The Denver Broncos are very fun to watch!

My neighbor plus I scored tickets to go to a Denver Broncos pigskin game. It was the middle of the season plus the team was enjoying a winning record at the time. My neighbor won the tickets from an online sound dock contest plus he invited me to go to the game as well, and every one of us were at the 30-yard line plus close enough to the players to smell their frustration when the score was 14-0. It was seriously chilly on the morning of the game plus the temperature was a chilly 33 degrees; Denver often enjoys cooler hot plus cold temperatures while I was in the fall plus Wintertide weeks plus the arena is exactly one mile above sea level, then that is the reason why Denver is called the mile high city. My neighbor plus I knew it was going to be particularly chilly outside, so all of us stopped at a cannabis dispensary before the game plus picked up a disposable vape pen with a hybrid cannabis blend inside. The Pineapple Express cartridge had 75% THC plus it was discreet, portable, plus easy-to-use at the game. Every time our neighbor plus I went to grab a budweiser from the vendor, all of us hit the cannabis oil pen a couple of times. Every one of us might not have been warm, however all of us absolutely did not mind since all of us were hi with a buzz from all the beer, and at the end of the game, all of us were disappointed by the loss of the Denver cabin team however all of us still had a good time going to the game for free. It’s an experience that I will not forget for a long time.



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The airport temperatures were so much colder

All of us ordered cannabis supplies from a recreational dispensary that delivered.

In Denver, the temperatures at the airport are often colder than the temperatures in downtown Denver. When my partner and I were getting ready to leave Denver to fly to the west coast to spend time with our family, the people I was with and I looked at the weather report for the day of our flight. It was going to be frosty and there was a storm in the area. All of us hoped the storm would hold off until after our plane left the runway. Unluckyly, it started snowing around 3 in the afternoon and my partner and I were not tied up to leave the airport until 8:30 pm. Over the next many eighths, it continued to snow and our flight was eventually delayed and then canceled. It was 42 degrees at home, however it was only 28 degrees at the airport. There was a lot of ice and it was causing complications. The wings were frozen and the planes had to be de-iced before the people I was with and I could leave. My partner and I ended up canceling our flight and rescheduling it for the following day. Since the people I was with and I had an extra day to spend in Denver, the people I was with and I decided to do something ridiculous with our night. All of us ordered cannabis supplies from a recreational dispensary that delivered. It was our last night in Denver and the people I was with and I had an chance to try something new and interesting. My partner and I decided to order edible candies from the cannabis dispensary. There was no dosage information on the package so each 1 of us had 50 mg of THC that night. All of us were so stoned that the people I was with and I almost slept through the alarm in the day when it was time to go back to the airport.

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Did you know this about Denver?

Denver has a very particular and interesting history.

Did you know that the first permanent structure created in Denver was a saloon? Of course this makes sense since the city has more beer stores than any other locale in the country. Each day, more than 200 odd types of beers are created in the city of Denver. Since there are so many different bars and breweries, there are a lot of night tours that take you from locale to locale. My friends and I went on a brewery tour last weekend to celebrate our 28th birthday. The tour took us to several dozen odd microbreweries and we got free samples from each location. The driver of the brewery tour told us a bunch of fun plus interesting facts about Denver. Denver is one of a dozen cities that have major league teams in all several sports. They have more than four if you count the soccer team as well. Denver has more local parks than any other place in the nation. With more than 300 days each year of sunlight, the parks are a wonderful spot to spend the day. The weather in Denver is easily nice throughout the whole year, going to the park is one of my favorite free activities to do while in the summer season. Summer weather is ideal for outdoor activities, even though some people like to spend all day indoors with the A/C blowing. I do not mind being warm and spending time outdoors. My mother and sister would rather sit in front of the AC. Thankfully, I have some buddies that enjoy outdoor activities just as much as me.



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Not having a/c during rush hour

I have a job in downtown Denver, but I drive every morning and evening from a small town situated about 45 minutes away from the city. I used to live in Denver, but my partner and I thought it would be better to raise the children outside of the city. We purchased a house in a suburb outside of Denver plus I made the choice to commute back and forth to the office everyday. Most days, the drive to Denver is easily not that stressful. I leave the house an hour before I am due to be at work and I usually end up at the office a few minutes early. The drive back to the house is a little bit unique, because traffic is regularly tough. It seems as if more people leave Denver at the same time during the day rush hour. On my way to the house from the office yesterday, the A/C in our vehicle stopped working. It was a super warm summer day. The temperature outside was 94 degrees. I didn’t expect the A/C to stop truly working and I was easily worried and miserable when warm air started coming out of the vents. I rolled down the window, but traffic wasn’t moving that quick so I didn’t get any wind or breeze. Most people think of snow and mountains when they think of Denver, but the summer time months are just as brutal and uncomfortable as several southern locations around the country. The drive back to the house was miserable, and I was drastically happy to finally arrive at the house to a cool atmosphere and a comfortable chair. The vehicle is still at the dealership receiving an examination. I hope the repairs will not be too pricey.
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How can they keep losing my suitcase?

The airport officials tried to blame the issue on the airport in my town, but I fly in and out of that locale several times each month plus I have never had my suitcase misplaced twice

The last time I went to Denver for a job fair, the airport lost my suitcase. I didn’t have any clean shirts, socks, briefs, plus I didn’t have any suits or ties. I had to wear the same travel outfit several days in a row, but the airport staff told me not to worry. They promised they would find my suitcase. But, after a few days, the airport staff still failed to find my luggage. They issued me a voucher for $340 to upgrade thousands of dollars worth of extravagant suits. I was easily worried about the concerns I had plus the Denver Airport and I told our boss that I never wanted to return to that spot. That was a couple of years ago, plus my boss made me go back to Denver again last month. It was drastically cold outside and I tried to get someone else to go to the seminar in our locale. I packed an extra bag with hats, gloves, scarves, plus blazers. I wanted to be prepared for the chilly, Denver weather. It would be difficult to recognize that the Denver Airport lost our suitcase again, but that is exactly what went on. The airport officials tried to blame the issue on the airport in my town, but I fly in and out of that locale several times each month plus I have never had my suitcase misplaced twice. I was so frustrated and angry and I called every telephone number listed at the airport until I reached someone to handle the issue. Thankfully, they found my suitcase this time. They were sitting at a different terminal but arrived earlier than my connecting flight.

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Had to miss the game for an a/c repair

Denver has a couple of cool professional athletic teams, but I am a big fan of the Denver Nuggets.

The Denver Nuggets have been around since 78.

In fact, the Nuggets used to be called the Denver Rockets. My friends and I love to go to the games even though we cannot truly afford the best seats. I do not mind sitting in the upper 300 level. I love the way the gymnasium smells and I love being able to see the team. I do not mind having to use a pair of binoculars at times. My friends and I had tickets to a Denver Nuggets game last month, but I had to cut out at the last minute. I came back to my house from my office job to take a shower and change my pants. I only planned to be in the house for a few minutes. But, the air conditioning wasn’t working and was not putting any chilly air out. I observed the indoor cold temperatures were warm right away. I checked the control component plus the indoor temperature reading was 78 degrees. I truly wanted to go to the game with our friends, but I knew it was more important to stay at my house and take care of the A/C problem. I had to call several companies before I found someone that had an available repair professional. The guy was on his way back from a job and stuck in traffic downtown, but the closest repairman promised that the HVAC professional would arrive in less than 90 minutes. I missed all of the Denver Rockets game, but the air conditioning was repaired before I went to bed.


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We got a discount with the new company

After college, I could have made the choice to live in almost any state. I decided to accept a job in CO. I was close to Boulder for a while, but I have been in Denver for the past 10 years. Denver has a great night life and it is rich in culture and history. Denver has a good number of bars, eating establishments, art stores, plus fun activities. These are some of the largest reasons why I still live close to the city. The only issue with living in Denver is the chilly winter season. I used to enjoy going skiing plus snowboarding, but I’m old now and I have aching limbs plus a sore knee. It can be easily difficult to stay warm when the average winter temperatures are single digits. My family plus I have a gas heating system that keeps us warm when the cold temperatures are drastically decreasing. A few months back, we had to upgrade the heating system and we decided to find a new repair provider in the Denver area. Since we were going to spend a lot of money for the new heating machine, we thought it was a smart idea to call several different companies with estimates. We chose a new Heating and Air Conditioning Service Company, but they provided us a sizable discount since we switched from the other company. My partner and I are easily happy with the new machine. It works super well and I have no complaints that it will keep our entire family warm when we endure the next Wintertide season.


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