Exploring Las Vegas turned into more than a shopping

My cousin and his wife had recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and he invited my husband and I to come out to visit.

When we got there, my cousin’s wife told me that since she had a friend around, she wanted to go shopping.

I love the idea of going to all the small specialty shops they had Las Vegas, Nevada. I also wanted to go into all those out of the way souvenir shops ‌I knew they had. Apparently my idea shopping, and her idea shopping, were to do things. Our exploring Las Vegas turned into more than just a shopping trip. She took me to two of her favorite ‘marijuana shops in all of Las Vegas. I wasn’t sure what to say to her, but I sure stared. She told me to close my mouth before I started getting a mouthful of flies and laughed at me. The first marijuana shop was a marijuana café. They sold all kinds of sweets and sodas, and they laced everything with marijuana. The second marijuana shop was simply what it said. You can buy any kind of marijuana paraphernalia or products. By the time she bought everything she wanted, and the one thing she needed, she had a bag full. I asked her what she was going to do with all that marijuana, and she shouted it’s party time. I enjoyed my time in Las Vegas, Nevada, but I learned more about marijuana in those couple of days than I had ever wanted to know. I would’ve liked to have done a little a gambling.


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