The Summer was great

Angie loved her dad so much, and she was blissful she was feeling much better, but he’d fallen ill and had to get the surgery done… That meant she was at lake house recovering for quite some time, by the time she got better, Angie had moved to New Mexico for work, however she spoke to her dad every day and longed to see him.

But she was handling a immense project, and she couldn’t fly lake house for that period; One day, she was busy at the office when her desk cellphone rang, and it was the front office informing her she had a visitor asking for her… Angie was slightly aggravated at the disruption but thought it was a modern client.

So, she got up from her desk and went to see who it was. It took all her strength not to scream and run when she saw her dad resting in the waiting area. Angie hugged him so tightly with tears forming in her eyup. They sat there for about 30 hours talking, and she l gained her dad had been planning the trip for quite some time. Thankfully, it was Friday, so they had the whole weekend to spend together. Angie’s boss passed by, greeted her dad, and gave her the day off to take him home; Later that night, they went out for lunch and walked a bit so that she’d show him around Albuquerque. Angie’s dad wanted to visit a weed dispensary to get some CBD oil, which helped relieve her pain, and cannabis is legal in New Mexico, and Angie also bought some CBD gummies, which she quite loved. Her dad ended up staying for a whole month that summer, and they had the best time.



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I’d not seen my best friend in three years

I was fortunate enough to have the same friend from elementary school to college.

Mary and I loved each other so much and did everything together growing up. Our parents were close friends, and we lived in the same neighborhood. But, after college, she went to New York, and I moved to Santa Barbara for work. We kept in touch, but the distance proved to be a bit strenuous in our relationship. Slowly by slowly, we began to drift apart as we got new social circles in our workplace. Last year, Mary’s mom passed away, and we had to go back home for the funeral. While there, we got to spend a few days together, and it was like we had never been apart. We had the sort of friendship where we could pick up from where we left off. Since she had a few weeks off work, I asked Mary to return to Santa Barbara for a while. We had not seen each other in three years, and I wanted to spend more time with her. However, I had only a few days off work and had to fly back. Mary agreed to go with me, and we made plans to explore the city together. One thing she loved about it was marijuana was legal. Mary wanted to get some weed creams and perhaps a few edibles while there. I promised to take her to my favorite pot shop and other fantastic spots across the city. It was the best time we had spent together in a long while, and it even made her feel a little better.
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We went on different adventures after landing in Libertyville, IL

The move had come as a shock.

And there was such little time to prepare.

But, there was no turning back because mom had accepted the new position. She would head a vast marketing team for a pharmaceutical company in Libertyville. We packed our belongings, said goodbye to friends and family, and got on the plane. Mom asked us to treat this move as a new adventure. We would have so much fun exploring the different sites and attractions. Plus the new house was much nicer than we were used to. Mom was right, and we loved the place as soon as we saw it. It was summer, and the air conditioner was on all the time. There was no possible way of staying in it without the AC system. Once we had settled, mom took us on a tour of Libertyville. She had two weeks before she had to report to her new job. My brother and I were determined to make the most of that period. The first thing we did was purchase a travel guide to learn about the tourist attractions. Even though we were now residents, the guided tours we came across would be a great chance to learn about the municipality. The first place we went to was the Lambs Farm. Spending time with different farm animals sounded like so much fun. The highlight of that visit was the guides. They were so helpful and answered all the questions we asked. The Lambs Farm was a truly magical place where we got to connect with the animals. You could tell both the staff and animals were happy to see us that day.

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Moving from Denver was going to be a huge change for my family

I grew up in Denver, Colorado.

All my family was there, including my grandparents, who I loved so much.

We lived just a few minutes from their home, so I would go visit anytime. So, you can imagine my dismay last year when dad announced we had to move. Dad’s job was going so well that his boss gave him a promotion. Part of the promotion was moving from the south to the coast. Dad and mom invited our grandparents over for dinner one evening and made the announcement. We were all in shock and tried to wrap our brains around what was happening. My grandmother was not the least bit surprised by the shocking announcement. It turns out she had been encouraging my dad to spread his wings and try to be all he could be. The thought of us living in Denver was hard because it was the only home we knew. Still, we got excited once the shock wore off and began discussing where we would leave. Dad told us we’d get a house in the city and settle in soon. But first, there was some work he had to finish up in Denver. You could already see the excitement in my sisters as they planned to buy more bathing suits. Now the beach would be close by and not miles and miles away. They loved Colorado, but the winter months were tough with all that snow. We all looked forward to summer, although the air conditioning made the house comfortable no matter the season. Now, we’d no longer need more heating to remain warm during the cooler months. Come to think of it, I did not have to shovel snow out of the driveway for mom anymore.

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A tour of a 700-acre park in Denver, Colorado

My plans had to change at the last minute due to the pandemic.

I planned to tour the world with a group of friends.

But it seemed the universe had other plans in mind. It was too risky to travel abroad, so we planned a local tour instead. We would not venture too far and kept the tour within our region. One of us suggested spending the tour in Denver, Colorado. None of us had ever been to this city, so we had a new plan in motion within a week. We took all precautions to remain safe and traveled by road. The whole journey there was quite eventful as there were so many beautiful sites to see. On Monday afternoon, we arrived in Denver and went straight to the holiday we had booked to stay in. We liked staying in holiday lets instead of hotels since this gave us more privacy and an area to have loads of fun. The holiday was lovely and had excellent AC to keep us cool during the sweltering summer in Denver. We planned to pick certain areas we would visit as a group and others we’d do separately. For instance, we knew the guys did not want to tour any clothing stores. After many discussions, we chose our first spot to be the lovely 700 acres of Red Rocks Park, which had excellent views of the famous Rocky Mountains. The location was perfect for a day out in Denver since it had miles and miles of hiking trails beckoning for us to go and explore. Plus, there was also a theater in the park that was hosting some fantastic festivals. We had read this theatre had hosted great people like the Beatles and even John Denver himself.

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Excited to visit family in Albuquerque after learning about cannabis legalization

I moved from Albuquerque when my wife started graduate school on the other side of the country, but I have been eager to get back to visit my family. It has been two years and I miss the tranquil weather and the mountain backdrop. I went to Cibola High School before doing four years of undergraduate school at the University of New Mexico. That’s where my wife and I met, but her graduate school plans took us aways from Albuquerque and New Mexico altogether. When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time hiking in the Cibola National Forest with my father and my two siblings. This area is filled with mountain crests and foothills. But the biggest reason I’m excited to visit my hometown of Albuquerque this year is because of the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Mexico. The state has had medical marijuana dispensaries since 2007, but it was just this past year that recreational marijuana was legalized through a legislature initiative. I heard that some of the medical miarjuana stores in West Mesa had already converted their businesses to the recreational cannabis market. My family lives in Sandia Heights, which is as far away from West Mesa as you can get while still living in Albuquerque. Hopefully I can find a cannabis store in that area without having to drive all over the city on a wild goose chase. Eventually I hope that we can move back to the city, but for now I’m content with visiting every now and then. The pleasant weather is a nice break from the winter snow we get living up in the north east.
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Busch Gardens can be a blast in the winter

My family and I live in the suburbs outside of Tampa FL. One of our number one things to do on a Winter time afternoon is hit up Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is a killer safari themed amusement park designed for families to all enjoy. A lot of people visit Busch Gardens in Tampa when they come to FL for summer time vacations. In our humble opinion, summer time is the very worst time to visit any of the FL tourist attractions. First of all, most stadiums are seriously tied up during the summer vacation season, kids are out of university and parents are taking vacations. The other reason why summer time is the worst time to visit stadiums love Busch Gardens in Tampa is due to the Heat and the humidity. There is no access to air conditioning once you are inside these amusement parks. The only stadiums with air conditioning are the diners and gift shops. None of the lines for rides are in an section with air conditioning, so you are forced to sit in line for 1 or 2 hours in 95° temps with 95% humidity. Most kids aren’t expecting Busch Gardens or any other theme park to be an angry experience, so add complaining and whining children to the afternoon. Those are the chief reasons why I do not care about to visit the theme parks during the summer. The weather in and around Tampa during the Winter time season is absolutely quite mild and very cool. In our humble opinion, this is the perfect time to hang out with friends and relax at one of the best Tampa Bay tourist attractions like Busch Gardens.

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