Someone was smoking pot in the elevator

Marijuana has a truly pungent odor, and it isn’tthe best odor in the world.

It’s kind of outdated & musty & a little rotten.

It is straight-forward to tell when someone has been smoking marijuana, because the odor doesn’t dissipate suddenly, then even if you spray deodorizer or air freshener, the odor of marijuana is still present. I can consistently tell when someone has been smoking marijuana, because I use recreational products, but when our lady & I were recently in San Francisco, there was a guy smoking marijuana in the elevator, then my lady said that I was silly because she did not odor anything in the elevator. I really thought that I could odor marijuana, and all of us spent numerous more days in San Francisco & I never saw the guy again, so I was unable to prove or disprove our point, however on our truly last day in San francisco, we were loading up all of our luggage onto a cart. I had several big bags & our lady had numerous. I was grabbing the last tote & loading it onto the cart when a guy started walking down the hallway, however he was smoking a blunt. It was the same guy that was smoking in the elevator… This dude did not care if he was splitting the rules or not. There are cameras all over the hallway & I guess there is a camera in the elevator. I’m surprised no one has stopped & said anything to the guy. Maybe he works at the hotel & that’s why he gets away with splitting the rules.


Someone was smoking pot in the elevator

We went rock climbing at the park and came home to a mess

Jack called a couple of places while I did too and we chose the first place that had availability right away

Jack and I went to the National Park to go rock climbing. We left early in the morning, so we could spend the whole day at the park. The night before we went rock climbing, I spent a lot of time getting all of our supplies ready for the day. I tested all of the ropes, carabiners, and safety harnesses. I added extra stuff to the pile just in case we needed more climbing gear. Jack and I were gone all day. We didn’t come back to the house until it was almost dark. By that time, it was already close to 8:00 in Rocklin, California. When Jack and I got home, we ran into a huge mess. The air conditioner had been off all day. I tried to toggle the thermostat on and off, but that did not help. I checked the breaker and it was still on. Since I didn’t know how to fix the air conditioner, Jack and I had to call a Rocklin AC repair service. It was after hours, but there were several Rocklin HVAC service providers that offered after hours services. Jack called a couple of places while I did too and we chose the first place that had availability right away. The problem with the AC unit turned out to be low refrigerant. The AC unit is about 6 years old and I know it needs to be replaced sooner than later. The low refrigerant problem was easy to fix, but it is a sign that there may be some type of leak in the air compressor.


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Temperatures in the house are usually warmer than I would like

My girlfriend and I decided to move into an apartment together.

  • She was living in Orland Park and I was living in elgin.

Since her job is closer to Orland park, we decided to get an apartment in a place close to that area. We actually found lots of different apartments that were relatively nice and reasonably priced. Many of the apartments had two bedrooms with a nice bathroom, kitchen, and living area. Some of them even had garages or sheds for all of my tools and boxes. I like the apartment that we picked out together. It is very spacious and close to shopping. There is a fitness center and a laundry room. Sometimes it can be very difficult for my girlfriend and I to live in the same apartment. We do not share the same internal temperatures. My girlfriend easily likes to set the thermostat around 74° and that is a lot warmer than I prefer the temperatures. I would be happy if I had to walk around the house all day in jeans and a sweatshirt, but my girlfriend likes it warm. We frequently have disagreements about the temperatures inside of our apartment. Usually I let her get whatever she wants. I can walk around the house in my boxers and a t-shirt. It’s not exactly ideal and comfortable, but I want both of us to be happy. When summer rolls around in a few months, I’ll have a little more to say about the indoor temperatures. Even though we live close to the lake, it can still get warm and humid in Orland Park, Illinois.

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My first day in Las Vegas

The first time I went to Vegas was for a work thing – a convention and product expo to promote the newest wave of technology in the industry, then i was eager to volunteer for the trip, and was surprised no a single was interested, and the other men in the office were all a bit older, and had no interest in traveling.

I was stoked about it, because I got to fly across the country, stay in a nice hotel, and experience legal gambling, and the office was going to pay for it all.

Well, they weren’t paying for the gambling, but they covered everything else. I didn’t gamble as much as I thought I would, because Las Vegas has so much other amazing stuff to offer; Besides, I lost 3 hundred bucks on blackjack our first evening, so I l earned the drastic lesson that in Las Vegas the home always wins! From the casino I walked around the block to find a single of the several excellent cannabis dispensaries Las Vegas has to offer. A couple grams of top-tier marijuana made me forget all about our poor luck in the casino. The rest of our first evening in Vegas was spent simply walking around, taking it all in. There is a garish majesty to the town of Las Vegas, and I have to say that the buzz I had from cannabis made the neon look so much brighter. I did manage to attend most of the work functions I needed to, but most of the weekend was spent prowling Las Vegas and having a grand time.

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The delivery man didn't bring the second box until the next day

I’m new to the HVAC repair business. I started my business a couple of months ago and I don’t have a huge business and storage area for all of my machinery. I have to keep a low amount of stock, because the items are in my garage. I regularly order items for the job when the customer schedules the service. An Albuquerque HVAC service customer called my repair business and set up an installation for a ductless Heating and cooling system with two separate air handlers. I made all of the arrangements with the supply center so the equipment for the job would be delivered before it was time for me to complete the project. The air handlers and the ductless AC unit were supposed to arrive at my home a day before the beginning of the job. I was happy to see the delivery driver arrive right and early. Unfortunately, the guy did not have all of the items that he was supposed to be carrying. He should have had two air handlers as well as the ductless AC unit. The error handlers were missing completely. I contacted the Albuquerque customer and explained the problem with the delivery. Thankfully the woman was understanding. Most of the customers in Albuquerque understand that service professionals do our best to meet their needs and their expectations. She could have gotten upset and canceled service with me. She could have called someone else, but she was understanding and happy to reschedule until the next day when the second box arrived.



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The AC unit didn't work as well as I hoped

There are a lot of fun activities in Phoenix, but my wife and I prefer to go antique shopping on the weekends.

We visited the flea market as well.

Sometimes the two of us will walk around all day and never spend a penny on anything except for food. There’s no way that I can go to the flea market and not come home with a bag of boiled peanuts. Last weekend we went to the Phoenix swap meet and my wife and I walked up and down the aisles while we browsed all of the selections that were available. I saw a couple of antique fishing poles, but they were priced way too high. I also found a person that was selling old machines like heating and AC equipment. I’ve been thinking about buying an AC unit for the garage in our home in Phoenix. During the summer months, I like to hang out in the garage with my friends. We drink beers and play darts or billiards. I’ve never had an AC in the past, but I saw the cheap machines and I thought it could be great to have cool air during the summer months. The Phoenix dealer sold me an AC unit that he said worked just fine. Unfortunately, my wife and I got home and the AC unit didn’t work as well as I hoped. I spent $125 on the AC unit that I purchased from the seller in Phoenix and it was 125 that I threw out the window. The air compressor never seemed to get much colder than 60°.


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There is a submarine museum

now that I’m grown plus have a little history of my own under my belt, I seem to be more plus more interested in history; That’s why I was so excited to be studying WWII history through the Submarine Museum in Muskegon Michigan

I can remember when I was in high school I used to have to drag myself into my history class, however i took an advanced history class because that is what they offered myself and others but I entirely should have been in regular seasoned history. I found it extremely hard plus also extremely boring. now that I’m grown plus have a little history of my own under my belt, I seem to be more plus more interested in history; That’s why I was so excited to be studying WWII history through the Submarine Museum in Muskegon Michigan. The USS silversides Submarine Museum in Muskegon offers the history buff a chance to see a real Gate 0 class World War II submarine, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor plus the US’s involvement in what would become known as World War II, Lake Michigan had a big position to play.At the time there were Passenger Steamers on the Great Lakes, in which the upper middle-class Americans got to care about a fabulous cruise around the Lakes! But that had to change because everything had to change. Those passenger ships became Aircraft carriers. The people of Muskegon plus other areas around Lake Michigan Answered their call to duty when it was needed! My teenage self would be surprised to learn how much I appreciated going all through the submarine in Muskegon plus seeing all the various exhibits about World War plus other information.At the Muskegon Museum of History plus Science, I also appreciated spending some time studying not only about the general past but especially about coming to the Lakes! People have been bringing their families to Muskegon for generations, plus it was delightful to hear the stories of those different peoples who make up Muskegon’s diverse nature this week.


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