The delivery truck was late and half of the supplies were out of stock

I contacted the distribution company in Tampa Bay and I told them that I was terribly unhappy with the service I received that day and I told them that I was thinking about going to a different distribution company in the future

Each week, I received a shipment of HVAC supplies from a distributor in Tampa Bay. There are other distributors closer to my HVAC company, but the Tampa Bay distributor has the best prices and they offer free deliveries three times during the week. A couple of weeks ago, the delivery truck was late. The guy was coming from Tampa Bay and there was a lot of traffic. I received a phone call from the business office around 9:30. The woman wanted me to know that the driver was en route, but stuck in traffic close to our location. The Tampa Bay HVAC parts distributor was more than an hour and a half late. Thankfully we didn’t have anything pressing on the schedule. After the driver arrived, one of my technicians checked in all of the items from the delivery guy. Unfortunately, half of the items were missing from the truck. The guy was 90 minutes late and we didn’t have a single ductless AC unit in the back of the semi. There should have been 4. There were also no air filters and no electrical appliances either. We ordered nearly $10,000 worth of items from the distributor that week and they didn’t bring any of the important stuff. I contacted the distribution company in Tampa Bay and I told them that I was terribly unhappy with the service I received that day and I told them that I was thinking about going to a different distribution company in the future. The management team agreed to give me a huge discount on the previous order as well as another discount on the next three orders. They were willing to do anything to keep me as a customer.

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The ductwork needed to be repaired by a professional

My wife heard some strange sounds coming from the attic.

At first I thought it was the wind or some branches from a tree that were hanging low. After 3 days in a row of complaining, I decided to go into the Attic to see if there really was any reason for the noise. I honestly thought that I might encounter mice or some type of other rodent. I didn’t see any evidence of critters at all. In fact, other than a small amount of dust, the attic was in perfect condition. I did see some problems with the duct work that needed to be repaired. One of the issues was right above our bedroom, where my wife claimed to hear noises. The ductwork was extremely loose and a couple of areas seemed to be ripping. I contacted a Lansing HVAC service provider that specializes in ductwork services. The Lansing HVAC service provider came out to the house to give us a free estimate on the ductwork repairs. The service provider felt that the ductwork issues were due to the age of the house. The ductwork looked like it was original to the structure and that meant that the ductwork was more than 50 years old. The Lansing HVAC service provider gave us a very good deal on all of the repairs that needed to be completed and my wife and I made an appointment to have the work done a couple of days later when both of us could be home. We really didn’t want a bunch of strangers walking in and out of our home if the two of us could be there when the work was completed.

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I left my bag at the coffee shop

When I got up from the booth, I left my purse and the marijuana bag sitting in the booth.

After I went to the Denver cannabis shop for supplies, I wanted to the coffee shop to grab a bite to eat. I ordered a Danish and I also got a large cup of coffee. I sat down at a table and one of my clients walked into the coffee shop. I quickly threw my purse over the bag of cannabis supplies that I had purchased earlier that day. I definitely did not want any of my clients to know that I was using recreational marijuana supplies. It comes down to my own personal business. If it is not illegal and it does not affect my job, then it is no one’s business except my own. We chatted for a few minutes and the guy sat down in the booth on the other side of me. We continued chatting for 20 or 30 minutes and then I made an excuse to get up and leave. I couldn’t sit there all day and give the client free access to me while other clients were paying $200 an hour. When I got up from the booth, I left my purse and the marijuana bag sitting in the booth. The client ran after me to return both of the bags. Said I forgot something back at the store. I’m certain that guy knows exactly what was in that bag and now I have to worry about an awkward conversation that may happen down the road. Recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Denver and the whole state of Colorado, so I hope the guy doesn’t turn it into a big deal.

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My friends and I enjoy recreational marijuana

My friends and I spend a lot of time outside. We enjoy fishing and kayaking. We usually spend the day on the river or we go to the sound. Living in Seattle is nice, because there are so many places that have water. It’s easy to access water for fishing and navigation. I bought a new bass boat a couple of weeks ago and my best friend and I took it out on the maiden voyage. We christened the fishing boat with a bottle of champagne and a blunt from the marijuana dispensary. Jack bought the blunt. It was a two gram infused pre-roll that tasted like it was rolled into a paper from a cigar. It was supposed to taste like blueberries and it did not disappoint either one of us. The flavor was exceptional and we were both pretty high. In fact, we had to hang out on the dock for a little bit until the buzz from the marijuana cigar went away. Jack told me that the budtender and the Seattle dispensary recommended the joint. Next time he will need to give that girl a huge tip. She definitely did not steer us wrong when she recommended the to infused pre-roll from the Seattle dispensary. The place had other flavors like the same blunt. Jack told me that they had grape, strawberry, pineapple, tropical fruit, and something called mai tai. On the way back from our day of fishing expedition with the new boat, we stopped at the dispensary to pick up another one of the joints for later that evening. They tasted really good, but they were more expensive than most products on the shelf.
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Cannabis and what to look for

For the last few years, I have been going through menopause, and i deal with migraine headaches, warm flashes and insomnia on a respected basis. I am entirely thankful that recreational cannabis is legal in Chicago. I am able to purchase whatever I need to treat my symptoms, then the process is harshly easy. I can shop online whenever I get some free time. The website provides pictures of the products, descriptions and allows myself and others to narrow my search by brand name, price, strain, potency, effects and weight. I can take fortune of staff favorites and biweekly deals and add items to my cart with a few clocks. I have an account with the dispensary with all of my personal information saved. I can check out entirely quickly and then opt for in-store or curbside pickup. The staff at the dispensary packages up my items and has everything ready for my arrival. These services are super helpful when I’m extra busy at work, however, whenever possible, I do care about to browse the shelves of the dispensary. I appreciate asking the budtenders for insight and recommendations. I look forward to experimenting with current consumption methods and strains. I am particularly fond of cannabis-infused edibles! Buying gummies, chocolates, cookies, brownies or mints eliminates the need for any specialized gear… Consuming these treats causes no smells, smoke or ash, and they’re quite tasty. Although the effects of edibles can take a while to fully set in, they tend to be more intense and last longer than other consumption methods. An indica edibles is ideal for right before heading to bed. It helps myself and others to sleep and reduces my opportunity of developing a headache or suffering warm flashes.


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We drove all the way to San Francisco for the gay pride parade

San Francisco is a 5 hour drive from my home in Southern California. I really wanted to go to the gay pride events that were being held in San Francisco. I knew the place was going to be filled with lots of people having fun and I wanted to be a part of that celebration. I mentioned going to the gay pride festival in San Francisco to a couple of my friends and they seemed excited about that idea. They even offered to help me pay for gas if we could all go together. It became a party after my friends and I decided we were all going to go to the San Francisco Pride Festival. Before we decided to drive there, we looked at their prices on marijuana in San Francisco. The prices on marijuana in San Francisco were much higher than the prices of marijuana in the place where we live. My friends and I stocked up on supplies before we drove all the way to the city. It’s a good thing we did too, because we still ran out of supplies and had to purchase items from the San Francisco marijuana dispensary. If we had not taken anything at all, we probably would have run out of money a lot more quickly than we did. We had a great time though, and we had more fun than I can ever remember having at one time. It makes me think that I should be living somewhere that is a bit more inclusive of others. I don’t always feel accepted for being different.



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I saw people smoking marijuana everywhere around me

He wasn’t terribly happy that I said it out loud, but he knew I was agitated that everyone else was having a good time while I was smoking the boring vape pen.

My boyfriend and I went to a concert in San Francisco. The concert was held at one of the largest venues and lasted all day. The concert featured 10 different bands and my boyfriend wanted to see all of them. He was willing to drive three hours to San Francisco, so I didn’t say no. I wanted to bring marijuana to the concert, because I never feel like a vape pen gets me high. My boyfriend was afraid we would get into trouble and possibly get kicked out of the concert. He really wanted to see the rock and roll band that was playing and he would have gone nuts if they would have kicked him out because I was smoking weed. I agreed to take the marijuana vape pen to the San Francisco concert venue. After we got to the concert, we saw people smoking weed everywhere. Some people even had marijuana joints. The security officers didn’t seem to care at all. It would have probably been impossible for them to stop everyone. Eventually I made a comment to my boyfriend about the fact that he made me leave all of my stash at home. He wasn’t terribly happy that I said it out loud, but he knew I was agitated that everyone else was having a good time while I was smoking the boring vape pen. I took a walk during the intermission and I found a beer stand. While I was waiting in line, a guy behind me started toking up on a marijuana joint. I told the guy to give me a hit and he shared the entire joint with me. I felt much better and more relaxed after that.

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