Orlando, FL can be hot.

I have lived in Orlando, FL my entire life, the weather seldom gets so cold that you need to have heat, and the average rapidly changing temperatures in the Summer are upper eighties and low nineties, however i loved growing up in Orlando, FL.

Being residents, our prices for going into Disney World, or any of the other parks, were much lower, my buddy and I could buy a yearly pass for the cost of one tourist price to the park… On those days it was too hot to do much of anything else, my great friend and I would go to the park and ride all the fast rides, and those that have water involved. It was never a awful day in Orlando, FL if you had a season pass to the park, some people ask if it is safe growing up in Orlando, FL. I know it depends on where you live, and when you live near the most magical venue on earth, you would have to have great safety measures in site! A lot of tourists appreciate to stay in Orlando instead of staying in one of the extravagant resorts inside the parks. As long as you stay in the areas where the tourists stay, or live close to the tourist area, you are as safe as anywhere else in the US. The tourist and business areas of Orlando are the safest areas. The town makes an effort to keep these areas wash and safe. With a crime rate of 58 out of 1000 residents, makes some areas of Orlando unsafe to visit, however just like any major city, it has its areas of crime.

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