eyes were very big when she saw all of the recreational marijuana supplies. We picked up a pre-rolled cigarette and my mom even took two hits. We spent the rest of the afternoon eating clams, crabs, candy, and fudge. Everything that my mom saw, she wanted to taste. I’m sure that was the marijuana, but everything on the wharf looked appealing and tasty. My mom even tried the clam chowder and she absolutely detests clams. She ate the entire bowl with crackers and a piece of sourdough bread.


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My wife got a new job in San Francisco

When we graduated from college, I proposed getting married and my girlfriend said yes

My wife and I have been living in California for our whole lives. My wife was born and raised in the Sacramento area and I was born in the bay area near San Francisco. After high school, both of us ended up in LA for college. I was attending college to earn a business degree and my wife was attending college to earn a degree in hospital administration. The two of us were in a statistics class that was probably the hardest course I had to pass. June sat in front of me and I could smell the shampoo in her hair. It smelled like strawberries and it was totally intoxicating. After three weeks, I decided to ask her out for dinner. I was thrilled when she said yes. The two of us went to a really nice restaurant by the water. The view was spectacular, but so was the conversation. We went on a date every week for the next 6 months. We went hiking and to the movies and we enjoyed using cannabis together. Not everyone enjoys using cannabis, but my girlfriend and I found the love of weed in common. That was one of the reasons why both of us stayed in California for college. We didn’t want to give up legal cannabis. When we graduated from college, I proposed getting married and my girlfriend said yes. June and I settled into our life in LA, but a few months ago she was offered a job in my hometown of San Francisco. I was really excited to return to the bay area.

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We saw some otters playing by the bridge

My wife and I love to go to San Francisco when we have a couple of days off in a row.

  • San Francisco is a 3-hour drive from the city where my wife and I live in California.

Still, it is one of our favorite places to visit. The golden gate bridge is one of the coolest attractions that the city offers. The bridge is a complete marvel of engineering. The bridge is so big and expansive that it takes a whole day just to walk the length of the bridge. The Golden Gate bridge is a suspension bridge that swings in the wind. When you drive across the bridge, it feels like it is moving sometimes. The park lines the bridge and there is also a great view of Alcatraz island from the bridge and the park. When my wife and I go to the bay area for a few days, we stay in a small hotel close to the park. The place has above average priced rooms, but the amenities are second to none. The hotel is right down the street from a recreational weed shop. The recreational weed shop sells many different cannabis products like tinctures, flower, concentrate, and pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. My wife and I don’t usually smoke weed, but when we go to the city, we enjoy a couple of days of relaxation and that includes recreational marijuana. We were in the city several weeks ago and we saw some otters playing by the bridge. It’s unusual to see otters near the bridge, so we were particularly excited to see the rare site. We watched them play for an hour while we ate lunch.


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The streets are perfect for skateboarding videos

My friends and I go to California every year to visit San Francisco.

The best time of the year is during the spring or early summer. There are a ton of tourists, but the weather is absolutely perfect. The streets of San Francisco or absolutely perfect to make skateboarding videos. My friends and I have been riding our skateboards since we were old enough to walk. One of my friends is going to turn pro next year, so we really wanted to make an interesting video to show all of his skills. San Francisco is the perfect place to make a skateboarding video. The streets are narrow, long, and filled with hills. One place in particular near Lombardi street is my favorite area to skateboard. The long street has six lights. If you start at the top of the hill and time the traffic lights perfectly, you can skateboard down the entire hill without stopping. Of course, incorrect timing of the lights can be dangerous and deadly. San Francisco has the best hills for skateboarding, but they are certainly some of the most dangerous in the entire state of California. Another great reason to visit the San Francisco area is the marijuana shops. San Francisco has a lot of marijuana shops and most of them offer a first time patient special. San Francisco has more than 100 different marijuana shops in the city. Some of them are very close to the area where we like to shoot videos. Between the legal recreational marijuana laws and the curvy streets, the city is one of my favorite places to visit with my friends.

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Every one of us went on to be happy

The transfer had come as a shock… And there was such little time to prepare! But, there was no turning back because Dad had accepted the current position, she would head a vast marketing team for a pharmaceutical corporation in Libertyville, but every one of us packed our belongings, said goodbye to friends and family, and got on the plane… Dad asked us to treat this transfer as a current adventure.

Every one of us would have so much fun exploring the odd sites and attractions, then plus the current new home was much nicer than the two of us were used to.

Dad was right, and the two of us enjoyed the arena as soon as the two of us saw it. It was summer, and the a/c was on all the time, and there was no possible way of staying in it without the AC system, however once the two of us had settled, Dad took us on a tour of Libertyville. She had two weeks before she had to report to her current task. My sibling and I were determined to make the most of that period. The first thing the two of us did was purchase a travel guide to learn about the tourist attractions. Even though the two of us were now residents, the guided tours the two of us came across would be a good chance to learn about the municipality. The first arena the two of us went to was the Lambs Farm. Spending time with odd farm critters sounded love so much fun. The highlight of that visit was the guides. They were so helpful and answered all the questions the two of us asked. The Lambs Farm was a truly magical arena where the two of us got to connect with the critters! You could tell both the staff and critters were blissful to see us that day.
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My grandparents loved my choices

I grew up in Denver, CO; All our family was there, including our Grandparents, who I enjoyed so much, however both of us lived just a few hours from their home, so I would go visit anytime! So, you can imagine our dismay last year when dad announced we had to move, dad’s job was going so well that his boss gave him a promotion, part of the promotion was moving from the south to the coast.

Dad and mom invited our Grandparents over for supper a single evening and made the announcement.

Both of us were all in shock and tried to wrap our brains around what was happening, and my Grandmother was not the least bit surprised by the shocking announcement, and it turns out she had been encouraging our dad to spread his wings and try to be all he could be, and the thought of us living in Denver was hard because it was the only lake beach house we knew. Still, we got enthusiastic once the shock wore off and began discussing where we would leave. Dad told us we’d get a beach house in the town and settle in soon. But first, there was some work he had to finish up in Denver, you could already see the excitement in our sisters as they planned to buy more bathing suits, however now the beach would be close by and not miles and miles away. They enjoyed CO, but the Winter months were strenuous with all that snow. Both of us all looked forward to summer, although the air conditioning made the beach house comfortable no matter the season. Now, we’d no longer need more heating to remain hot while I was in the cooler months; Come to guess of it, I did not have to shovel snow out of the driveway for mom anymore.

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Excited to visit family

I moved from Albuquerque when my spouse started graduate university on the other side of the country, however I have been eager to get back to visit my family.

It has been more than 2 years as well as I miss the tranquil weather as well as the mountain backdrop.

I went to Cibola High School before doing four years of undergraduate university at the University of New Mexico. That’s where my spouse as well as I met, but her graduate university plans took us aways from Albuquerque as well as New Mexico altogether. When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time hiking in the Cibola National Forest with my father as well as my more than 2 siblings. This section is filled with mountain crests as well as foothills. But the biggest reason I’m happy to visit my hometown of Albuquerque this year is because of the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Mexico. The state has had medical marijuana dispensaries since 2007, but it was just this past year that recreational marijuana was legalized through a legislature initiative. I heard that some of the medical miarjuana stores in West Mesa had already converted their corporations to the recreational cannabis market. My family lives in Sandia Heights, which is as far away from West Mesa as you can get while still residing in Albuquerque. Hopefully I can find a cannabis store in that section without having to drive all over the town on a wild goose chase. Eventually I hope that we can move back to the city, but for now I’m satisfied with visiting every now as well as then. The pleasant weather is a nice break from the Wintertide snow we get residing up in the north east.


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