We left the city to go to the desert

I went to visit some friends that live in LA, and we spent a whole day exploring Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

  • We walked around downtown in Beverly Hills and we saw a couple of stars.

I didn’t know we were going to run into people that were famous and I thought it was really neat to see movie stars walking down the street like regular people. While we were in Beverly Hills, we walked past a cannabis boutique. The place had flashing lights, but it looked like a spa inside. Jack and I walked into the Beverly Hills cannabis boutique. I thought it might be fun to buy a marijuana joint. Everything in the cannabis boutique was brightly colored and arranged in a satisfying and pleasing way. Unfortunately, none of the items in the Beverly Hills cannabis shop had prices. I’m sure that was intentional, because it was embarrassing to ask about the prices. I did not want to ask questions, because we were in the middle of Beverly Hills. After we left the Cannabis boutique, I told Jack that it might be fun to get high and smoke marijuana. He told me that we should go to a different place if we were going to buy marijuana. He had a couple of places in mind and the two of us drove out to the country where the prices of marijuana were much cheaper. I got two marijuana joints for the same price as the one at the shop in Beverly Hills.

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The wood furnace went out in the middle of the night

It can be very difficult to live in a cold weather climate.

I have lived in the northern part of the country for six years and I am still getting used to the cold winter months. Winter for most people is a season that lasts 3 months. Winter around here is a season that lasts seven or eight months. In the dead of winter, the temperatures are often below zero. I have a small shack out by the lake. I use a wood furnace to heat the shack. The wood furnace has to be filled with wood before I go to bed. If I don’t fill the furnace with wood, then the fire can die out in the middle of the night and I would wake up without any heat in my house. That happened last month and I didn’t know why. I put plenty of wood on the fire before I went to bed and I woke up about eight hours later. The temperatures inside of the house were extremely cold and I immediately knew there was an issue with the furnace. I tried all of the regular troubleshooting tips, but nothing worked well. I finally contacted a heating company in Glenview, Illinois. Glenview is the closest city to my home. They will come all the way out to the lake, but the Glenview heating company charges a premium fee for the service. I had to pay the fee when I couldn’t figure out the furnace problem on my own. Thankfully, the heating company from Glenview figured out the problem very quickly and had the heat working before noon.

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The office called to reschedule the HVAC tune up

My wife and I were supposed to have a tune-up on our heat pump and air conditioner Friday, but the Tampa Bay service provider called yesterday to reschedule the appointment.

The guy apologized and told me that they booked too many services in one day.

They had two installation jobs in Tampa Bay as well as a commercial boiler repair in Clearwater. They wanted to reschedule the service for Monday. They offered to perform the service if it was very inconvenient for me to change the appointment, but it was not inconvenient for me at all and I did not mind helping out. I have the appointment scheduled for Monday afternoon now. The HVAC service provider from Tampa Bay promised that they would not have to reschedule for the next appointment. The service provider also told me that I would receive a 10% off discount for being so patient and nice. They could have given me a bigger discount than that, but I wasn’t going to argue when they were already being very helpful and nice. My husband and I have been using the Tampa Bay HVAC service provider for 10 years. They have always provided us with quality service and expert repairs. They have great reviews all over Tampa Bay. It’s one of the reasons why they stay busy every day of the week. Monday I have an appointment at the doctor at 9 a.m., but there’s no reason why I won’t be home in time for the 3pm appointment that I scheduled with the HVAC service provider.


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I didn't think the joke was very funny

I felt really awful on Saturday.

I thought I was getting the flu, but I think it was just allergies.

I felt like my head was going to explode. My roommates were making a ton of noise in the living room and they woke me up in the middle of the morning. I got really upset and lost my temper. Since I was already awake, I decided to order a couple of items from the Portland marijuana delivery service. I didn’t want to leave that house to get the marijuana items, so I called the Portland marijuana delivery service. They have great prices on concentrates and dried marijuana flower, and they never forget to bring any of the items that are requested. There are a lot of different marijuana dispensaries in the city of Portland. They are not all the same. Some of the dispensaries have much better services than the others. This particular dispensary is one of my favorites, because they have super fast service. I called the dispensary to place an order and I expected that driver to arrive a half hour later. When an hour had passed, I woke up from a nap, surprised that the marijuana delivery driver from Portland had not arrived. I went back to bed and woke up a half hour later. I asked my friends if the driver arrived and they said no. I called the Portland marijuana delivery service to complain and my friends started laughing. They had the delivery on the counter and hid it from me so they could play a practical joke. I honestly didn’t think that joke was very funny.
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The dispensary didn't have any more cheap vape carts

It’s not a problem that she can fix, but she did offer to help me find a different Denver dispensary location that carried the product that I was looking for

There is a specific brand of cannabis Vape carts that I prefer to purchase. The vape carts contain distillate oil and the percentages are always around 95% or higher. The product is a steal at the low price of $25 per gram. I’ve been purchasing the same cannabis vape carts for several years from a Denver dispensary. Last week I went to the Denver dispensary and they were completely out of the vape cart brand. I asked the budtender if they had anything in the back, but she did not find anything. I thought it was strange and odd that they were completely out of stock, so I was even more upset when I went back to the Denver dispensary and they were so out of stock. This time I asked the budtender when they would be coming back and the woman told me that they were no longer going to stop that brand of cannabis Vape carts. I got very upset and I demanded to speak with the manager. I told her that particular product was one of my favorites. She agreed that it was a great company and a fantastic product, but the distributor that the dispensary uses no longer carries that particular product in their stock and they cannot use any other companies. It’s not a problem that she can fix, but she did offer to help me find a different Denver dispensary location that carried the product that I was looking for. The search turned out to be difficult. It seems that many local dispensaries use the same distribution warehouse.

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The kid was trying to break the law

I flew into Denver last week on an early morning flight.

I was supposed to meet with a few potential investors and I wanted to get there before they arrived. We met at the hotel close to the airport and we used the conference center to handle our deal. We negotiated for several hours and I left the hotel about two hours before the flight. I was worried that I might run into traffic or airport security problems. I must have had intuition, because there were security problems at the airport. A kid was trying to sneak recreational marijuana products onto a plane. The kid claimed that he didn’t know there was any recreational marijuana in his bag, but it was sewn into a pocket and wrapped inside of three zip lock bags. In my opinion, that was too specific to call an accident. Since the security was backed up due to the recreational marijuana incident, most of the planes were delayed by a half-hour. My plane ended up leaving about an hour late. I got home from Denver before the kids went to bed. The trip to Denver, Colorado, was a huge success. I got the investors to guarantee money at 5% and I added a flexible spending account as well. My supervisor was very pleased with the deal that I made with the investors and I will earn a huge bonus next quarter. I plan to use the money to take my family on a vacation. I think Disney world would be nice for them, but I would love to go to the grand canyon.


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The delivery guy seemed to be drunk

I happily tipped the driver a whopping $20 after he surprised us with his lightning quick speed and friendliness

My girlfriend and I stayed in on Friday, because she wasn’t feeling very well. I wasn’t particularly ecstatic to go to dinner with some old friends, so I didn’t mind canceling our plans to stay home. To be honest, our friends didn’t seem that upset that we had to cancel, so it worked out well. I didn’t feel like going anywhere, but my wife wanted to purchase Medical Marijuana from a shop close by. I contacted the dispensary to place an order and the budtender told me that delivery was moving very quickly that evening. She felt that it would only take about 30 minutes to have the items delivered. I added a couple of items to the cart so I would qualify for free delivery. It costs $7.95 to have marijuana delivered in San Francisco unless you have a minimum order of $100. I ordered all of the items that my wife wanted. She got some edible throat lozenges and a bag of marijuana cookies. The San Francisco dispensary driver arrived in 23 minutes. I was very surprised by the quick knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone else, so I knew it had to be the delivery driver. The budtender promised me delivery within 30 minutes and she delivered. I happily tipped the driver a whopping $20 after he surprised us with his lightning quick speed and friendliness. Twenty minutes is crazy fast for marijuana delivery in San Francisco. The dispensary has some of the best prices in the city and delivery times that beat the pizza and the chinese food place.


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