Friend didn’t like what she found in the Colorado Winter

I had a friend of mine that visited me in Denver during the summertime.

She just loved the area. It was in the 80s, sunny and the scenery was gorgeous. We went to cute little restaurants, shopped in the city and I took her to the recreational cannabis dispensary I like best. The legal weed shop had all sorts of edibles for her to choose from. There were tons of oils to smoke or put under your tongue. It also was priced quite reasonably and a short bike ride from my house. We did other things like play golf, have a picnic and go on the many hiking trails. My buddy just loved Denver Colorado. She kept saying she should move to the area. Well recently she came to visit me in the winter. It is not like a southern state. The winter’s get really cold. It can get into the 30s, sometimes even the 20s. There can be snow. Well my friend of course visited during a freak wintertime. It was cold every day of her trip. She was so unhappy. She didn’t want to visit the recreational dispensary, shop or do any of the things we normally do. She just wanted to go home. The whole time she said that it was amazing that I lasted in the area as long as I did. I don’t mind the cold. I like getting a break from the heat once in a while. I feel getting all four seasons is worth having some snow.

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