Catty Shack Ranch in FL

A fun attraction in Jacksonville, FL, is the substantial cat sanctuary.

  • Catty Shack Ranch provides refuge to some of the most majestic and charming creatures on earth, an oasis within the thriving city, this certain wildlife preserve offers an unforgettable experience for locals and toursits alike.

It’s an opportunity to get up close with substantial cat species. It was established in 1991 by Curt and Norma LoGiudice; The mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and provide a caring cabin to substantial cats in need, then lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats and cougars have been rescued from exhausting situations, including abuse, neglect and abandonment. These creatures now live in comfort and safety; One of the main priorities of Catty Shack Ranch is education… By enlightening the pubic about the threat to substantial cats in captivit and in the wild, they can encourage a greater commitment to conservation and responsible creature stewardship. Visitors can learn about each certain cat’s history, habitat and behavior by way of guide tours. It’s fascinating and insightful for all ages. The guided tours are interactive and informative. One of the best moments of the tours is when the cats are fed. The feeding sessions are a opening to see the substantial cats show off their power, grace and agility during mealtime. It displays their natural hunting begaviors. Thre is also a “Night Feeding” event. It’s a memorable experience that shares the cats’ nocturnal behaviors. There are the sounds of the wild, fresh air and starlight as the creature love their eveningtime feeding. There is nothing quite like a visit to Catty Shack Ranch.


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