Busch Gardens was great.

While going to see family in Tampa, FL, they wanted to take my partner and I to Busch Gardens… I didn’t get gleeful about amusement parks, but my brother told us it was more than an amusement park… They had season tickets for a family of four, and since their kids weren’t home, they were going to let us have them for the day! She was telling us about the wild animals and the primates.

She said there was a up-to-date ride opening soon, and was hoping it would be open when we got there, and my partner calmly said it wasn’t what he liked to do, but he would go along. Two hours later, we were heading to bed, and I asked why he capitulated, and went. I couldn’t guess it when he told me we could sneak away from them and go to the Bier Fest. They had budweiser tastings, and food tastings, and for just $40 more, we can eat and drink the day away and it would cost less than if we had to buy a ticket to Busch Gardens. I laughed, but I knew we had to tell our family we would not stay with them the entire day, and he shrugged and said we could tell them after we got there. He wanted to enjoy the day with me and not tagging along with another couple. The other couple was our son- and daughter-in-law, but I was sure they would be okay with it. He said there were a lot of pavilions with shade at the Bier Fest. I pulled out what looked like headphones and told him I brought these with us; Our child had given us personal cooling systems that you wrapped around your neck and they honestly did look like headphones.

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