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I enjoy Denver so much I moved back

I grew up in a region with chilly winter weather, snow, ice, plus lots of tubing. I had fun memories of growing up and I wanted our children to have the same fun memories of their childhood… Sadly, when I was 15, my parents decided to transfer to the south. I didn’t want to leave […]

The mountains in denver

Pikes Peak is one of the largest mountains in the Denver area. There are several odd mountain peaks that you can see from downtown Denver such as Mount Evans, Longs Peak, plus Grays peak. These are all a part of the Front Range plus nearly 3 miles above sea level. The rocky mountain region is […]

Can’t go without a/c in the summer

Denver is one of the prettiest spots to live. Denver is listed as one of the happiest and most interesting cities in the country… It has amazing scenery, good weather, plus lots of activities. I have been in CO since the 90’s when our mom and her boyfriend moved here with our family… Most people […]

Calling Tarzana California Home

It would be difficult to imagine an affordable home option just about anywhere in California and Tarzana, California is no different. That being said, the homes in Tarzana are more reasonably priced than homes in other parts of the state.For those who work in California and are looking for a place to call home, Tarzana […]