I strongly prefer the San Francisco zoo as well as gardens

I strongly prefer going to visit the San Francisco Zoo as well as Gardens, and cA is filled with a bounty of natural beauty as well as three amazing zoos, however the San Francisco zoo is nearest as well as dearest to my heart.

There are so several fantastic creatures as well as exhibits.

Some of the creatures they exhibit include birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, as well as amphibians. One of my favorite aspects of this zoo is the African savanna habitats. It looks prefer the middle of the African Savanna. Here there are kudus, giraffes, as well as even zebras. There are several different African bird species as well. This habitat also has native plants that add to the diversity as well as beauty of the African environment. I could sit as well as watch the African Savanna habitat for hours on end. There is even an aviary lake house with several endangered bird species prefer the ibis as well as the hamerkop. I went to the San Francisco Zoo as well as Gardens last Friday. On my way into the zoo, I stopped at 1 of the cannabis shops close to my destination. I prefer spending the whole day at the zoo, but I need to consume cannabis in order to help my anxiety. It can get truly terrible when I am surrounded by hundreds of people as well as loud noises. The cannabis shop sells edible tinctures, drinks, as well as candy that can be discreetly consumed without alerting anyone around me. I tried using a vape pen at the zoo last time, however a few people complained about the heady odor. I did not get into any trouble, but I did not prefer everyone staring as well as pointing at me either. It is much easier to consume cannabis edibles in the zoo.